What do you think of the bands that fit political thoughts in their lyrics? Do you think that political idea but also the religious one can influence the natural evolution of a band that looks out into the underground world and then into the mainstream?


Being in a band no matter how big or small can be a platform to get your voice/opinions/beliefs heard whether that be political, religious or any other form of message. For us there is no particular political influence in the lyrics, however there is the occasional religious inflection. We however have not evolved around those sentiments, we have been more about creating a message of hope and aspiration. Lyrics are personal and always interpreted personally to each listener. If 1 person finds that our lyrics help them then we are glad to have been there for them. 


Do you live with your music? If not so, what’s your own business?


Unfortunately not! We all have jobs to keep us stable. We would love to be in a position where our music pays the bills but realistically (unless we become the size of Metallica or something crazy like that!)  I think we will always need to have another source of income to make being in a band sustainable. Whether it be teaching our instrument, offering our services as tour techs / sound guys etc. or just a humble 'normal' job like doing an office job 9-5.


In these days, it's still worth making records? Now they always sell less. I often see bands forced into debt to record. What do you think about it?


For us as a band- we need to make a record. Yes, it does cost to get your music onto cd or the internet and then get a PR campaign behind it, however it is 100% worth it. We didn't record our latest CD with the intention of making money or becoming rich and famous. We make music that we like and want to play, the fact people like it is amazing and spurs us on to keep creating. As long as people still want us to play shows and listen to our musical progression- we will keep recording music. 


In your opinion, how much the music is changed in the Internet age?

Don’t you think that we have lost the listener's approach to the music itself?


It has changed 100%. It is so much easier to get your music out to the world it has in turn made itself so much more difficult. Anyone with a computer and the internet can make their own music and put it up there it's great! To be able to share your personal or group creativity is a beautiful thing and it's so nice that more people are doing it. As for the listener, it is difficult to find new music sometimes. There is such a wealth of music and talent out there it is sometimes difficult to find something that you personally like rather than some of the stuff that gets shoved in your face by the mainstream!  


Who do you like to go on tour with?


We have enjoyed every tour and every band involved with the tours that we have been on. We have been very lucky and when you are on tour there is a real sense of unity and brotherhood between bands. We are all there for the same reason! I would say one of the main bands we would like to tour with is While She Sleeps. They have been a massive influence for us since the beginning of the band and seem like they'd be great to have a party with! 


How do you promote your music on the web? Do you have ideas to suggest to other bands?


We do promote our music on the web! It is however one of the most difficult and frustrating ways of doing it. There are hundreds and thousands of bands about all competing to be the next big thing it is hard to make your band the one that stands out! All I would say is be willing to invest a bit of money making sure you can advertise your band on platforms. Youtube advertisement helps your band reach people that may like your music and sponsoring a post on Facebook about an upcoming show may catch the eye of someone who doesn't know your band but will want to come heck out local live music! It's a cut throat world advertising on the web I wish there was an easy winning formula to make it work.


Do you think there is an "Italian metal scene"? What do you think about that?


We have always gone down well when playing in Italy! Everyone there from promoters and bands to fans are so welcoming and passionate about the music scene they are involved in! There is definitely a scene, we have been so lucky and treated so well with the shows and Festivals like Dissonance fest prove that! 


Which bands have inspired you to put on a group? In which kind of sounds you were involved when you’ve  decided to have your band?


One of the biggest influences for me personally (Dom / guitarist ) for making a band and getting involved with bands was going to see 'the black crusade UK tour' with Machine head and Trivium. When you watch those bands take to the stage- the presence, power and control over the audience is amazing and so inspiring. I went away and watched a lot of studio diaries of bigger bands and it just gave me an itch to make a band! 


How much important is the production? Do you think it’s a factor to consider as the music is considered itself, since it’s increasingly rare to find bands with clear ideas?


There is a lot of factors that could affect what sort of production a band would wants on a record. I guess the most important one is genre! For us decent production is one way we feel this record will catch people's ear! When we went to the studio we wanted clarity in all of the intricacies of our music to be mixed with the raw energetic sound our live show portrays! It's difficult to find the perfect production but it is a massive part of a band portraying its sound. 


Do you have similar or different music background?


We have all come from very similar musical backgrounds but very different personal back grounds. We have all been in other bands before C.O.A.T and they have all brought our different paths together. Seb is trained in multiple styles of drumming and was more of a punk drummer before and Dom started playing live at local blues jam meet ups. We feel the versatile backgrounds of all of us help define our dynamic and most importantly musical sound. 


What should convince the audience to listen to your own material in such a vast music competition?


We feel that people should listen to our music because it portrays a message of hope and light to accompany music the evokes emotion. We also pride ourselves on a passionate and energetic live show which so far seems to be swinging audiences in our favour!


How and when have you felt to love metal music?


We have all loved metal from a young age, bands like linkin park, papa roach and limp bizkit were big parts of our youth! Its evolved since then and we are all really excited to see new bands coming through and give us new inspitrations!