How and when have you felt to love metal music?


My first contact with the metal was more or less in 1990 through a friend who lent me a cassette of the German band Sodom, from there I got his strength, vitality, also that his lyrics deal with such different subjects As those covered in other musical genres.


The artwork of an album is very important, perhaps the first approach for a future fan. What do you want to infuse with yours?


The artwork of the cd "Calicem Serpente" contains several occult symbols, to name one is the Ouroboros, in which are embedded Astral symbols, all this would represent the chalice of the wisdom that in many ancient cultures is given to the man through beings that are manifested in the form of Serpent or Dragon.


Do you have a particular project as a goal? What’s your ultimate one? How do you see yourself from here in a few years?


I have several projects with Dominate, that the band is making its headway in the national and international metal, at some point, not very distant, to be able to play outside our country.


Do you live with your music? If not so, what’s your own business?


Yes, Making a living with music is very difficult in countries like Colombia, besides playing guitar, I am a violinist and my job is to play violin in a chamber orchestra in my city.


What kinds of effects do you use when you play? Are them the same you use to register?


I use a digital pedalboard Digitech RP90, was the one I used at the time of the recording of this cd.


What do you think of the Italian record system? How do you pose yourself in it?


From Italy I remember at this moment Evol, with a dark sound, complemented with folk elements, excellent voices, very mysterious atmospheres. Another band with progressive rock is Jacula, also very rich in occult elements, where the organ is the main instrument. I think they are bands with a very particular sound and special characteristics, unique in their respective genres.


If you were to assign a mood to your job to be able to describe it, what would it be and why?


Vital, because it is what we want to project with the strength and forcefulness of the music in Dominate.


Do you have similar or different music background?


I have influences ranging from classical music, jazz, blues, rock, folk to metal.


What do you think of the bands that fit political thoughts in their lyrics? Do you think that political idea but also the religious one can influence the natural evolution of a band that looks out into the underground world and then into the mainstream?


I think they are totally valid themes to be addressed by a band, since they handle them with seriousness the results will be good and undoubtedly influences the style and evolution of the band.


Do you think there is an "Italian metal scene"? What do you think about that?


I do not know Italian metal in depth, but I think there must be a good metal scene in that country, because the representatives I have heard from it, are of a high level in the world metal.


Who do you like to go on tour with?


Jejejej It would be several bands with which I would like to go on tour, for example: Slayer, Sodom, Darkthrone, Watain, Inquisition, Black Sabbath.


In your opinion, how much the music is changed in the Internet age?

Don’t you think that we have lost the listener's approach to the music itself?


Music has changed too much because of the Internet, although it is a valuable tool to be able to know music to which we do not have easy access, has caused that it is becoming a more element of consumption, music created only for commercial purposes , empty. It also affects bands, since people prefer to download music instead of buying the original material and the audience attending to the concerts is limited, because they prefer to listen to it at home than paying a ticket to support and actually listen to the bands that play there.


It’s known from a few years to nowadays the decrease public at concerts, whether they are music lovers or real musicians. In your opinion, why with the time is failed "to go to concerts" that once was so stronger?

In these days, it's still worth making records? Now they always sell less. I often see bands forced into debt to record. What do you think about it?


This topic is part of the previous answer. Yes, you can go to concerts, but few of us really feel that the best way to listen and understand a band is to see it live, this is only for true music lovers, who know and understand its real meaning.

It makes sense to keep recording, personally I think it is a way to prevent bands from stagnating, because when recording you are forcing yourself to evolve and renew the material of the band. As the value of an original cd or lp it is only known for those who live the music in every way and know the effort that makes a band to be able to record.


To conclude the interview:


A cordial greeting from the distance to Insane Vision Webzine and to all of you, thanks for your approach to Dominate, I hope that you enjoy our CD and if you have not heard it, be encouraged to do so.

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