THE "ORDER OF CHAOS" Premiere Video "Night Terror" via Bravewords.

New EP "Night Terror" Out Feb 23rd.

L-R - John Simon Fallon - Guitar, Barrett Klesko - Bass, Amanda Kiernan - Vocals, Timothy Prevost - Drums, John Saturley - Guitar.

Canadian power metallers "The Order of Chaos" will be unleashing their new EP "Night Terror" on February 23rd, 2018 to follow their highly acclaimed 2015 full length "Apocalypse Moon" (Killer Metal Records) that took the band on tours across China, Europe and Canada. The epic 3 song EP was produced by Nathan Kidd & Dave Stoten at Method Music Productions in Edmonton, AB represents their most mature and dynamic songwriting effort to date. Teaming up with, "THE ORDER OF CHAOS" are premiering their new video for the EP's title track "Night Terror" directed and produced by their very own bassist Barrett Klesko who runs FadeBack Studios United. 

The band comments:

"We are incredibly excited to share 'Night Terror' with everyone who has supported us through the years as well as all heavy metal fanatics around the world! Our new single presents a new sound and modern direction for "The Order of Chaos", one that we couldn't be more ready to take to the stage!"

To watch "Night Terror", please visit the following link: 

Track Listing: 

1. Night Terror (4:11)

2. False Security (3:45)

3. New World Order (4:27)


EP Credits:

Produced by Nathan Kidd and Dave Stoten at Method Music Productions (Edmonton)

Mastered by Studio 57 (Finland)

Album Line Up:

Amanda Kiernan - Vocals

John Simon Fallon - Guitar

John Saturley - Guitar

Dylan Hyles - Drums

Barrett Klesko - Bass


Live Line Up:

Amanda Kiernan - Vocals

John Simon Fallon - Guitar

John Saturley - Guitar

Tim Prevost - Drums

Barrett Klesko - Bass


Show Dates:

Feb 23 - The Mercury Room, Edmonton AB - EP Release Party

Feb 24 - Distortion, Calgary AB - Femme Fatale: A Celebration of Women in Music.

March 15 - The Marquee, Calgary AB w/ Udo Dirkschneider

March 16 - The Starlite Room, Edmonton AB w/ Udo Dirkschneider

For more info: 


"Chaos and Order", two seemingly opposing forces that, when observed closely enough, work together subtly to create art in its most divine form. Enter "The Order of Chaos", a highly regarded and well-respected heavy metal group from the rural northern wastelands of Alberta Canada. For the last 12 years, trudging through the snow covered Canadian landscape, and touring the vast expanses of Europe and China, this band has cut its teeth in the most demanding gigging environment this side of the equator. The band continues to bring their unique, fresh and well developed sound to a genre of music so saturated with sound-a-likes, 80s throwbacks and copy cats. After years of dedication to their art and hard work in the music industry, "The Order of Chaos" has cemented themselves as one of Canada’s premier metal artists. In 2013, the band was awarded Heavy Metal Recording of the year for their 2nd full length album entitled “Burn These Dreams”. Their extensive activities and efforts in the music industry has brought Edmonton into the heavy metal spotlight nationally and across the globe highlighting the diversity and quality found within the Edmonton arts community. With three albums and an EP under their belt, the band has the experience needed to unleash a convincing torrent of brand new material that will redefine genres and carve a path no heavy metal band has even attempted to produce. Meet Amanda Kiernan, a hurricane of live intensity and energy unmatched by her peers. From soaring melodic choruses to gritty, in your face thrash she doesn’t let up for a moment. Her unique take on metal vocals and prowess as a hybrid singer has affirmed her place in metal history. Backed by the dueling guitar virtuosity of John Simon Fallon and John Saturley, and the brick wall rhythm section of Barrett Klesko and Tim Prevost, this band is something that must truly be seen to be believed. In September of 2012, after signing a management and booking agency deal with Red Lion Music (Germany), "The Order of Chaos" made their first appearance overseas, stunning 2000+ fans at the Turock Open Air Festival and thousands more in clubs across central Europe. Just seven months later they returned to Europe with the Bay Area thrash legends “Vicious Rumors” supporting them on their Electric Punishment Tour, gaining many new fans and quickly securing a solid reputation as a phenomenal live act to behold. In 2015 the band continued to establish this foundation with a tour as direct support for Nuclear Blast Records’ up and coming “A-List” band “Battle Beast.” The visibility gained on this tour lead to the band being offered an all tour in China including a headlining appearance at China’s largest music festival (MIDI Festival) in front of 15,000+ fans. With the future looking bright, the determination to continue to succeed, and the creative talent to put forth a fresh sound for heavy metal lovers everywhere, "The Order of Chaos" is primed for an assault on stages and headbangers everywhere with the release of their new EP "Night Terror" on Feb 23, 2018.


