7 OTTOBRE 2017



Starting with a classic and simple question, what made you to found this project?


That one is simple. I like to make music. But not only playing an instrument or playing in a band. I also like the whole process of song writing, recording, production and releasing.


What do you usually talk about in the lyrics of your tracks?


Somewhere between vampires and what is on my mind in general. On this record there is also a song inspired by a short-story of Bram Stoker, because I always loved that story.


Can you tell about your last work “Riptide”? 


I really like the finished result. It took some time longer to record than I planned, but now I am very glad that I can present it to the world. The EP contains 5 songs. Four complete new ones and one cover song of "Six Sec Sex" from "Illwill".


Can you make a comparison between “Analog Blood” and “Riptide”?


I think "Riptide" is darker and fresher than "Analog Blood". Fresher because the songs on "Analog Blood" were re-recordings of songs I wrote for my previous band. So I made "Analog Blood" as a step between my old band towards the sound of "Riptide".


What are your plans for the future?


The plan of every musician: making the next record, that is even better than the current. 


Can you provide an overview of the music scene in your country?


No, not at all. As I do not do any live shows I have no idea of the music scene here in Germany.


Before creating this musical project, were there any other music experiences?


Right before my Metal project "Ben Blutzukker" I had that Dark Electro band called "blutzukker". Don't mix them up as the names are very similar. And before "blutzukker" I played bassguitar in some metal bands in my hometown.


Have you had any influence from other bands?


I do not know if I have directly influences in the music. But I like the works of Snowy Shaw and Abbath a lot.


Are there any collaborators that help you to carry on the musical project?


I am a lonesome rider, when I make music. So most of it I create alone. But some friends of mine always listen to all new fragments while I am building new songs and give me some feedback.


To conclude the interview say something important that hasn’t said before.


Watch my music video for "Riptide". Twice. It will blow your mind! And then show it to all your workmates and grandparents.