Hello Andrea! How are you doing?

Hi, thank you, I am fine.


We really liked your new song “Digital Detox”. We can call this “real music”.  How do you feel on this?

It is an honor that you call it so, thank you. We wanted to make a very positive song that makes you want to sing along and I think we succeeded.


Tell us a few words about the band and the musicians that you have in the band.

I work with Markus Rubel on drums and Michael Fischer on bass. I know both of them for a long time and they are great guys with lots of good ideas. They play on all the recordings up to now. Our guitarist unfortunately left the band so I started to work with different guitar players for the new stuff like my Italian friend Simona Parisi.


Being from Germany, makes you have a big tradition in rock and metal music. What is your opinion about music in your country?

I think rock and metal music is not as big as it used to be. Some people do not care if there is a live band playing when they go out or if it is only a DJ or no music at all. I feel a little sad about this because live music is such a great thing.

How is your mood about Covid-19? Did this influence the band?

I think it influenced every band. We could not rehearse anymore and just could exchange ideas online during the lockdown. Not such a nice thing… Up to now we try to use the break in the live scene to work on new stuff. I think there will be a lot of new releases after the crisis – which I hope will be over soon.


Do you consider that being a girl behind the microphone is an advantage or a disadvantage for the band?

(laughing) Having me behind the microphone can only be an advantage!


Who writes the lyrics and what they are about?

I wrote and still write all the lyrics. They have diverse themes; I can give you an example:
Digital Detox is about the whole social media thing and being online all the time. Taking a break from that every now and then is sometimes necessary because it is not “real”. On the EP “Porcelain Heart” it was a lot about relationship stuff.


Are the any other musical projects for the members of Andy Rocks?

We all have still different projects. For example, I also sing in an AC/DC Girl Tribute Band.


What was your best live performance ever and how did you feel?

I think it was our show in Rockfabrik Nürnberg with my former Band Black Daffodils when we were support act for the symphonic metal band Xandria. It was a great band energy that night and we also got great feedback from the audience.


What are your plans about Andy Rocks? Do you feel this about a project or a full band that will last for years?

We will see how it develops. I do not plan to stop writing songs and hope that Andy Rocks and can grow into a full band like you said.


Keep up the nice work, Andrea! Rock on!

Thank you, it was pleasure!