30 DICEMBRE 2017



What’s the meaning behind your moniker, Azziard?


It’s a contraction of different names but it’s not really important in my opinion. The music, the thematic and the message behind are important.


Your third full-length "Metempsychose" has just come out. Do you want to dwell on the lyrical aspect of the record?


The group has completely changed its concept and line up. The previous album had already announced a change of concept. The transition is nonetheless radical. The line and the concept didn't really correspond to me. The line up has changed almost completely. With 3 new members out of 5 and Nesh completely switching to new songs. We have 4 former members of The negation in the line up. The new direction corresponds more to the current line up. For my part, the war no longer inspires me. It is a subject that comes up again in the lyrics but not a particular period. 

For me our society is sinking and we arrive as Cocteau said in the two exquisite minutes of decadence.

The new concept explores the low end of the human species. Metaphysical concepts of carl jung. The principles of the human psyche. He approaches the fall of our society and of a character who gradually falls into the dark side.

There's a real connection to the jungle red book. 

This concept-album explores the complexity of the human psyche and its metaphysical aspects, the archetypes of the collective unconscious and the process of individualization of society that explains the decadence of civilization.

Man has a fundamentally bad part of himself that only wants to express himself.

Metempsychose" is the first opus of a new cycle of 3 albums based on "Le Livre Rouge" (Liber Novus, the New Book) by C. G. Jung, explores in several nights the nightmares and fantasies that haunt the main character and his quest, in order to find a master that will allow him to satisfy his low instincts and to descend completely into the evil that inhabits him.

For me, the work of Stéphane bourgoin in particular is important to illustrate how man can be deviated and man's propensity to let go the darker sides. The different wars also, man is an animal, it is the gangrene of its ecosystem.


What is your approach to composition, both lyric and musical?


The concept is already done when the songs are composed. I thought in first to the concept, I wrote the texts and Nesh works on the music and follow the general concept idea. After that the band can work with us on the arrangements.


Some of you are also active in other bands. Can you reconcile the various commitments? Are you planning to promote the new album live?


It’s not really difficult to manage. On each case we have a different planning for albums, tours, video clips etc. So it’s not really a problem to have more than 1 band. 

And yes we have a tour planned for the new album. 


In Italy metal is not as important as in the Scandinavian countries or in the States. How do you consider the French metal scene?


The French scene is really good, we have excellent bands. The level is very high. Many of them are recognized everywhere (Deathspell Omega, Peste noire, Merrimack …)


How did you get in touch with your current label? Do you believe that it will support you as better as it can?


We were on the Kaotoxin roster. The label is divided into two parts, which are Xenocorp directed by Nico, rather Death Metal oriented and Malpermesita directed by Juliette and which gathers more Black Metal bands. 

The amount of work is quite substantial for the label. Karen joined the label for the promo part and she’s very efficient.


Your last album came out in physical format; do you believe that "records" will always overpower on digital?


For some of the people, yes. Digital is not really a problem. Anyway, few people can buy anything anyway. Personally I listen a lot on Spotify, but I also buy, mainly vinyl records and Digipack CDs, for many bands. I buy less than before but I still buy a lot of them. It's a good thing that the vinyl comes back, the sound is not the same, the sound quality is much more pleasant. The physical support will always exists. Tablets have not really replaced the pleasure of reading a real book. It's the same for the music


Use this conclusive space to communicate what you want to our readers.


Open your eyes! People are not conscient of our world. So we can’t have any rebellion to change that. 

Our generation remains slumped, is only connected. She dumbs up in front of the TV and the tools connected. It has lost all judgment and all sense of rebellion. For me, people are waiting their turn in the cold room of the slaughterhouse.

For me our world is lost. Civilization is completely rotten from the inside. The man is the worm in the apple. He has destroyed the planet, is only interested in profit and power, wars follow one another, man is completely deviant. That's why I take up a lot of Stéphane Bourgoin's work on serial killers. It's quite characteristic of our society.