21 GIUGNO 2019

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Interview with extreme metal band from Tokyo Heterogeneous Andead Curated By Loredana Garra

Heterogeneous Andead, extreme metal band from Tokyo (Japan), founded in 2013 by Yusuke Kiyama, has now arrived at the worldwide onset for
Wormholedeath with the album: “Deus Ex machina”.


Welcome on IVL’s pages. Five years ago, how did the idea of founding the band come about?

Yusuke Kiyama: From the start I wrote songs by myself and made demo without vocal, and sent to the record labels. But as I thought I needed the vocals, so I tried to find other members and form as the band.


Recently there has been a new entry, do you want to present the full line-up?

Yusuke Kiyama: We can't quite fix our members, so I hope it will last long with these members.



Your sound is very rich: Melodic/Symphonic and Death/Thrash Metal with Mezzo Soprando and Growl vocals. What inspired you to get to this?

Yusuke Kiyama: You know I just wanted to pack all my favorite music.
In the past, Nordic Melodic Death Metal in the 90's introduced lyrical melodies to death metal as its name suggests, and Fear Factory and Slipknot have both growl & clean voice coexist. So they inspired me.



Let’s talk about “Deus Ex machina”. First of all, why a Latin title? And what does it mean to you?

Yusuke Kiyama: At first, I just liked the sound of words.
I didn't know what that means, but I looked up, I thought it matches oursound, the lyric of Automaton recorded to this album and artwork.



Who write lyrics? How does your compositional process take place?

Yusuke Kiyama: I wrote most of the lyrics, and Haruka also wrote some lyrics.
And I wrote all songs, that process depends on the song.
Some start with vocal melodies, others start with a song intro.



And what about artwork, would you like to talk about the graphic aspect?

Yusuke Kiyama: The artist named Utsuro who created the artwork, and I produced.
Then I was particular about incorporating machine-likeness.


What’s your favorite song from the album to play live?

Yusuke Kiyama: Denied is the most excited at the gig.


You’re very busy in concerts at the moment… But what is your greatest
attitude? Composing music in studio or performing on stage?

Yusuke Kiyama: Composing songs is the work to create a new one,
sometimes I feel a mysterious feeling.
I am glad when I have completed something satisfactory.
And the gig is a challenge every time, it is also a place to release the feeling.


You look so visual… I think it’s classic for a Japanese band
But in your opinion how important are fashion and style in a metal context?

Yusuke Kiyama: We are always trying to do something that has never been done before.
And I think it is important to do a flashy fashion in order to get the attention and interest of many people. Of course we enjoy too.


How do you feel about being part of the Japanese underground scene?

Yusuke Kiyama: It can’t be said that the underground metal scene in Japan is exciting.
So I want to increase our activities worldwide.


What are your interests and entertainment besides music and how much do they affect your proposal?

Yusuke Kiyama: I like movies and video games, but I like computers and I am pretty geek, also I like watching sports. Some movies, games and manga are ideas for lyrics.


Is there anything you'd like to add to this interview for readers who don't know you?

Yusuke Kiyama: Yes, please listen to our album.
It sounds great like nobody else.
And if you like it and want to see our gig, we want you to raise your voice more and support us!


Thank You so much!! And good luck in your career!
We hope to see you playing soon in Italy.