Hello, Grande Fox and thank you for taking the time for an interview with Insane Voices of Labirynth. What was your motivation to form a band and why did you choose this name?

Hello to everybody.
First of all we would like to thank you for giving us the chance to talk with you. It’s a great honor.
Our motivation to form this band came with the need to create, express, cooperate and share a common dream about music that we all had.
The band was originally created in October 2013, in Thessaloniki, having 4 members.
The first name of the band was “Fox Terrier” and soon after sometime of performing lives in various stages with cover songs, the band started to create its own material.
After some band member changes, the band shaped its own character and started recording its own material and eventually rebranded and changed its name to “Grande Fox”.
The name itself came up from the common admiration for this animal (Fox). It’s a gentle, fierce, very smart and extremely cunning animal which has an admirable ability to adapt and find ways to survive at any environment, not to mention that is also worshiped in some cultures in the world as an animal with great mystical powers and connection to the Divine.



How can you describe your music style?

You could describe our music style as “Space Psychedelic Stoner Heavy Rock” but we like to keep an open mind about that due to the fact that all the members have different influences and also a major factor that shapes our music depends a lot on our point of view of the world situation around.
So when it all comes down to creating our music we have no boundaries and labels.



Which bands/artists have influenced Grande Fox through the years?

That is a difficult question to answer because all the members have different influences and the list could go on forever.
It is very important for us to keep the “Grande Fox” identity rather than trying to “be like” some famous band.


Many bands today play heavy rock or stoner music. In fact, few years ago it was sort of a trend. Why is this style still so popular? Do you place Grande Fox in the list of heavy rock/stoner bands despite all the extra elements of your sound?

We believe that Heavy Rock/Stoner music is somehow a platform that combines a lot of elements from different genres. It is very flexible and that’s what makes it so popular.
As for “Grande Fox” and generally speaking, you could say that we belong in the Heavy Rock/Stoner genre but with a flexible and experimental kind of way.


How did your fans and the press accept the "Kulning" EP?

The “Kulning” EP came with the need to experiment with something different under the “Grande Fox” style.
This magical collaboration with Angelina Papadopoulou (Female Vocals) and Stephen Keeman (Cello) really gave a unique attitude to this attempt.
The result of all this was that the “Kulning” EP managed to stay in French Top Charts for several weeks and this showed that the Press and the Fans instantly embraced this work and we truly thank them for that.

How much of a progress was this EP for you compared to your full length?

As a band we always try to evolve in what we do and we always try to experiment.
The “Kulning” EP was a proof that we can explore different paths without loosing our music identity.


For many decades it was a common practice for bands to cover the gap between 2 full length albums with an EP.  Is this the reason you chose to release an EP?
Well, as a band we don’t really pay attention to the “rules” on how we must do things.
The “Kulning” EP occurred naturally with the need to express something different at that moment.


When should we expect a next Grande Fox full length and what will it sound like?

Well, we are very happy to announce that our next Grande Fox full length Album “Empty Nest” is on the way and ready to be released in a few months.
We recently released our new single called “Documento” which you can hear online and it is a precursor of what the “Empty Nest” LP is all about.


Does anyone of you come ready Grande Fox songs or do you have to rehearse on ideas to shape a song?

This is not absolute. We keep a fluid attitude in that. The truth is that most of the songs come up from rehearsing on ideas that we all have and bring together in the studio but sometimes some of us bring something more complete to the table for the rest to put their part in.


You have a big live ahead in Romania with V.I.C. an also Greek band. How do you feel about this Greek 'invasion' to Romania and what do you guys expect from this show?

This is a big opportunity for us and we are super excited and ready to perform live on stage for this great show with V.I.C.
Romania really supports Rock music and it is a big honor to play for the people there.
As for us, it is going to be a big chance to show who we are and be recognized more.


What is the Greek scene like at the moment and how much do you feel part of a scene?

The Greek Rock scene has really evolved over the last years and it keeps growing.
Lots of Greek bands have proven worthy and recognized worldwide.
Judging by the reaction of the fans and the interaction with the press and live performances we can surely say that we play a significant part also.


What is more important for a band?

Most important thing for a band is to keep evolving, loving with all their heart what they do and stay united no matter what. It is crucial to treat a band as a living organism leaving all ego of each individual outside while respecting the personality of each of the band members.
Every member in the band should always try to be better and better in their part and all together to try for the best.


What are your next plans for Grande Fox?

Next plans for Grande Fox is of course the release of our new LP “Empty Nest” and we also have scheduled 2 videoclips to be released alongside with the LP.
We expect the release to happen around October 2020 and we also schedule a lot of live performances in big festivals during the summer inside and outside of Greece.