8 APRILE 2019




Hi Illusion of Control welcome on Insane Voices Labirynth’s pages. First of all, would you present yourself to our readers?


Hunor (vocals): Greetings everyone and thank you for this appealing thread of invitation. We are a longtime based friendship in Transylvania, more exactly from Cluj Napoca. Ground zero started more than a decade ago and turned out to be a solid bounding of chemistry and empathy. Illusion of Control is more than just a bunch of guys meeting in the rehearsal room playing metal. It’s an idea based on positive principles and kick ass socializing long days and nights. We are swinging in the progressive-death-doom area for one reason, we equally love and enjoy the aforementioned genres.


Do you really think that our society is having the Illusion of Control? Why?


Istvan (bass/backing screams): I can’t really say of the whole of society is having the illusion of control – that comes down to the individual. We certainly like to feel in control, and our decisions are sometimes based on that. The important thing is to keep it in mind, that we’re human after all and some of the beliefs and ergo our decisions in life are based on an illusion in our head – and when reality challenges our perception, we just might have an epiphany that many things we thought to have under control, is just an illusion.


What can you say about the record's experience of your EP called “Grim New World”?


Istvan: Since the songs themselves are somewhat old, the recording was also from some time ago. It was and is to date our first attempt to try ourselves in creating songs that also overarch the story – that’s why there’s a loose connection, lyrically between Downtrodden, Departure and Dystopia. It certainly paints a more gloomy picture on how we see part of our world evolving – putting that into words and music certainly helped us have a sense of outlook from that “grim new world”. Recording it was certainly a lot of fun, as we might not be all the gloomy-doomy dirge-hussars.


Can you explain how an Illusion of  Control's song takes form?


Istvan: The main idea usually stems either from our lead guitarist or our drummer (who by the way is an excellent guitar player himself), it gets debated, shaped and structured. The last part of creating the song is our vocalist’s lyrical contribution, and of course his vocal lines. We rehearse it, chisel it here and there, and presto! Oh, and occasionally I have to turn down my bass rig, the subterranean frequencies get a bit abused by me, haha!


Where you take inspiration for the texts in your songs?


Hunor: ‘Life’ would be in a nutshell the answer to your question. But, if we dissect the inspirational part we get three major areas more exactly: humankind, politics and the church and almost every uplifting or downhearted moments those three aforementioned themes might bring along with the tide. Our lyrics are simple and straightforward with no hidden messages or relics to be considered as a debate session.


Reading your Bio you say that the band was formed in 2007. Can you explain why only in 2018 you had the possibility to record your first EP?


Istvan: The songs found on the first EP are actually quite dated – but we never thought to physically publish it, be that as a physical copy or via streaming services. And since we haven’t been active in the last 5 years, we thought it might be a good idea just to have it out there.
Csiszi: (rhythm guitar): Just to clarify, all songs from the EP were recorded between 2008 and 2011, at different times and places. However our three songs ‘Downtrodden’, ‘Departure’ and ‘Dystopia’ is basically a trilogy and we always played them live as a continuous 20+ minute song. After our reunion in 2018, we finally decided to release them properly as kind of a closure for that era. And we also included our first ever recorded song, ‘The Words Unspoken’ as a bonus track.


What are your influences?


Istvan: Each individual in our band has a different palate regarding influences. Where all our influences intersect, we could say the progressive metal scene and power-death metal. Sort of Nevermore meets Opeth kind of vibe.


In your songs you use both clean and growl voices. What are your singer's influences?


Hunor: One thing is certain, an inspiration and lecturer is and will be the one and only professor Dan Swano, even if we never met, a musician who doesn’t need any introduction in the metal scene. Moreover, we could say that my tastes are selective and fastidious if we think about Mikael Akerfeldt, the unfortunate Warrel Dane, Zachary Stevens, Russell Allen, Ray Alder, Devon Graves and James Labrie. Furthermore, old school death metal bands from both Europe and the US are not strangers in my backyard. We can’t deny that my vocal line is strongly represented and colored by the insane and devilish high pitched growls of our bass player, Istvan.


Can you describe us the Underground Metal scene in Romania?


Istvan: A lot has changed since 10 years ago, when our band formed. Many bands have formed and disbanded – although some complain that it’s “never how it used to be”, the advances in record-producing technology and social media-based marketing of bands certainly shifted the scene. But this has given the opportunity for many bands to come out and produce records that are on par with what is produced “internationally”. The underground scene is constantly shifting, so one must evolve with it.


How many gigs have you done until today?


Csiszi: We had about 20 something gigs, some better others worse, but almost all of them ended with a heavily alcohol-fueled afterparty. Last year however we decided to retire from the live scene as it was too much work with too little payoff. Now our main focus is the writing of new material.


Describe your music using three words


Csiszi: Real, uncompromising, metal.


Thanks for your time, now you have space to tell everything you want to our readers.


Csiszi: Thank you for the interest in our band. We just finished recording a new song, the first one written after our reunion and we will release it shortly. We are currently writing new stuff and hope to release another EP/LP sometime in the near future. Stay metal and support your local metal scene!