29 APRILE 2019

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Welcome on Insane Voices Labirynth's pages to Hellish Grave, black-thrash metal band from Osasco, São Paulo (Brazil).
Hi Guys! How are you?
Introduce yourself…


Hellish Grave: We are a black-heavy metal band from São Paulo, Brasil. We were formed in 2011 and the band passed through some line up changes till now-days. We are totally, one hundred percent, underground and extreme heavy metal music worshippers from the third world.

When did you decided to start this musical project? How did you meet?

Angelcörpse: We start in march 2011, when I read an advertisement published by Ironhammer (ex-hellish grave), announcing "a band such Possessed, Hellhammer and others fucking masters search for a lead vocals". The same idea of "making music" that was burning in my head. So, I introduce me and then the first rehearsal was happened. We played some songs of Venom, Possessed, Death, Sepultura and soon we knew that was the exactly this morbid metal that we wanted. Soon afterwards Butchereaper (Guitars) and Witchripper (Bass) joined us. Then after some line up changes we got into this formation with Liber Falxifer (Lead Guitars) and Speeddemon (Drums).

What is your artistic background?

Angelcörpse: Morbid music for an insane morbid people!!!
Speeddemon: Only the real and true underground heavy metal. Fuck off posers.


Are there any musicians you love and inspire? For what reason?

Angelcörpse: I personally inspired in the great master King Diamond on the stages. As the others important frontman like Bobby Liebling, Dead (from Mayhem), and Angel (from Vulcano). As any metalhead in the world, we have a burning feeling when we listen the names mentioned here - and many others not mentioned. And we sold our soul for this legacy in this music and we fight for this will never reach the end.
Speeddemon: Mainly Hellhammer, Venom, Possessed, Sepultura, Vulcano, Motorhead, Iron Maiden. The true feeling and devotion to music and art transcend this kind of artist. Of course there are a lot more that influence us, like new acts and partners in the underground scene.

About your discography, how many albums have you published?

Angelcörpse: We published our debut album "Worship Macabre" in August 2016. And there two demo / promo discs too: At the Devil's Cross (2012) and Raw Armageddon (2014).

Speeddemon: Now we'll waiting for the release of our second recording "Hell No Longer Waits", that will be available soon in tape (alaude/anti heroi recs) and cd in brazil, and cd in Portugal (hellprod).


What anecdotes can you tell us about “Hell no Longer Waits” recordings?

Speeddemon: Well, it was not an easy album to record, some mistakes were maken, but a lot of right things were done. One anecdote from myself was the struggle to find some organic oldschool drum sound, that was achieved by taking out the back skins of the drum set and adding some rototons. Hail possessed 666.


How do you create your own songs and what urge you to write?

Angelcörpse: Butchereaper and Liber Falxifer show the riffs on rehearsal, so speeddemon create the drum-lines as Witchripper, with the line-bass. The voice is the last song to insert in our songs. About the lyrics, it comes in natural way.


Who is in charge of the texts and what are your main topics?

Angelcörpse: Me and Butchereaper write all the lyrics. We write about what the common sense of the human being is tends to avoid. Butchereaper likes to write about what he reads too, "Vampyric Sluts" talks about the brides present in “Bram Stoker's Dracula". "Buried in the Grounds of Bathory" talks about the cruelty and sadism practiced by Countess Elizabeth Bathory... Witchripper wrote some songs on the first releases too. I'm also a fan of Italian horror movies! I try to aspire what I can of the movies of the master Lucio Fulci in some lyrics. In the second disc the lyrics delve deeper into themes that portray dark feelings like "Revenant Awakening", "Macabre Worship" and "Lust for Youth" (based on the novel  The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wylde).
I administer the band instagram, bandcamp and facebook page with Speeddemon.

Who made artwork and graphics of the latest album?

Angelcörpse: The artwork was made by Fernando JFL (Violator, Sepulchral Whore, Flagelador and other). He did an excellent work in this release, the central idea of ??the cover was to create a climate that suggests a macabre event in evidence, evicting to repeat the ideas already seen in the many artwork of other bands in which they use this artistic background. Although this is very difficult, with so many bands coming up with similar artistic ideas, when Fernando JFL presented the cover draft with the church dripping blood and the priest falling through the window, it was immediately accepted by all of us. Some details was added later, as the reaper on the left window (featured in Maiden’s Live After Death album on back cover). This was requested by Butcheraper.


How do you see and live the emerging music scene in your city?

Speeddemon: I think we already have here in Brasil a very mature scene running along with a very young and new scene. The mature scene is always producing and make the productions (old and new) flow. The young scene is struggling to understand some of the underground ways, because of the influence of the digital world, streaming and internet interactions. I personally think that real music and real relations (like it is on underground) only happens in real life, not in the virtual one.


Are there any underground bands that you find interesting to follow?

Speeddemon: Yes, there is a lot actually. From Brasil we have great friends and bands that we admire, like, Necrogosto, Nuclear Frost, Creptum, Death By Starvation, Vazio, Velho, Apokalyptic Raids, Harpago, Profundezas, Amurians, Grave Desecrator, Malediction 666, and lots more, they all know who they are.

Do you know and listen to some Italian bands?

Angelcörpse:  Hell yeah, of course we have! Fucking masters of Bulldozer (we played with them at the Guaru Metal Fest 2018), Mortuary Drape, Death SS and Necromass on their early releases. Some new “old school” bands too, like Baphomet’s Blood, Abysmal Grief, Necromessiah and Children of Technology.

What are your programs for the future?

Angelcörpse: Actually, we trying to focus in gigs/mini tours out of the city for promotion of new album. The international release by Helldprod productions is the great realization for us, and as soon we hope it becomes a new phase of possibilities too. And as soon we will start to compose new songs, probably to make part from the third album, which we already know will a conceptual work in lyrical theme.

To conclude the interview say something important that hasn’t said before.

Hellish Grave: We thanks so much for the invitation, as so the the opportunity and space in this zine. We'll hope to bring our satanic noise for Italy someday, meet people and cultural differences, make some good friends as well as sharing stage with many Italian bands mentioned here! STAY MORBID, 666!