Interview To Hot Sunday Blood

1. Is there a concept behind your new release "Kein Licht"?

This is the first of two different parts. Rather than a concept, these are a couple of songs which share a common background. The idea is to tell a story about the lack of something.

2. What feedback do you get so far from both fans and critics?

We played a few times our new songs, our fans and friends seem to like them. The album was premiered last December and we are waiting for the first reviews.

3. Any tour plans to support the release?

We are booked for some dates on the north of Italy, and we are in the process of arranging some live shows in Greece and North Europe.

4. What do you enjoy more: the live stage or the recordings studio and why?

We are a “plug and play” band, our dimension is definitely live. Although creating is something very satisfying; having a concrete relationship with our fans is in the end what drive us for the most.

5. Which Italian bands should we check out?

There are many, and many of them are good, it depends very much on the genre of music you like.
There are some bands we split the stage with which we really enjoy listening, in particular Legacy of Silence, Circus Yell and GraveT. There are also important and affirmed acts as Cripple Bastards and Necrodeath.

6. What kind of music do you prefer listening to in your spare time?

Everyone of us has his particular taste, but all of us generally has its root in grunge and some alternative metal acts like Pyogenesis, Tool, Type O’Negative, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Behemoth and more.

7. Italy has a great tradition is opera and classical music. Does this affect the band in any way?

No, I think not. We are a very different sounding band and the connection with classical music is purely casual.

8. What do you think of the role the internet has in modern music industry?

It was the biggest innovation since the introduction of electric guitar! Internet changed things for the best and the worst at the same time. It’s easier and more affordable now to be online and to record in decent quality your music, but it’s harder to get noticed. The loss of profit by the drop of sold CDs forced music industry to live in a much more poor environment, this means less possibilities for everyone of being professional while having an easier and almost free access to the web. But one thing is not changed, and that’s positive: there must be something valid from the artistic perspective, all the self promotion is vain elsewhere.

9. What concepts do you use for your lyrics and why?

The concept is mental. This means that everything could move feelings and struggles within to write lyrics. The keys are usually daily situations and paradoxes hidden under a layer of darkness, paranoias, strong lights and assorted disillusions.

10. What are your next plans?

As said we are arranging our tour dates which we hope will be close in a few weeks, then after summer we will seriously think about the next release!