14 OTTOBRE 2018




Hi guys! A warm welcome in Insane Voices Labirynth, if you’re agree, I’d like to start with your introduction, what can you tell us about the band?


Thank you!  We are a 4 piece, progressive metal band based in Salt Lake City.  We are currently working on our 4th album and are excited to hit the road in 2019 to promote it!    


I know in 2012, you’re emerged from the underground metal scene, winning Project Independent’s “Industry Panel Favorite”. What about the time before? How’s the band was born?


The band “Riksha” was born from a previous band named “Jezus Rides A Riksha” founded by vocalist Palmer and bassist Kevin Bronson.  JRAR had just replaced both their drummer and guitarist with Ian Law and Max Dail and were in talks with Jägermeister about an endorsement deal.  There were two reasons we decided to shorten our name to just Riksha.  The first reason was that with the addition of Ian and Max, our sound changed and evolved to a much heavier, progressive style of music.  A name change seemed logical since our sound was now so different.  The second reason was that Jägermeister didn’t like our name “Jezus Rides A Riksha” and was lobbying us pretty hard to shorten it.   So we killed two birds with one name change and Riksha was born.


Riksha have released two previous albums “Dream Drops Red “and “Night Begins”.  How different is your bran new work “Five Stages of Numb”?


First off we used a new engineer and producer Pablo Viveros (drummer for Chelsea Grin) for “Five Stages of Numb” which was a great experience.  We work really well with Pablo.  Also we worked with a second guitarist, Cody Hess for the first time on “Five Stages of Numb” which added a different perspective and flavor to our writing.  Cody is no longer in the band, but his presence and writing can definitely be heard on the album.


How the band is musically grown?


No Riksha album sounds the same by any means.  I think we have slowly progressed to a heavier sound over time.  We all like different styles of music so it’s always interesting what comes out when we are writing together.


Do you may have a kind of standard to write your song?


Usually Ian (guitarist) and Max (drummer) will come up with some riffs and changes and then the band works them into a song if we all like it.  Maybe what started out as a cool verse works better as a chorus down the road depending on what the vocals do.  Regardless, we all get a long great and are very open minded to new ideas and/or changes.


Which kind of alchemy there’s between you as band?


Our friendship and mutual respect is one of our biggest strengths.   It’s really hard to write, record and perform/tour with people you dislike or don’t respect.  The four of us have never had that problem.  There’s no money in music anymore, so those of us out there playing and grinding it out are doing it solely for the love of it.  If people could turn on their computers and download a free Big Mac for lunch every day, McDonald's would cease to exist.  This explains the state of today’s music industry in a nut shell.  So If you’re not having fun playing or if you don’t get along with or respect your band mates, then what’s the point of doing it at all? 


What about the metal underground scene in your hometown and generally, in Utah?


Metal is very popular in SLC and the surrounding areas.  Salt Lake City is a great place to have our base because it’s so centrally located.  We are about 7 to 10 hours away from everywhere…Las Vegas, L.A., Denver, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, etc.  We own our own 44’ tour bus (1973 Eagle) and can fit all of our gear underneath in the old luggage compartments.  We have solar  panels on the roof and A/C, TV, bunkbeds, full kitchen and a shower on board.  This makes it cheap and easy to tour around the West and promote our music.


You’ve recently signed with Zombie Shark Records, a labeled owned by Noah “Shark” Robertson ex member of Motograter and The Browning. This’s a good hint for as band like yours. How did you got in contact with him?


Our manager was at a Motograter concert and gave Noah our album.  Instead of tossing it, Noah listened to it and started praising it online.  He soon called us and we started working together.  Noah’s a great guy!   


If you’d describe your own style and involve new fans into your music, what do you’d say? 


Riksha moves smoothly from devastatingly heavy to melodic dreamy with no seams.  The writing is progressive and driving with unexpected changes flowing in and out of different styles of music.  One might catch a glimpse of Pantera, Tool, Mastodon or Killswitch in a Riksha song, but Riksha has a sound all its own.


“Coming across like Meshuggah meets Tool...Riksha's "Five Stages Of Numb" is a progresssive traversing of genre that inks them out as a band to steadfastly keep an eye on....It's forward thinking bands such as Riksha that are leading the charge delivering brains to match the brawn!”.

- Chris Jennings, www.worshipmetal.com (May 16, 2017).


“The foundation is laid with heavy handed drumming that rivals that of any of the best Metal drummers out there without ever crossing the line into the obnoxious. Lead guitars are riff heavy with frequent use of shred worthy bridges and solos that are reminiscent of Periphery or Scale the Summit at times while remaining a substantial force of the band’s in your face drive. Explicit and mature lyrics are barked, growled, screamed and harmonically clean sung from the larger than life pipes Palmer brings to the table.”

- Odyssey, Metalnexus.net (Aug 11, 2016)


Riksha. Wrap your heads around this: a band with a heavy Mudvayne influence with frantic riffing that borders somewhere between an extreme Clutch, and extreme rockabilly … that actually works. This band has some amazing songwriting skills and were fun to watch, they never were boring...One moment, mosh. The next, mosh to an extreme-beat two-step. The guitar playing and inventive riffing was great. The rhythm section was outstanding.”

- R.G.B. Robb, http://www.uandumusic.com (Jan 25, 2016)


RIKSHA brings a neat combination of melodic music and metal together.”

- Credible, Rage and Frustration Radio (Apr 01, 2015)


"The music is loud, mean and beautiful. The growling vocals range from creative to devastating".

- Ischa B., Slug Magazine (Jan 01, 2014)


“Five Stages of Numb”’ cover is apocalyptic, at the first sight it reminded me Megadeth’s “Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?”, any relevance with Dave Mustaine & Co? May their old style had or have influenced your music?


Dave is great and what metal band isn’t influenced at least a little bit by Megadeth?   But no… we just thought it was a cool picture that fit the theme of the album.  The artist Die Elster lives in the UK and was great to work with.


Just a curiosity, is there a particular reason you choose Riksha as moniker?


Our name was explained in your previous question, but to tell you the truth, we don't like our current name and are contemplating changing back.  In fact, the album we're currently working on will be called "Jesus Rides A" by Riksha.  We are still thinking about it :)


Ok guys, thanks for your time, you can say anything you want to our readers.


Thanks for the interest and we appreciate your questions.  You can check us out at www.rikshaband.com and watch our videos at www.reverbnation.com/riksha/videos.