5 LUGLIO 2019

Interview To Portuguese Black Metal Band Grievance

Curated by Melissa Ghezzo

Interview To Portuguese Black Metal Band Grievance Curated by Melissa Ghezzo

Welcome to IVL! How does your being live?

Hello, thanks for your interest in Grievance, everything is going ok and it will be even better in the future.


Your name is inspired by the Emperor's "The Burning Shadows of Silence" song. What feeling accompanies your music and yourself?

Well, there are lots of feelings mixed in my music, lots of different approaches. As an artist i cannot stay just doing the same thing all the time, but the main focus has been always playing Black Metal, in my personal way. The main focus of the band’s lyrics is a connection to the earth, nature, old Hyberian deities, history and inner struggle. The name was inspired by one of  “In The Nightside Eclipse’s” lyrics because at the time (up to this day) this record is one of my all-time favorites, the name was chosen because the word Grievance does not only mean grief  but also has a much larger significance, it appeared to me at the time the ideal name because of all this evidences.


What can you tell us about your onstage activity in 2018?

Grievance started playing live in 2018, with the help of live musicians Mortuum on Drums, Urutu on Rythm Guitar, War Faust on Bass, Wrathwulf (replaced later that year by Dom Dracul) on lead Guitar, and me just doing the vocals. This live line-up’s performances and the reaction of the public have been great, in 2018 we had 2 live performances, and in 2019 we have already played 3 gigs, all of them in great places, one in the band’s hometown (Caldas da Rainha) and the other two in largest Portuguese towns, Lisbon and Oporto. The live set is a mix of old and newer songs, from all the band’s releases, including the first and second demos.


Why is a Portuguese band inspired by the black metal of distant and cold northern lands?

To me the most interesting and creative albums from the second wave came from northern Europe, apart from other countries like Greece or USA, the main creative boom in Black Metal came from there, so it is normal that i get inspired by nordic bands, although i am seeking my own sound, a more southern sound. My idea never was to emulate any of this bands, but as you know it is difficult sometimes to separate oneself from this influences...


How are the covers of your discs made?

The first one is a photograph made from lens hyper-exposure in total darkness, made by Tiago da Cruz, a Portuguese Photographer, the second album’s cover is a drawing made by a Portuguese Artist - Duarte Cór, and the third album cover is also a drawing, made by Portuguese illustrator Patricia Guimarães. All of them are original, the only one made on purpose for a Grievance album is the cover from “Em Lucefécit”, the band’s newest full-length.


What's black metal like in 2019?

In 2019 the style has derived and expanded so much over the years that i can say that are all types of proposals within the genre: The return to the classic sound from the 80’s,  the experimentation on mixing other styles with this genre, etc... There are great bands and albums being released, you just need to find them.

What are the topics covered in your recent work  "Em Lucefécit "?

I cover a lot of topics in this album, the burning of the great library of Alexandria, (Cinzas da Sabedoria) The arrival of the black plague in Europe (A Chegada da Peste Negra), a Locus Horrendus site where i am confronted with my own nightmares (Corvos que Esvoaçam), an epiphany occurred in a remote ancient abby (Visões no Deambulatório), a power ritual in a full moon windy night (Terra, Lua e Submundo), a voyage through a scorching desert land (Deserto), an incursion in the Templar order’s mysteries (Mistérios da Ordem) and also the title track “Em Lucefécit”, meaning in english “In Lucefécit”: Ribeira de Lucefécit is a river located in the southern plains of Alentejo, Portugal. This idea came after my visit to the place, wich inspired me to write about all the mysticism that surrounds this river. I have always had a great interest in pre-Roman antiquity in the Hyberian Peninsula, as well as the pagan gods who inhabit these places, until today. In this album the theme is only aproached in the track that entitles it. I also explored the concept of being "In Lucefécit" as a metaphor of being in the forbidden land, not because it is but because “they” do not want to discover the secrets it keeps, just as nowadays influencers want to dumb society to make it easier to manipulate. "In Lucefécit" is a synonym for going beyond what “they” want us to believe, seeking the truth behind the obvious. It is a search for knowledge, for me the greatest weapon we can have in our existence.


What do you think of the new generations approaching an extreme genre like black metal?

I am whitening a new interest from the youth of today to all the 90’s extravagances in making Black Metal, i see a lot of youth interested in this genre and its voluptuous entrepreneurship and focus of the 90’s. I think they look for the originality and fearsome experimentation of that era, lost in the last two decades. There is a new generation of artists that will surely take this style into a whole new level in the future.


Who starts to play black metal in our time, could do it for fashion, for a religious belief, to feel important...

I think the majority of the people still do it for the same reasons as always, because there is no interest in following a movement who, in reality is completely marginalized for society unless you have some kind of passion and enthusiasm for it. I think pure passion for this black art is still the number one motivation for people to follow this movement.


My previous question was made remembering very important news events. What do you think of events that happened in the past as the story of Burzum and Mayhem?

To me i think it was a side effect, ironically it catapulted the Norwegian Inner Circle to the mainstream media at that time. The fact is that all the bands coming from the Inner Circle (Mayhem, Dark Throne, Emperor, Burzum, Enslaved, Immortal, etc.) were really great at their own merit. I think all this events were exaggerated, no need for killings and church burnings, and the loss of  Dead was a great damage to the scene. I can understand the motives on the church burnings, but not the deaths. This events make me feel sad because of the loss of two great musicians: Dead and Euronymous. I don’t care about the rest.


What unites your record works?

The only thread that unites all Grievance records is the connection to the earth and to the ancient lore and mysticism of the Hyberian Peninsula. The 3 albums are very different, and consist of 3 different musical approaches, but the soul and feel is the same in all of them.


Onstage, what do you want to transmit to your audience?

Grievance live performances are extreme, in any ways. I try to express all the concepts, mysticism and anger to the crowd. The best way to check it out is to view some live performances in our youtube channel, you can check it out and also all kinds of info about the band in the its official web site.