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Interview To The Greek Band Redeye Caravan

By Valeria Campagnale


Hi, welcome to our blog, it’s so nice to have a band like you and especially from Greece
Howdy folks! First of all, thank you for hosting us on your blog.


The pleasure is all ours.


Starting this interview, please name band members and what is their role in the band.


Our caravan consists of seven members: Akis Kosmidis (vocals, acoustic guitar), Panos Makoulis (electric, slide, acoustic guitars, keys, vocals), Valantis Dafkos (bass, vocals), Eleni Paraskevopoulou (vocals), Stefanos Strogylis (harmonica), Thanos Giamarelos (violin),  Paris Gatsios (drums, percussion)

Redeye Caravan you did an amazing work with the video clip, how did this happen?  Tell us few words.


Each track is a unique story in a world full of imagination, pain and joy that fill our Caravan with emotions... So, while composing the song, we realized that what we were listening to, was meant to be "shown" to everyone... Not just by means of sound but also through a visual presentation of this other world we have created. Panos, our "Alchemist”, immediately got to it and the results of his work were exactly what we expected! The lyrics guided us... We simply provided the music to match them and Panos gave them visual form, just the way it was in our heads!

El Muerto the song from the upcoming album, describe us the story behind it.


In the lyrics of “El Muerto” we come across two common mythology themes, which unfold one after the other, the first becoming the herald of sorts for the next one.
The first of those themes, which is also the first verse of the song, manifests itself as the black bird emerging, which was believed by the natives to be a harbinger of death or evil, appearing right before a death would occur, or foretelling the coming of disaster. In our case the black bird is the herald of the headless horseman’s arrival!
The second theme, which is also the second verse of the song, is taking shape in the form of El Muerto himself, a fabled figure reminiscent of the legend of Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman. He terrorizes, he kills, he brings all kinds of devastation and despair right at the frontier of southern Texas and Mexico!
In the video clip of “El Muerto”, you get the chance to watch our own interpretation on the myth, in which the headless horseman is just… the town jester! He coexists with everyone else, minding his own business, not harming anyone! 


How many tracks will be included ?


“Nostrum Remedium”, a name taken from the patents of medicines once circulated in the Wild West by various geriatrics and translated as “our medicine”, will be consisted of 9 songs.


Will this Caravan of souls to be release when?


The album has been completed and will soon be released in digital and physical form so.... stay tuned!


How did you all decide to bring this caravan to the world?


Inklings of these songs have been around for a long time. So, during the Autumn of 2018, Akis and Valantis got together, exchanged their ideas and then went to Panos, who was fascinated by this project and everything started to come into place - music, lyrics and orchestration! Then we asked Eleni to join us, she accepted and so our Caravan grew... Finally, Stefanos, Thanos and Paris completed the team and today our Caravan consists of 7 people.


In your country Greece, are there many bands with music influences like yours?


There is definitely a background of blues and folk music in our country. There are bands like Blues Wire and Small Blues Trap as well as bands/artists like Mr Highway Band, Gray River & The Smoky Mountain, Bag of Nails, Dr. Albert Flipout's one CAN band, Jumberingas and many others that show us that there is certainly a scene for that music in our country.


Do you believe nowadays Blues Music is not so popular like the older days?


Blues and folk/country music worldwide are timeless genres of music. That's why they survive and always have something important to say. However, we are very focused on the lyrics and the feeling of a song. And we think that’s exactly what matters, at least according to us. To have an interesting story to tell and to be able to create the right feeling for it.


Which part of this journey you love more and why?


We love every little step our Caravan makes. Everything is important to us. We have fun composing, rehearsing and getting ready for the most important thing of all. The live performance of the tracks in front of all those who will come to travel with our stories.


What are your plans for the future?


More records, stories we want to share, live performances and of course wherever the Caravan takes us.

Thank you for joining us and hope we meet again.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your interest. We will be happy to meet again.



Good luck to everything you do!




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