Interview To English Legendary Band


By Matteo Musolino

Sacrilege, The Court Of The Insane, Interview, Bill Beadle, NWOBHM, Heavy Rock, Rockers And Other Animals, Insane Voices Labyrinth Valeria Campagnale

Sacrilege is back with the new album “The Court Of The Insane”, released on August 2019, the 3rd via Pure Steel Records, and 7th of their career,  returning in 2012 after 25 years of silence, .
Formed in 1982 by singer, songwriter and guitarist Bill Beadle and consisting of a very respectable lineup, in which we find Neil Turnbull on drums, Jeff Rolland on bass and Paul Macnamara on lead guitar.
Sacrileges are the progenitors of the classic metal that has always fascinated Europe and beyond, we are obviously talking about NWOBHM.
Our Matteo  interviewed for us Bill Beadle.

Hi everyone, I'm Matteo Musolino of the webzine Insane Voices Labirynth di Valeria Campagnale. I'm going to ask you a few short questions for the readers of our magazine.
The year that Sacrilege were born is the original foundation in 1982 or we can tell that the true born of the band is, as a matter of fact, the year 2007?

Hi Matteo, I think you can say Sacrilege were born in 1982 and lasted only 5 years but we did quite a lot in that time, 2007 was when I started rerecording the older songs and writing new material and in 2012 I got a version of Sacrilege back to play live again. In 2013 things really got settled with Neil Turnbull and Jeff Rolland joining me and to me Sacrilege we’re properly reborn then.

You waited a long time before stabilising your current line-up and starting your studio works again, why?

It wasn’t intensional, one day I just thought with all the new technology about I wonder what my music would sound like if I re-recorded it so I built a studio in my garden and re-recorded the old stuff and wrote a couple of new tracks, as I was never the fastest guitarist in the world I needed someone to put solos to the tracks so sent ideas to a guy called Pekka Loikkanen who I had heard play and thought would suit my music and when I heard the songs with his solos I was so pleased I couldn’t stop writing more tracks and sending them to him, this escalated into where I am now with Sacrilege.
The original album titled “Gates Of Hell” was re-recorded; is this a decision that you had taken to point out that the real Sacrilege are those of the 2000s? In this vision do you think that the original album was not suitable as a starting point for your new musical life?

All of the older songs sound good but they didn’t sound like I wanted them to so when I re-recorded one song I could tell that the production was so much better and of course I changed a few things which made me want to re-record everything.
As a result of the great response from the public on your new records, you have returned to scale the scenes with your renowned live concerts. What's it like to perform a live today?

Things have changed so much since those days especially promotion through social media etc the venues are still the same and the crowds are fab, so many nice people about complimenting our music is always nice to hear. It’s generally great fun playing again and using more Pyros and smoke, strobes etc giving a proper Sacrilege show.
You often shared the stage with historical bands, the experience you have accumulated in these concerts is reflected in your music?

I think every artist takes something from music they like whether it’s on purpose or not and if you see something another band does that you think looks good why not try and build on it. There are some great bands that we have played with so it’s always interesting to see what they do.


Sacrilege, The Court Of The Insane, Interview, Bill Beadle, NWOBHM, Heavy Rock, Rockers And Other Animals, Insane Voices Labyrinth Valeria Campagnale

Now let's talk about your new work: the 7th album titled ""The Court of the Insane".  The presentation of the album appears very specific in the location and references of historical periods. Do you want to tell us, in a nutshell, how this inspiration came about and if there is any theme that you would like to convey in particular?

It was an idea that really just came to me on how a fictitious court of crazy people would treat an innocent man and everything escalated from that. Neil, Valeria and myself all had the same ideas for the video and Valeria made it happen. Marco Paracchini the director also had the same thoughts so this made things a lot easier and it was fab shooting it.
The technically speaking album is in absolute sync with the style of English-inspired Hard Rock and Metal music. Do you think it is an added value and that the new generations are willing to approach this style of composing music that has a long history?

I think that if you like heavy Rock these not a lot to dislike about it really. The album has a lot of different styles but never deserts the Sacrilege sound. I think it’s a mixture of of all the previous sacrilege albums in style but more mature and in-depth but if you like Sabbath, Priest, the scorpions Maiden etc then I think you will like this album and it also has a modern feel to it and not just another album from the 80s for instance.

Sacrilege, The Court Of The Insane, Interview, Bill Beadle, NWOBHM, Heavy Rock, Rockers And Other Animals, Insane Voices Labyrinth Valeria Campagnale

Photo Credit: Chiara Galliano


Allow me now a small note of patriotic pride in noting that the video of the title track was filmed right here in Italy, in Castello Sannazzaro in Giarole, under the direction of Marco Paracchini. Why did you make that choice? Will you soon come back to visit us and maybe take a little musical tour here in Italy?

It was all down to Valeria Campagnale our manager who set everything up, she picked the perfect setting, Marco was brilliant and all the people from make-up artists to the extras and the Count himself made it the perfect Video we wanted. We made so many friends on set and in Milan when we went back to our hotel. We definitely want to play in Italy and see our friends again and plans are being made now for some shows to happen hopefully later this year.

You have seen two very different worlds and two epochs of the music scene. What do you think of the new era of global communication and how do you think this has influenced your music?

I think it’s great that you can converse and interact with your fans by social media and get to know so many more people that love what you do. In the 80s you would get a crowd who really liked you and you wouldn’t see them again till the next time you played but now I get asked all sorts of things by messenger and you get to know your audience and what they want.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and I hope I can still talk to you in the future.
Matteo Musolino

Thank you Matteo, I enjoyed the interview very much and I hope to meet you in Italy soon. Stay in touch, Bill