"Disciples of War" is your second full length album. Why does it come out 12 years after your debut album "Dreamlord"?

“Disciples of War” really is our first full-length, as “Dreamlord” consisted of only 7 tracks. But really, the delay, was due to a series of unfortunate member changes, as well as life obligations getting in the way, that forced us to pause the band for almost 4 years. The band was reactivated in 2011, and it took a little while to finally find a steady line-up that allowed us to record this album.

What is the response you got so far?

Quite amazing, actually! The feedback we received so far from media outlets, as well as the audience are really positive. We also treasure and value the negative feedback, as well, because it really shows us what things can still be improved.

Why did you choose to sign with "No Remorse Records"?

No Remorse Records is a very well respected and historic labe, and we are proud to be part of its roster.  There was some interest from other labels as well, but in the end of the day, No Remorse Records showed us that they share the same passion and vision with us, so it really was a no-brainer.
Is there a thrash metal scene in Greece? Please name some bands.

Greece has a very active thrash scene, with amazing bands. From Suicidal Angels to Domination Inc., Amken, Chronosphere, Exarsis, Memorain and so many others. I believe that at the moment, the greek Thrash scene is among the top worldwide.

Give us 5 old school thrash favorites and 5 new thrash releases you like.

From oldies, I would have to go with the following:
1.     Sepultura – Arise
2.     Slayer – Reign in Blood
3.     Exodus – Bonded by Blood
4.     Kreator – Coma of Souls
5.     Megadeth – Rust in Peace

As far as newer releases go, I would choose:
1.     Suicidal Angels – Years of Aggression
2.     Evile – Five Serpents Teeth
3.     Havok – Unnatural Selection
4.     Toxic Holocaust – Conjure and Command
5.     Domination Inc. – Memoir 414

What is a Dreamlord live show like?

100% no-bullshit, aggressive music from the soul. And a few beers, too!

Any tour plans?

We are definitely evaluating our plans and will be open to every proposal!

German Thrash or American Thrash and why?

Oh man! Tough one! While I definitely LOVE Kreator, Sodom and all the German Thrash scene, I think that the American thrash scene, especially from the Bay Area just resonates more with us. So, I am sorry, my German friends, but I will say American Thrash!

 What are your next steps?  Thank you for the interview.

Now the main goal is to play as many gigs as possible, and bring “Disciples of War” to as many stages as possible. We love playing live and are really itching to play! That, being said, already, the first ideas for new songs are appearing, so I expect us to soon be able to begin the cycle for a second Dreamlord album.
Thank you very much for the hospitality! It was a pleasure to have this chat, and I hope to see you and your readers on the road!