7 dicembre 2020

Interview To Winter's Verge

Hi! Let’s start this interview! How was the release of your new album and
are you satisfied about this?

Hello there! Miguel here for Winter’s Verge! The release was good I suppose, the album has been out for about a month now! Given the circumstances I think it’s going well!


You are signed with German label Pride And Joy! How is your cooperation
with this important German label?

We are very proud to be on this label, they are very professional and are doing their best to support us!

Who were the people that took part on the cd? About the recordings, mix,
master and artwork?

We had a guest performance from Teodora Stoyanova from the band Freya, who helped immensely to tell the story of the album!



I can describe your sound as a mix of power metal with symphonic elements...really distinct sound! What do you think?

That sounds about right, we have many different influences and all listen to many things, but the songs we write tend to be a mix of power with symphonic elements as you say!


Why do you entitled the album like this? And what does “Winter's Verge”
means to you?

The album is named after the book of the same title by local author and playwright Frixos Masouras. George and Frixos worked on this project from the start to be a telling of Frixos’ story, and I think we did a good job.

Do you feel angry sometimes about the unkind comments for your band?
What is your opinion after all the years?

No band is ever perfect, and it is not possible to make everyone happy!

We take the negative comments on in their stride, and we move on! Some people will never like anything you make, and that’s ok, the world is full of different people with different tastes. Sometimes there are constructive things to take on board – we see what we can learn from them!


As I said before you have a distinct sound. How do you compose? And who does the whole work?

Well for this particular album, it started off as a solo project for George. He wrote the songs and then brought them to us to add our own touches on them, but it’s all definitely his this time around. Frixos Masouras wrote the lyrics, as it was a collaborative effort between George and Frixos. The album ties in with Frixos’ novel of the same name, as it was a collaborative effort from the start.

What is your opinion about the Cypriot metal scene? Any bands you adore?

There are some really awesome bands here – like Blynd, Temple of Evil and Nekrah.
We have a small scene but one that is very productive, and with a high standard of musicians. I think there is something for everyone here!



Composing, rehearsing, recording or being on stage? What do you prefer and why?

I love all of those things, they are all vital for a successful band, but my favourite is playing live. That’s when I feel I really am alive, myself! But you cannot play live without rehearsals, and you cannot play shows without composing and recording album.


What was your best live performance that you can recall?

So many incredible shows! It must have been in 2017 – we played in Israel opening for Elvenking, and it was the most intense crowd I have ever experienced. They really loved seeing us play and it was a special pleasure. We had some amazing shows in Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia… so many but the one in Israel really stands out.


When are you going to release new stuff? Will your sound remain similar?

We’ve already started writing new songs for the next album and while they definitely sound different, they still sound like us which is what matters!


Thank you very much! The last words are yours.

Thanks for talking to us, thank you for taking the time to learn about us and our music, and thanks to all the metal fans for reading! Check us out and let us know what you think of the new album! Can’t wait to be able to tour again and come and see you all! Cheers!



Valeria Campagnale