13 MAGGIO 2019




Welcome to IVL! Who are Ordinul Negru?


This was a side project established by Fulmineos in 2004 in order to explore the primitive raw side of black metal, merely working with analog equipment without digital processing of the sound, in the vein of old rehearsals and lo-fi albums from Moonblood, Vlad Tepes, Belketre, Ulver, Mutiilation, Infernum.
There are eight albums out there and various split ep’s and other limited releases with various labels from Romania, Australia, Slovakia etc. Every album has its own story, were there are experiments with different topics and sounds, like using keyboards, or not using them, using some old tape-delays or different rooms for reverb effect in order to enhance the atmosphere of various instruments.
 In 2015, the line up expanded with a drummer and a vocalist and right now Ordinul Negru is:

Fulmineos - guitars, vocals
Urmuz - guitars, vocals
Orthros - bass
Putrid - drums, percussions


Our commitment is to seek for the hidden things in the dark, we are like  shadows performing lost arts, our existence is the reason like as an obscure order to practice our beliefs and emotions, so the name came naturally without being forced to invent something only to have a name, for us this was the most important thing, to be credible and to have a reason why doing Ordinul Negru.

What inspires the composition of your songs?


What makes your band different from others?

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you can appreciate a band or hate, there is no absolute value. We don’t think too much how Ordinul Negru is perceived by the outside world, we do the things we are destined to do it and that’s it.

What is your country in your music?

I believe you refer to the musical scene in Romania with this question…I would say it’s rather small, with good and bad things like in other places on this earth. We have a handful of clubs and festivals to play, there are some cool bands, it’s nothing that is improving or decreasing, only going around in existential circles…yes maybe 20 years ago it was more public for local bands, because we didn’t had foreign bands coming to Romania, but the venues and equipment was terrible, now it’s the other way around and there is not much public left, especial for club concerts.

You have a new album released recently, How would you define it?

It is our newest album, we worked for three years to craft it, the reactions are very good, so we are contempt that the audience connects with our concept. It was produced in two environments, DSPro studios were we recorded guitars and vocals with our friend Attila Lukinich and in Consonance Studios where our drummer, Putrid recorded the rest of the instruments, mixed and mastered the material; we preferred to do everything in-house because we are very hectic about our sound, so it was important the translation of our ideas to be as accurate as possible into the final product.
The songs became shorter now maybe as we started playing live and our desire was to be able to fit a live set also in a festival format for example, and it is much easy to do a video for a five minutes song. Also we incorporated new percussion elements, a little bit of keyboards/samples and different vocals a little different approach than in the past.
The concept is based on strange ritual originating from our geographical area. We feel this strong connection with the Greek and Thracian world, different mysteries associated with customs and beliefs, our aim is to transcede the simple little things and to discover a sense in all this.

Why should the audience listen to your new album, "Faustian Nights "?

They don’t have to, it’s not a moral obligation…this is for the seekers and wanderes, you won’t find our album and addressability to the mainstream scene, so people like us will find us because we find others by the same process.


What does the disc cover inspire?
All the concept described above, there symbols and meaning, search them in the books, find the path, we are not easy to be reach…

Are There any live projects for Europe?
We discussed with some promoters and agencies for a slot in some tours, there were some offers, we still have to decide, so nothing officially yet on this issue.