6 LUGLIO 2017



Beginning with presentations, it would be nice to know how you met and if you come from the same place, do you feel good together?


I met Jonas in the fall of 2013, I had just stopped playing with my own band and needed someone to play with on a Gala that I put up in our hometown Östersund. 

So one day I met Jonas at a recording and we started to jam together, Jonas on drums and me on guitar, and we felt something really special.

And then Niklas and Tobie joined and we have played together ever since. 


Who has the idea to found a musical project? What can you say about the name "Velvet Insane"? 


I came up with the name in the end of the summer 2013, I worked at a metal factory and dreamed about a band that would be bigger than life, something different than every boring rockband. 

I wanted something that stood out, something old but new, something interesting, I wanted a name that could fit a new band and also a old 70s-glamband. 


Do you prefer to play in the studio or live? Why? 


I love being in the studio, to create and I also love playing live, so I would say both. Love every minute of both. 


Velvet Insane’s members have had or have experience in other projects? Are there any influences left? 


Yeah, Jonas and Niklas had a metal band, and Tobie have had a lot of projects but now it´s 100% Velvet for everyone. 


Can you reveal some of your dreams on the project? 


To play around the world, to travel, to meet people, to do this 100% of my time my whole life. 

To write that perfect song that touch people in so many ways. 

That are my dreams. 


Texts and compositions: Who cares? Are they the result of a long search?


Yeah, all the music and lyrics on this album are really special to me, every note and every line that me and Jonas wrote together is something emotionall to me, it touches me in a special way.

It´s important, it´s true to me. 

The best time is when me and Jonas sit down with two guitars and write together, we talk about life in every aspect. It´s really special. 


Do you think there are some bad aspects in music career? Which? 


Of course theres bad things, every good thing has a bad thing about it, thats just nature. 

But I try to don’t give a shit about the buiseness, just do my thing.


What is the main reason you play? Do you see music as a work or just as a passion?


I see music both as work and passion, and this band is so much more than just music, we do our own music videos and every other art pospects and other projects together with Håkan Borgsten, who is a director in Östersund. 

So this band is so much more than just work and music. 


 If it’s possible, give an overview of all your work.


Haha, okey, hmm… we have toured a lot around the world like Japan, Australia, Europe, USA and Scandinavia. 

Recorded 3 EPs, and are just gonna release our debut full length album. 

We have a foundraising Galan named “Stjärnfall” every year in Östersund, produced other artists, made a few music videos, a photo excibition named “Rött” and a lot more. 


Are you influenced by artists you love? How much?  


Of course we are influenced by artists and bands, but the thing with us is that we all are so different in that thing, Tobie is pop drummer, Niklas likes a lot of metal.. the heavier and weirder the better.

Jonas loves classic rock and I love singer songwriters and blues. 

And all that mixed together we get our sound.