2018 - Night Terror - EP

2015 - Apocalypse Moon - LP (Killer Metal Records)

2012 - Sexwitch - EP (Killer Metal Records)

2011 - Burn These Dreams - LP (Killer Metal Records)

2009 - Self-Titled - LP

Terrifier To Play Vancouver's Deathmas Festivus "Weapons of Thrash Destruction" Album Out Now via Test Your Metal Records Terrifier will be firing off their "Weapons of Thrash Destruction" at this year's Deathmas Festivus in Vancouver, BC on December 15th at the Rickshaw Theatre.  The hometown thrashers will be annihilating the stage alongside Nylithia, The Mountain Man, Evilosity and more. The event is charity fund raiser for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Those planning on attending are asked to make donations of non-perishable food items along with cost of entrance.

Facebook Event
Terrifier's latest album "Weapons of Thrash Destruction" was released during January 2017 via Test Your Metal Records. The nine track thrash attack features the band's soon to be classics "Bestial Tyranny", "Skitzoid Embolism", "Nuclear Demolisher" and "Sect of the Serpent", a song inspired by Conan the Barbarian as vocalist Chase Thibodeau says "the idea was to trample the weak and hurdle the dead on this one!".

For more info, please visit

In additional news, Terrifier will be performing in the new year at the 2018 NYDM SPRING BASH, a 2-day heavy metal festival being held April 19-21 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA).  The thrashers are confirmed to perform the first night of the festival on Thursday, April 19th. Info on the event can be found here. The festival date will also be part of Terrifier's planned 2018 North American tour in April and May with concerts to be announced at later date.

Track Listing:
1. Reanimator (5:24)
2. Deceiver (5:15)
3. Nuclear Demolisher (4:26)
4. Violent Reprisal (4:17)
5. Skitzoid Embolism (4:08)
6. Drunk as Fuck (4:12)
7. Bestial Tyranny (6:13)
8. Riders of Doom (1:40)
9. Sect of the Serpent (6:44)
Album Length: 42:23


"Weapons of Thrash Destruction" is available on CD and digital download at the following links:
CD order
Digital order

Nuclear Demolisher Lyric Video

La band Crafteon ha rilasciato due singoli, "What The Moon Brings" che abbiamo già pubblicato, e "Dagon", il secondo singolo, entrambi tratti  dal nuovo album,  "Cosmic Reawakening".

Ricordiamo che l'album è disponibile al pre-order al seguente link:


" Dagon"


Annunciate le date  del Tour ed i dettagli del nuovo album   "Extraction" in uscita il 6 ottobre via Galy Records.
Dopo i full lengths "Prototype" (2013), "Fracture" (2010) e "Prologue" (2009), gli INSURRECTION sono pronti con il loro metal al livelli blasfemici con la loro prossima release "Extraction".

Inoltre, in concomitanza co il loro nuovo quarto album, la band si esibirà in Quebec, Ontario e New Brunswick per la promozione di  "Extraction".



Track Listing:
1. System Failure
2. Onward To Extinction
3. Pull The Plug
4. Le Prix à Payer
5. The Eulogy of Hatred
6. Parasite
7. Le Pesant D'Or
8. Misère Noire
9. Assassins
10. Data Extracted ... End Transmission w/ guest vocals Bruno Bernier (Obliveon)

CD lineup:
Stef Jomphe – Vocals
Vincent Laprade Séguin – Guitar
Antonin Perras-Foisy – Guitar
Francis Girard – Bass
Philipe Moreau-Latreille – Drums
Guest Vocals : Bruno Bernier (Obliveon) on track 10. Data Extracted … End Transmission

THE ORDER OF CHAOS "Indoctrination" live video al Midi Fest in Cina.
Nell’aprile del 2016, la band The Order of Chaos ha avuto l’opportunità di suonare al MIDI Festival, il secondo festival internazionale più importante in Cina.  Un’esperienza che il quintetto metal  ha deciso di condividere con un video, diretto e edito dal chitarrista Barrett Klesko. Il brano live in questione è “Indoctrination”, tratto dall’album  "Apocalypse Moon”.


Maggiori info:

Track Listing:

1. The Anthem of Pain (5:25)

2. Death After Life (3:56)

3. Indoctrination (4:19)

4. Downfall (4:42)

5. Evil Surrounds Me (4:32)

6. Survival of The Richest (4:17)

7. Apocalypse Moon (4:50)

8. The Venom (2:55)

9. Sexwitch (3:50)

10. Victim of Circumstance (4:26)

11. Deceiver (4:49)

12. The Devil That You Know (6:24)


"Indoctrination" Live Video

Planet Eater:

Nuovo Album "Blackness From The Stars" 4 agosto 2017, il singolo "The Boats".

