12 OTTOBRE 2018




Welcome to Insane Voices Labirynth. How the project “Terra IncΩngnita” was born?


Hello, I.V.L. Thank you for having us.

Terra IncΩgnita was born from 4 musicians, playing covers. We got tired of playing other bands' music, so we put our own ideas to use. 

The result, was our first full lenghth album, "Barren Land". Independent release, but it was very well recieved from the metal public,as well as the critics.


Surely you all come from previous musical experiences. How did your taste in music affect the current proposal?


Yes…..we all come from very different musical pasts. The band gathers up all it's past experiences, and puts it all together, to push forward.

The "Terra IncΩgnita sound", is the outcome. Because we all listen to different types of music, we believe, we have a somewhat unique style. We try to keep whatever we compose, in the "Sound Bracket" of Terra.


Epic and heavy Metal, what do you most passionate about these two classic musical genres?


Epic & Heavy metal is the root/foundation of what we are writing and doing.... We always look for new ways of composing material, but in the end, it always touches the epic, heavy sound. Even though we are maturing, there will always be a passion for these two metal styles.


For Symmetric Records was released last November your latest album "Fragments of a nice Mind". What can you tell us about?


"Fragments of a Ruined Mind" is the result of 2 years of composing, and ultimately, shaping the sound the band wants to have. Bob Katsionis, our producer and owner of Symmetric records, heard our written material for our second release, and he was thrilled with it. That’s how we got signed to the label. Bob is a huge part of our sound. 

He shaped the material into complete songs.


The band had a two-year break, what changed within the band at that time?


In the 2 year break the band went through, everything changed!!! I, (Billy Vass-Singer), was the only "constant" that remained the same. All the members were changed,thus, changing the writing, sound, ambitions, goals, attitude, etc of the band. That is also the reason we decided to change the way the bands' name would be written. The Greek, Ω, is in the logo, symbolizing, the change in the band.


There has certainly been an evolution from your birth to this day, what is the leitmotif between your first job and your last effort of the 2017?


The big differences between the 2 albums are obvious. We definitely "upgraded" everything about ourselves, with the guidance, and experience, that Bob Katsionis inflicted on us. Like I said, he is a huge part of our sound…..and with all new members, it's inevitable that you end up changing the way you compose.


Have there been times when your desire to continue making music has been questioned?


NEVER!!! We are driven, to write, & present the best possible effort, to and for our fans.........


We can see from the media that the Greek music scene is very active and interesting. What do you think of the current metal scene in your country?


I will agree with you that the Greek metal scene is thriving.... that, on the other hand, does not necessarily mean that it is a "healthy" scene. I will just say that too much of "unhealthy competitiveness", is destroying our scene, here. 

Thank you so much for this opportunity to give the metal fans out there, some info on our band... hope to see you on a tour, and always remember, to "SIGN WITH BLOOD"!


Thanks, and see you!