7 OTTOBRE 2018



Welcome to IVL. How does your project come to life?


Hello my Italian prog friends! My solo albums are my escape from everything else I do. It's pure ME and nothing else. I haven't done a solo record for over 6 years and I felt like this was the right time. 


Recently released your fifth album "Prognosis & Synopsis", can you tell us some anecdote that characterizes this new work?


First of all...I wrote the entire album from composition to production in a period of 15 days, last August! That was all! I had some free time, it was right after I quit playing for Serious Black and my mind was (almost) empty. So I spent my vacation playing PS4 and watching movies and series, and every morning I would wake up, go into my studio, turn on the keyboards and start writing and recording. Yeah! It was a very nice and creative period and I think this explains why the album has this space-sounding but also emotional character, which is also one of the things that characterize my music, I believe.


As I wrote in the previous question, you have made your fifth album... What is the common thread that unites all the works you have produced?


I think that I have a very personal sound. I have my influences from artists like Kevin Moore, Jens Johannsson, and Keith Emerson but I can't help but sound very..."Bob",haha! I think it's a blessing to have your own sound and way of looking at music nowadays with all this great music coming every day from all around the world.


Your way of composing is unique, I would dare to say "dreamy". Have you ever dreamed of your music?


Good question! Well, it happens to all musicians to dream a perfect melody or solo and then when they wake up they find out that it was just the tv or the radio! But I write mostly in the morning. When I wake up, my mind is clear and music comes to my fingers. Or sometimes it happens directly after I watch a great movie or play an awesome video game. This is how "Dark Matter" was written, or "Tomorrow Starts Today" which had a working title "Life Is Strange" taken from the very same game I was playing right before. Reality kinda sucks so I often seek sanctuary in the magic world of movies and games.


 You have collaborated with countless artists and written for many artists of your land, Greece, who has remained in your heart?


Well,I play for over 15 years with Gus G, what else can I say? But equally important was when I attempted to write a song for my favorite singer and woman of all times since I was a kid, Evridiki, also known as "The Queen Of Eurovision" having taken part on the Eurovision Song Contest for 7 times! And we ended up being together! What a story,right?

 You have played in well-known bands like Septic Flesh, Nightfall, Serious Black and Revolution Renaissance, what have you brought with you from these experiences?


It's cliche but each one of them gave me something different. With Nightfall I played my first big festival which was W:O:A 2001 (!!!) and with Septicflesh I did my first European tour on a bus.Then,with Revolution Rennaisance I got to work with maestro Timo Tolkki and with SeriousBlack I met a lot of people in the German metal music scene and learned a lot of other stuff. So as you see, we have to say "yes" to a lot of stuff until we become who we are.


Was there any episode that you like to remember success during the recordings of your last record?


Well,I remember the night I was composing "Dark Matter"...the idea hit me like a thunder and I was walking around the room with the music turned up really loud trying to feel where it should go after. It was a really intense moment which resulted to one of the best things I've ever done musically speaking.


I always like to make a final consideration ... From Greece, some very interesting and new music is coming out, what do you think of the Greek musical reality?


We the Greeks are known for our fighting spirit and history. Watching how our country and culture is being torn apart by Europe and the rest of the world, I think that music is the only way for us to "escape" and rise above the whole situation and dream of something bigger.


Thanks for being with us.