22 FEBBRAIO 2019




Hi Mauro Cordeiro! Welcome to I.V.L. Let’s talk about “Leatherjacks”, melodic and modern hard rock metal from Sao Paulo City, Brasil.


How and when did you decided to start the project?


Hi Loredana! So nice to meet you!

My story´s a curious and peculiar one, ´cause Music is part of my life since I was 4 or 5. 

Not actually playing though, but I was always into it, listening, doing rhythms with my feet, hands, forks, everything around. Since I know myself, you know? I had lots of backs and forths in my careers, by Music was, is and will be always there. I decided to start Leatherjacks in 2015, when I finally got back from the depths of a 5 years suffocating relationship. I literally had to stop playing outside home because of my ex-girlfriend. Long personal story, but anyway, when I got back and discovered Santa Cruz, Night Flight Orchestra, Halestorm, Gotthard... The light buble appeard: Eureka! Now I can try to finally do what I most loved and love my whole life: Metal, Hard Rock and Rock ´N´ Roll. And here I am! =)


How many albums have you realeased? 


I released “The Lost Arks Of Rock And Roll” in 2017, and then released some singles such as “I Hate To Fall In Love”, “Spells And Zombies Through The Night”, and now the newest one entitled “Songs For The Strangest Ones” – In my opinion, the best single I´ve ever released up to now. This song rocks!


You’ve written, arranged, recordered, produced, mixed and mastered all songs in your first full-lenght. What can you tell us about this experience?


Wow. Just by reading it, I start sweating haha! It´s a real... Real tough experience, Lore... Because of course... In one hand, you have the advantages of being the owner of all, everything, 200%. But life says: - “Ah... So you have it all? But you´ll have to Control it all!” – So it was extremely hard to keep myself organized, with notes, riffs, sketch recordings... I mean... Pre-production was much tough... Writing, Arranging, Creating... It´s awesome, but here´s the other hand of it: 

You´re all alone, by yourself... It´s God and you... No one else on it... Recording was and is the coolest stage of it all. Mixing and Mastering is a real PAIN... In example, “Burning Wire” song had literally 132 Mix Versions until I reached the final album version. It´s extremely painful to put out the sound you have in your mind. But I think I reached some 90% of it, you know? 

So that makes me happy in a global scale, considering I did all alone. But... To be honest? First and last experience haha! Next albums will be always with a group, creative and working together with me... 

I mean... A Producer, mixing engineer, etc haha! I mean... Off course I´ll always be there on backstages giving my opinions and spices on it... But not so directly as I did hah!


Artwork is very important approaching a new listener. Album’s cover are also your ideas and created by you?


Ah, I love artworks! I´m a Graphic Designer, and a Digital Character Animator, both 3D and 2D also. So Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks... Here I am! Haha! Kiddin!

I created Leatherjacks Logo, based on Thin Lizzy and ZZ Top ones, you know? I love that kindda Silver 80´s art... It´s so beautiful. Aviator glasses, etc. The concept of the album was created by myself, but developed artistically by a great artist called Milena Buzzinaro. 

I told her my ideas about someone unravelling, discovering, exploring an adventure, some Indiana Jones concept, so the name came: “The Lost Arks Of Rock And Roll”. The concept theme was growing up between her (Milena) and myself artistically, and I detailed her my dreams, my goals, and how it´s tough, rough, you know? So it all means really like searching for your treasure chest, your dream. The Lost Arks Of Rock And Roll can be also translated as Life itself: It´s dirty, it´s rough, full of traps, dangers, wild animals, misteries, worries... But there we are, digging for our gold chests, each one of us have a Lost Ark Of Rock And Roll. That´s the main idea of the album.

PS: And here you´re the first one to know this info, only at I.V.L: The title track was the last one to appear, ´cause the album name was so fantastic, I decided to write it´s title track too.


Do you have a main concept with your music? 


I think the main concept with my music and Leatherjacks is to reach people worldwide, no matter who you are, no barriers, no limits. I think we´re all equal. The main concept is to say everyone: 

“Hey, let´s have some fun. But most important: Always think about your Life, always think about the person on your side, always try to unite everyone around.” I think that´s the most important thing I wanna pass forward: We´re all equal.


What are your aspiration and ambitions in music and in life? 


I hope I can work with an entire band, a cool united group, creative people who helps making Leatherjacks even bigger and better. That´s what a good leader´s about (In my opinion). Let´s see what life can bring to Leatherjacks some time from now.


How do you see yourself in a few years?


I hope I can reach people, play and play and play and play, and have lots of fun with everyone in this world for the longest time God permits me to do it! And smoke my cuban cigars, whisky and yacht hahahaha KIDDING!


What do you think about italian scene? Is there any band you particularly appreciate?


To be honest I need to learn more about the italian scene! I know lots about Rhapsody Of Fire, or Lacuna Coil, Cristina Scabbia, Fabio Lione. But I like lots of YouTube funny parodies, and just discovered recently a parody band called Nanowar Of Steel from Italy... SO FUNNY! 


Do you have live shows on schedule? 


Unfortunately not for now, Lore. But it´s my dream to book the whole Europe someday!


Who do you like to go in a tour with?


I´d love to tour with Sabaton (great guys and friends I did online), Battle Beast (I love Noora. Serious. My platonic love, forever), Alice Cooper and Gotthard.


What about your latest single “Songs For the Stranges Ones”?


It´s a literal and visceral hymn for us to be ourselves, no matter what they say, no matter how they judge us, no matter who you are, Be Yourself! It´s a very speedy metal, heavy and 80´s nostalgia based song, I think it´s one of the coolest singles I released with Leatherjacks up to now. Check it out everyone, all Jackers! Available everywhere.


Your point of view on underground rock/metal in your country.


Brazil... Honestly? Just one word: Tough. Priority here´s just for Thrash, Black and Extreme Metal bands. Melodic, Power, Hard, Traditional, Modern or Rock ´N´ Roll are rare. Plus 99% of all pubs here only consider cover bands. I really can´t understand what happens here. Mainstream media killed Rock here. Even Pop Rock is extinct here. Imagine how Metal is terminated here in Brazil. I live in São Paulo state and Capitol City São Paulo. Huge city. Things are this hard Here. Imagine in little cities... Despite Northeast states such as Bahia, Ceará, have amazing bands, but never get bigger things, you know? Good and true music/Rock are not respected here. Unfortunately.


In your opinion, how much music business is changed in the Internet age?


Too much concurrence. Few true real talents. Most of times nowadays there´s a rule: If you got money, you have it all. You can buy viewers, followers, likes, everything. 

But I believe one thing: Rock and Metal are the only music genres that haves TRUE FANS, who don´t buy any deceiving shitty music around. I totally believe this. So there´s always a great chance for great bands and projects. I think there´s another disadvantage nowadays on internet times: 

Financing tours, booking stuff, turned into an independent marketing. Everything is extremely expensive for common people. And managers/investors only look at you when you attract huge selling, audience and fans, a solid fanbase. 

But Internet is special, ´cause we can have the access to lots of great channels such as I.V.L, and the possibility to share, to talk, to be heard, so God bless you all, and hope we can always have more and more interviews! Maybe one day with me in person in Italy! =)


Thank you for your time! We wish you all the best.


I thank you very much for everything, and for the space, Lore! Grazzie per Tutti! Ciao!

We Rock! Stay tuned in I.V.L. for more and more Leatherjacks news! Lore, you Rock!

Mauro \m/