6 GIUGNO 2019

Interview To  Australian Band Nitro Zeus Curated

By Mauro Spadoni 

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Nitro Zeus bring a powerful and diverse sound. Mixing rock, metal, punk, prog their live sound has been likened to a metal/bluesy version of artists like Nick Cave and Tom Waits.
The band recently released their debut EP "i. anomaly" the first musical chapter in a philosophical transmedia story sprawling across multiple content platforms.

Hi Nitro Zeus welcome on Insane Voices Labirynth’s pages. First of all, would you present yourself to our readers?

Hi this is TEAM ZEUS we comprise of Hurst on sticks, (if you ever need to reach out to us via emails or socials be sure to start your message Hi Hurst), Jess on vox, James V & James T on guitar & bass. We believe in heavy riffs soaring vox dirty bass and our friend, the Transcedent Doge

That's the meaning that you give to your name “Nitro Zeus”?

Firstly fuck Michael Bay and his transformers movie we were desperately hoping to cling on to the fact we were the shittiest thing to be called Nitro Zeus - now, thanks to bay- theres a freaking decepticon. SHIT.

The name comes from the name of a cyber weapon program - theres a doco called Zero Days I recommend checking out for further info

You have record your first EP called “i.anomaly” and you have done a funny video on Youtube in order to promote this work. What can you say about this video?

Not much beyond the fact its a disgrace. Our videos are random and incorent train wrecks and we have a lot of FUN making them. We will be releasing more videos artwork and other content which tell the story of Transcendent Doge (TD) and his battle against Malevolence to save the lives and souls of trillions across the multiverse. His story starts in the EP artwork, videos and story in our i.anomaly EP

We have some crazy content planned for release in the next 12 months- this will continue on into our second physical release ii.malevolence which we are writing for soon.

Can you explain how a Nitro Zeus's song takes form?

We listen to the toilet flush and try and emulate that on our instruments.

Where you take inspiration for the texts in your songs?

After assassins drove us into TDs bunker, we tune into a lot of channels across the multiverse TV - so we pick up on concepts of psychology, social issues, futurism that fascinate us. Could be a doco, could be an article a blog or a discussion, or even a news story- stuff we find interesting and worth sharing

What are your influences?

Lots of metal & rock, modern and classic as a band we all have various interests, sabbath, metallica, muse, opeth, folk metal, blues, some punk, classical music too 

Jess is into theatre, we’re all into pop culture & comics and all the usual shit

Can you describe us the underground scene in your country?

The heavy scene in our experience is about good times, life is short go and jump in the pit, or chill by the bar and enjoy the music, chainsmoke in a dirty ass DOSA and make some new friends

Theres a lot of great bands and kickass events happening - people have a really good time & love the scene - it really draws people together. We play at metal, rock and punk events mostly and the bands and punters are always amazing people

Describe your music using three words

Low grade, despised.

Do you usually use masks during your gigs?

No! Though we will likely have costumes that change over time and a few props and visual stage stuff that will integrate our story elements into our live show in interesting ways, we’ll even have clues & stuff going on which ties in with our other content online. We have a vault which can be cracked by a six digit code, the code can be cracked by finding the clues for the other numbers which form a number sequence. Inside this vault we have more content, kind of like a loot box for people to discover.

We wore masks at the neko nation event which was like a dance event, we were the only band to ever play there. People were dressing up in costumes - like cat girls and video game characters or anime. We put a bit of effort with the costumes and had a bunch of videos we put together and a handful of covers Inckuding a crazy ass heavy star wars medley, dragonball z theme and mortal kombat. It was a fucking crazy party that night.

Thanks for your time, now you have space to tell everything you want to our readers.

Thank you for the interview, great questions. If you’re reading this - if anything we have said here offends or disturbs you, that is a completely rational reaction. Send your complaints through to www.thenitrozeus.com and they will be ignored.