4 GIUGNO 2019

Interview To Romanian Death Metal Band With Saddayah Edited By Mauro Spadoni

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Hyper blasts, heavy riffs and catchy melodic passages and hooks distinguish Romanian band Saddayah as a unique act in the vast, multi-faceted world of extreme metal.
Saddayah began as the brainchild of guitarist Gabriel Marincu and drummer Theo Ionescu in 2014. The band has since grown into a well recognized death metal act with blackened and technical influences.

Hi Saddayah welcome on Insane Voices Labirynth’s pages. First of all, would you present yourself to our readers?


Hello, Insane Voices Labirynth, hello to the readers and thank you for having us.
We’re Saddayah, a death metal band from Ploiesti, Romania. Saddayah is Gabriel on lead guitar, Sorin on rhythm guitar, Petrut on vocals, Theo on drums and Serban on bass guitar.

What can you tell us about your last work “Apopheny of life”?

Apopheny of Life is an effort that started in our beginnings as a band. Most of the songs are from that period of time. I would say it’s quite an old release for us, even though we delayed the actual launch because most band members when through some phases in their personal or professional lives that required their full attention. Even so, the songs are still fresh and we enjoy playing them live quite a bit. Most of the time we tend to have a Death Metal approach as a base, and we build up from that adding some Black Metal, or Melodic influences until we get something that we’re satisfied with.
The title is an anglicised version of Apophenia, which is really a condition where people perceive patterns where patterns don’t exist, such as faces in clouds, patterns in a gambling match, etc. The motivation for this was that people always try to make sense of things that they do not understand by assigning patterns to them, most of the times failing utterly at it.
The artwork is made by Costin Chioreanu (worked with Arch Enemy, Vulture Industries, etc.)

Can you explain how a “Saddayah”'s song takes form?

Most of the times we come up with riffs or parts individually and when we get back together at the rehearsals, we put the pieces together and try to go with the flow. Sometimes we also have some jam sessions at the rehearsals, and see if we can use any of the riffs that come up to make a new song. One of the main things that drive us is “don’t rush it” and we currently went with a more “inspiration” approach, rather than actually trying to put out songs when we don’t feel they came completely natural to us.

Where you take ispiration for the texts in your songs?

We look at the problems in our society, mostly. There are so many problems with humans in general, such as mental issues like, depression, psychosis (Which is what our band’s name translates to), societal isolation, lack of control or understanding about life in general. We generally have a more philosophical approach about all these problems, taking inspiration from Nihilism, etc.

What are your influences?

Our influences really are diverse. My (Gabriel) influences when we were starting out were classic Death Metal bands such as Death, Obituary, but also Melodic Death and Technical death bands such as Kalmah, Wintersun, Beyond Creation, etc. The influences for the other guys range from very heavy bands such as Meshuggah, all the way to jazz and funk.

How is important the tecnique for a Saddayah's Song?

Technique in a musical sense is very important to us. We try to be as fresh as possible with our approach as musicians, each employing their best arsenal at their instrument.

Have you done any Death Metal covers in your past gigs?

I think the only death metal song we covered since our beginning was “Pull the Plug” from Death, mostly as a tribute to Chuck Schuldiner which represented a huge influence for us as musicians.

Can you describe us the Underground scene in Romania?

Quite awesome, might I say, haha. The public is really supportive and energetic. Can’t really say we have a huge scene, but that’s how it’s supposed to stay, i guess, small and energetic, rather than a huge crowd that doesn’t even nod at your music. I’m happy with the underground scene in romania, we have a lot of genre diversity, lots of new bands are coming up every day, and it’s starting to sound more modern.

How many gigs have you done until today? Where?

I couldn’t say exactly, but I think we passed the 50 gigs mark. We toured most of Romania, and we also played a bit of Europe, like, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia.

Describe your music using three words

Brutal, Melodic, Creative

Thanks for your time, now you have space to tell everything you want to our readers. Go!

Thank you so much for having us, and thanks to all the readers for doing so much to support underground bands. You guys are the stars!
Noroc! (Cheers in Romanian, haha).