Il gruppo death metal Planet Eater, ha pubblicato in rete un nuovo singolo  "The Boats". Il brano sarà contenuto nell’album "Blackness From The Stars" che verrà pubblicato il 4 agosto prossimo.
L’ Album è disponibile per il pre-order su Bandcamp a questo link:


Troy Bleich - Bass/Backing Vocals

Luc Hart - Guitar

DevinUbell - Guitar

Nick Eichhorst - Drums

Donovan Turner - Lead Vocals


Track List:
1. The Boats (3:19)
2. Pile of Bones (3:12)
3. Cold Confines (5:09)
4. Lies Evolution (3:24)
5. Suffer What They Must (4:20)
6. Kill On Sight (2:51)
7. A Fault To Fix (3:45)
8. The Spoil (6:21)
9. Blackness From The Stars (5:31)
Album Length: 37:56


"The Boats" Video

CRAFTEON, il debut album “Cosmic Reawakening” in uscita per il 25, agosto 2017.
L'album "Cosmic Reawakening", ispirato a Lovecraft. La band è la concezione del vocalist e chitarrista Lord Mordiggian, che è stato ispirato a creare un intero album influenzato dal suo scrittore preferito H.P. Lovecraft. Le otto tracce contenute nel disco, sono basate sui  racconti classici di Lovecraft come 'The Outsider', 'Dagon' e 'From Beyond'. Raggiungere l'incomprensibile nella creazione della musica in base alle storie, la band può essere descritta come Bardic Black Metal.

H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937), creatore del Mythos di Cthulu, è stato il più importante scrittore horror del XX secolo. Infatti, non meno di un talento, come Stephen King, ha affermato che Lovecraft è stato "il più grande praticante del ventesimo secolo del classico horror story". La capacità di Lovecraft di evocare il culto dell'orrore terrestre è insuperabile e ha influenzato molti artisti heavy metal dagli Iron Maiden e Black Sabbath ai Metallica. Tuttavia nessuna band ha mai reso omaggio a Lovecraft con lo stesso grado di portata e immersione totale dei Crafteon.
Il gruppo è la concezione del vocalist e chitarrista Lord Mordiggian. Un insegnante di letteratura, Lord Mordiggian, è stato ispirato nel creare un intero album dedicato al suo scrittore preferito H.P. Lovecraft.

Il disco è disponibilde per il pre-order su Bandcamp:

1. The Outsider (5:21)
2. What The Moon Brings (4:14)
3. The Temple (5:09)
4. Dagon (5:10)
5. The Colour Out of Space (6:06)
6. The White Ship (5:25)
7. From Beyond (5:52)
8. The Whisperer In The Darkness (6:08)
Album Length: 42:28

Pagina Facebook della band:

"What The Moon Brings" Official Video

I TERRIFIER saranno gli Headliner al BC's Metallion Fest che si terrà l'11 ed il 12 aogosto prossimo al Brookside Resort - Vanderhoof, BC e saranno accanto a band importanti della scena metal del Canada occidentale.
Il loro nuovo album, "Weapons of Thrash Destruction" è acquistabile sia in forma fisica che digitale, ai seguenti links:

Track List:
1. Reanimator (5:24)
2. Deceiver (5:15)
3. Nuclear Demolisher (4:26)
4. Violent Reprisal (4:17)
5. Skitzoid Embolism (4:08)
6. Drunk as Fuck (4:12)
7. Bestial Tyranny (6:13)
8. Riders of Doom (1:40)
9. Sect of the Serpent (6:44)

“Nuclear Demolisher” Lyric Video

Gli Helleborus hanno pubblicato per l'ascolto in streaming 'Prayer of the Undying', nuovo singolo che segue l'ultimo album "The Carnal Sabbath",


Il duo amreicano di black metal, Helleborus ha pubblicato il primo album intitolato “The Carnal Sabbath” lo scorso 17 giugno tramite la Satanath Records e la Black Plague Recors.
Dopo una piccola pausa i fratelli Jerred e Wyatt Houseman hanno appena pubblicato il loro nuovo singolo intitolato “Prayer of the Undying”.
I due musicisti hanno dichiarato:
“Questo nuovo singolo si erge solitario come un’offerta alla Madre della Notte. Il testo è una preghiera o un inno della natura introspettiva che si riflette nell’Orfismo. Abbiamo incontrato il simbolismo de L’appeso e l’essenza della Mandragola”.



Il singolo è già disponibile sul loro canale ufficiale di YouTube.


UFORIA, nuovo EP e nuovo video per il singolo "Overthrow".
Con l'uscita dell' EP 'Fight or Flight', prodotto e  scritto in collaborazione con  Steve Molella, batterista dei Finger Eleven.

Il video è stato girato durante il  tour  East Coast Canadian,  all'inizio di questa primavera.

"Overthrow" Official Video

With upcoming performances in their home province of Ontario that includes a show date with Abiotic and Vesperia (listed below), Toronto's SLUDGEHAMMER have posted their new video 'Ectogenesis' from their recently released debut full length 'The Fallen Sun'.

Their debut full length 'The Fallen Sun' was unleashed this past June and features eleven fist pounding tracks of dynamic vocal performances from lead vocalist Chris Szarota and bassist Dan Ayers, along with a showcase of mind bending guitar solos, heavy riffs and blistering drumming fury.  The debut album is the follow up their 2014 EP 'Organ Harvester' and was self-produced by the band plus mixed by guitarist Tyler Williams along with mastering done by world renowned producer & engineer Lasse Lammert (Gloryhammer, Alestorm, Teramaze) at LSD Studio in Germany.