12 GENNAIO 2018



Hi guys and welcome on Insane Voices Labirynth. 

First of all, would you like to describe yourself and your sound to someone who has not heard you before?


Hello! Greetings from cold Siberia to all, Brothers! We play melodic death..our music is fast (not always)..it's melodious. I think this can be described as a Swedish melodic death with elements of black metal and doom metal). In our music, we're not looking for fashion. I would say that it's closer to the old school and underground.


You're working on new material; can you please tell us something about it? When it will be ready?


It will be more diverse material. We will add more keyboards to the songs than before. There will be both energetic places, and places to reflect and mourn). I hope the new album will be ready by the autumn of this year.


What can you tell us about your single Blackword? The video is awesome, a kind of dark tale, interesting! 


The idea of the video appeared about a year ago. All this time we slowly made props and developed the idea. Some corrections were made by the director of the clip Eugene Zimin from Z-Film. It turned out a kind of Horror. I hope you enjoyed it:).


What are the themes of your songs?


The suffering of an ordinary person, in search of the meaning of life. Sometimes traveling through mysterious worlds, which are usually hostile to us) It turns out a kind of own mythology. In the future we plan to develop this topic, maybe with the formation of a certain concept.


How your music evolved since your first EP?


Compared with our early material, we began to move away from the patterns of a typical melodic death. I think our music has become more mature. In the end, it turned out a sort of "atmospheric melodic death," maybe even closer to doom metal


Who are your main influences? How the band is musically grown?


I listen to old Swedish bands,such as A Canorous Quintet, Eucharist,Sacrilege and others. However, in the music of past years I want to add something of my own. I hope that I will succeed.


If you'd describe your own style and involve new fans into your music, what do youÕd say?


I think that our style can be described as an atmospheric melodic death)


How's the Russian underground metal scene?


There are many different groups here. The performance level is constantly growing. I think It's great!


Music in internet era, pros and contras? Don't you find somethings went lost respect to the curiosity to find out new bands, new album looking for stuff in record shops?


If you want to be heard, it's not enough for you to just play well, you need to create and contain different Internet communities, blogs, upload a lot of photos and stuff. I think it's a big problem of our modern life is a lack of time and an overdose of information.

The Internet is an excellent tool, an opportunity to introduce to your work a huge number of people around the world! But the abundance of information that falls on an ordinary person every day, reduces its value. A lot of great bands go by your ears, just because you do not have time to listen to everything that is offered to you.


Thanks for your time, you have space to tell everything you want.


Listen to good music and be healthy! Greetings from Siberia!