Fabio Sansalone:

How and when did you discover your love for music?



R:Our love for music comes from convivenvia with people who are always on our side, we always mostrandoas news.

I believe that we three, Thiago Soares (Vocalist), Clber Roccon (guitar) and Adriano R.Prado (drums) have a lot of influence of the Family.

Where the father the mother and brothers give us this vision.




The artwork of an album is something very important you know, it can be the very first impression for a new fan.  What do you want to convey/communicate with yours?



R: Look we did a very simple cover, seat and black with the names of the streets and shantytowns of our country showing the revolt and the same time to battle the poorest people live from day to day to get basic things to live with dignity. Our cover are several individuas with covered faces and armed with sticks and stones, as reality what happens when our government (Brazilian), refuses to help those in need and consumes corruption.



Ale Rabbitti:

How your perception of music has changed since you started your adventure, considering yourself, who compose the songs and people who listen to it?



R: Look our perception became more acute after the recording of our first album in 2009, we saw that we needed to study a little more to show our musical purpose and also to take a good quality information to our listeners with protest songs and the reality of everyday life.

I believe that today we have a perception of a much more professional and music as the listener, what we have to say is always to take humility work without wanting to be better than or compete with other bands of the same segment.  



Siberian Tiger:

Talking about lyrics: how did your country and your origins influence yourself as musicians and what you write for your music? Do you want to convey a specific message ugh your music?



R: Our this question is key to our band! Our country is going through a political crisis, however it already comes from years more in 2015 over here things started to become more exposed and the population began to go out to the street in protest against corruption and thievery. Our lyrics are basically our present, that politicians manipulate steal and leave always free, no condemnation of its crimes and it is this context that we we took our letters. 



Mystisk Død: 

What's the story behind your name and, if you have it, your artwork?



R: The name came from the interest to express the idea of our culture since the dialect is indigenous culture of tribes from Brazil.

The band plays a junction characteristics of Brazilian music to heavy sound such as maracatu, samba, among others, the styles are varied already the band plays also several fronts heavy sound like death metal, thrash metal and hard core at the regional rhythms. According to the dialect one of the Brazilian Indian tribes Anguere the name has the meaning of religion where there are reports that when a member of the tribe considered coward and to serve as a bad example to die, not always his spirit went away to the land of the spirits, the Anguere was prowling the longhouse haunting and tormenting the whole tribe. In this context the band search make clearer its authenticity, haunted with the protest compositions that go against any injustice committed against society. 



Irene Bargelli:

From what point do you began your adventure? What's you objective?



R:When they procure started was mid-2008, the idea was not so pretentious as well, however the time decorroer, the underground began to accept the Anguere in a spectacular way and today we want to conquer the world and all this walking, we are in many sites around the world, radios and collections on line. 



Polverone Liz: 

Can you introduce some influences from rock band that you like in the music that you sing?



R:We love name bands in the world usical scenario, we have idols in metal, however we try to make our sound as possible originl, however you know always remember some band that you like very much.



Polverone Liz

Do you believe in god? Do you approve the christian message or do you try to separate it from you writing satanic lyrics in anti-christian way?



R: Guy is following the idea of speaking of God or Devil, for me is the same thing, if you speak of God is something good that religion is the same thing you speak of demons because so exitem God that there Demons and so the same opposite way and the idea of approving or not have an opinion already certain, NO NO SUPPORT OF TWO.



Roberto Bertero: 

When you decided to build a band which bands motivates you to do it?



R:They face many bands that give a great influence to us Anguere, bands of Thrash Metal, Hard Core, Grind and Groove.

We can cite bands like Sepultura, Pantera, Metallica, Bilge Rats among others.



Nicole Clark: 

Do you have different or similar musical backgrounds?



R: We are three in the band, each has its influence beyond the metal have also other music styles that we carry in our songs, we can mention samba and indigenous tribal rhythms of our country (Brazil).




And now to close the interview…



R: I want to thank all of the blog working to show the new bands the world and thank the opportunity to let our little mark there in Italy and invite everyone to know Anguere Brazil Hard Core on our website, facebook and youtube. Thank you all and hope an opportunity to do a show for his country. Anguere Hard Core Hostile.

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