Minneapolis Man is the reason for this interview, but let's get it right from the start. How did you guys met and why did you decide to start this project?

T. Rukiye and I met through Spider Music.

R. Contact was established between myself and Tylarik through the record Company Spider Music.

Minneapolis Man a great single! Is it part of a full length album?

R. For sure the song will be in my next album.

T. Minneapolis Man is one of several singles I had already release . As for the possibility of the Minneapolis Man being a part of a full album, who knows what the future holds from what I know for sure it will be in Rukiye’s next full album, hopefully I will add it too.

Where did you record the song?

R. vocals recording took place in Germany, Tylariks vocals at Usa and the all song was recorded and mixed in Athens Greece under the supervisor of Spider Music.

The lyrics of Minneapolis Man are written by the Greek poet George Chondralis. How did this cooperation occur and will it continue?

T. George Chondralis’ vision to write a poem about this event and to transpose it into a song duet was not only unique but intriguing!  To my knowledge no one had written or recorded a song regarding the actual events of the murder of George Floyd so I felt it would be an honor to be part of this project and possible future projects!

R. George Hondralis is not only a Poet but he is also a Dentist who is active in local politics. I first got to know George through working in the Dentistry and he has written most of the lyrics to my first Album “Drosostalia” which aims to bring cultures together through Music.
The Album has been published in 3 languages, German, Turkish and Greek and have a common theme of love, nature and real-life stories. Our cooperation will definitely continue.

Which music styles and particularly which bands/artists are valued in your own music style as influences?

T. I would have to say I’m a bit of a “Melting Pot.” I’m influenced by many different genres and styles of music ranging from bands such as Queen, Franky Beverly of Maze, Prince and the New Power Generation; artists such as Prince, Freddy Mercury, Marc Anthony, George Michaels, Maxwell, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Patti Labelle and so many more.

R. The biggest influence on my Music is my cultural experiences. As a German with Turkish parents I grew up with two very different Musical cultures and through George Hondralis and his Greek Heritage we were able to introduce a third cultural aspect to my Sound. With the band who has the same Name as my first album “Drosostalia” we are regularly playing live Shows and the Concept behind the band is to encourage People from all cultures and ages to attend.
I have a number of Songs that can be found on my YouTube channel as well as on my Homepage where you can listen to my Music.

Minneapolis Man refers to the recent murder of George Floyd. Please let us know what were your immediate reactions/emotions?

T. I was hurt, angered, disappointed, disheartened.  So many feelings, perhaps too many to describe!   I’m proud to be a retired Law Enforcement officer!  To those that are in pain, that feel hurt, angry, disappointed and disgusted by these senseless acts, I pray they can also see that 98 percent of all officers proudly wear their agency’s shoulder patch and insignias and that we uphold the oath we all took which is to serve our communities with integrity and honor!

R. I was disappointed with the brutality of the Police against a man that was in a helpless Position. In addition, the incident opened my eyes to the severity of racism that is still prevalent in a western County.

Please share your view on racism and police brutality. Do they happen in the are where you live, too?

T. Racism and the abuse of authority by police is alive and thriving everywhere.  It is up to us as individuals, as families, as friends, as communities to stand against racism, to create unity and equality among all people regardless of religion, color, race, gender or sexual orientation.
R. Unfortunately, racism is something that is passed on from Generation to Generation. I do not believe that it is getting bigger, but through social media and Technology People are becoming much more Aware and are not willing to tolerate it anymore. Every life matters.

How is your cooperation with Spider Music for Minneapolis Man?

T. Simply this, the collaboration between Spider Music and myself as a singer on this project has been truly rewarding.  The song “Minneapolis Man” touches people through music and provides awareness to audiences regarding the horrific murder of George Floyd

R. spider music is the linchpin of the whole project.  mixing and mastering was accomplished by spider music. and of course, the publication and design and much more.

Your voices come from different backgrounds, but they blend really well together and
meet somewhere in the blues/rock field. How do you work on your vocal harmonies?

R. Due to the circumstances with COVID 19, we practiced for many weeks via Video conferencing and recorded a number of duets using mobile Technology.

T. It is merely the result of hours of hard work and determination by the both of us.  Because Rukiye lives in Germany and I live here in the United States, and due to the time differences, it was extremely difficult to coordinate rehearsals. We were only able to rehearse once via video chat and had to rely on our skills to complete the project

What are your next steps for the project? Will you present your material live?
T. Yes definitely, I’m looking forward to performing this song live internationally; live audiences are rewarding to any artist.  For me, this is when I could give my audience everything I feel from deep inside as I sing the song.

R. We also working on the new Project where we are collecting ideas and putting lyrics together. I'm really looking forward to a live performance.






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