Interview to Sense Of Fear 

By Valeria Campagnale

Hello, thank you for your time guys!!!

"As the ages passing by.." is your latest release where many heavy influences can be heard! Which bands are the ones that inspired you most?

Well, each member has his own influences/inspiration. However, being metal fans ourselves, we find common ground within Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Nevermore and Iced Earth… and last but not least, Rotting Christ. These bands are just to name a few of course.

What is the hardest challenge of being a band in your particular genre?

Playing metal has a lot of challenges, for all bands. Financial insecurity, a plethora of bands to choose from (from the audience perspective), writer’s block and many others. However, we always strive to do our best and compose good music, which is what lasts after all.

Are you pleased by the way that the music industry expands and evolves through the years?

I don’t think anyone is pleased, not even top tier bands. But you know, metal was always off-mainstream… there was a window for some bands to become huge and live the “rock-star” dream” in the past, but this has changed once and for all.


Are there any specific meaning that you look to promote through your music and lyrical themes?

I don’t think there is ONE meaning. There are a lot of meanings, each song is trying to convey its own message. People are complicated creatures, you can almost never have one thought or one feeling… it’s the mixture and the complexity that makes us human.
If I could say two lines for our album “As the ages passing by”, it mainly talks about how humanity has fought itself over the centuries, how people always fought other people (and themselves) and how SENSE OF FEAR perceive the world as of today.


That is the general concept of the album.

- In what ways has the band grown or matured over time?

That is a hard question to answer, being the front-man of the band for almost 7 years now. I would have to say that there is definitely some maturity but I am glad that we also keep our energy and a “young” mindset if I may say so. Musicwise, you can listen to “Lord of the world”, the band’s very first song back in 1998-1999 (the guys were 12-13 year olds then!) and “Angel of Steel”, which is one of the “latest” tracks, written in 2013 I think. I think you can spot some growth for sure, haha!

-  What's your strongest memory as a band till now?
If I could pick one, I would say our show with Queensryche in November in Thessaloniki, Greece. A packed venue and a great show overall.


Do you have a favorite lyric from your album or a lyric that passes a really strong message that describe you as humans and musicians as well?


I will pick the chorus from “As the Ages Passing by” title track:
“Feeling like a stranger
Who lost his purpose and his dream
Time spent so worthless,
The empire’s falling - you can see
Victims of reality
A space within our gravity
Times stills runs beyond madness and Insanity”


What should we expect from Sense of Fear at 2020 that is right around the corner?

We are currently working on our new material, so let’s see… maybe next year will be the time for our new release! That doesn’t mean that we will not perform live of course! We can’t live without a good live show (pun intended, haha)… Stay tuned for more Sense of Fear!


Is there something that you would like to share with your fans?

We really appreciate your love and support over these years. Thank you very much and expect a killer new album sooner rather than later! And thank YOU for this great interview my friend… Cheers and metal lives on! \m/

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