31 MARZO 2018



Starting from a small presentation, who are you? What is the name “Defenestration”  inspired by?


Hi! We started in 2012 as Macrogol. Then our drummer Skenan left, and as he came with the name we changed it to Defenestration; because our vocalist Cancrelat fell through a window (but did not fell in the street anyway), and because we all like Cryptopsy’s Blasphemy Made Flesh debut song.


How would you describe your musical genre?


Many tag us as a death/thrash band, although we think we play death metal. Anyway, classification is not important for us.


Soon your new EP “Gutter Perdition” will come out, can you give some interesting news about it?


It was released on february 9th by Xenokorp.


What do your tracks talk about? Who takes care of the compositions? 

Who writes the lyrics?


Apocalyptic Lawnmower is the main composer, but each one of us particpate to the process. All lyrics are written by Cancrelat, except Jizzus, which was written by Apocalyptic lawnmower. The demo tracks talk about what we call “ordinary violence”: alcoholic fights, car crashes, war, waiting in post offices, disentery and so on. The Ep tracks focus on “parasites”: conspirationists, hipsters, pedophiliac priests, radical punks. And acarids, which is unrelated.


How would you describe the French metal scene? do you think there are chances of debut for bands?


The scene is very prolific and active; it was easier than we thought, and some young bands are already well-known and playing outside France. For exemple Ritualization, Cadaveric Fumes, Skelethal, Necrowretch and Venefixion.


Why did you decide to create a musical project? 


To spit out our disgust of this fucking world !


What are your main influences?


Apocalyptic Lawnmower’s main influences are early Bloodbath, Carcass’s third album, and old Cannibal Corpse.


Are there any groups far from the genre that you play but who nevertheless you love, or who can even influence you?


We all listen to different things like hip hop, neofolk, ambient, oi!...  I guess it influences the band as well. 


What do you think about new styles or experimental genres in metal?


Experimenting is a good thing; there will always be receptive people. It’s mainly a matter of taste.


What is your relationship with the metal audience?


We were always welcome. Some of us are used to evolve in the matal scene.

Basstard was in the assiociation Eviscer Asso, and plays guitar in Absolvtion. Äaerzerath played in Natremia and Angoisse, and is still active in Incipient Chaos. Apocalyptic Lawnmower and Cancrelat are not that “metalheads” anyway.


Your first work was a curious demo “Ordinary Violence”, can you describe it? do you think “Gutter Perdition” it's a better work than the latter?


Ordinary Violence was recorded live after a drunk night, and we didn’t have enough microphones for the drums. Anyway we were quite satisfied with the result. The compositions sound so basic now. Gutter perdition was recorded with a sound engineer, and the result is obviously better. The songwriting goes further, and there are still things we want to develop.


You can end the interview as you wish.


More news are coming very soon! It was a pleasure; and beware the windows.