14 MARZO 2018

Can you explain how did the band name born and what does it mean?


I thought of it back in 1997. We wanted something dark and gloomy like the music we are playing and "After Dusk" just sounded right! Like a friend from the US said, "it does get darker After Dusk".


Who are the band members and where are they from? If you are a one man band, can you please explain this choice?


I (Paminos) Am the singer, Bill is the guitar player, Theodore plays the keyboards, Thanasis is the bass player and Jim is the drummer. We are all from Athens -Greece.


Tell us please something about your last job.


Our latest album, named “The Character of Physical Law” is, I believe our most diverse album so far. The music was equally composed by me, Bill and Theodore, but the songs were arranged by all of us together. I think it has many different elements from the spectrum of heavy music and the production is the best we have made so far.


Do you have previous experiences before you formed the band?


We were already playing with various people 2-3 years before we formed "After Dusk".


What are your musical influences?


We like all kinds of metal and rock music, from Black Sabbath to black metal. When we write our songs though we think of nobody at all but the 5 of us. That’s the way we assure each song sounds like After Dusk.


Regarding the songwriting, tell us please something about the texts.Who take care about the lyrics?


I (Paminos) write all the lyrics. I don't have any usual methods or forms to follow, so the lyrics are always unbiased like the music!


How is born the artwork? Who created it and what is it about?


We wanted something that catches the eye, but still has a connection with the title. We had the idea of a character sitting in an extra dimensional space, playing with the fundamental forces of nature and creating the universe. A universe that is to be destroyed, much like our own... Then we came across the works of Greek artist Othon Nikolaidis. We discussed the idea with him and he presented us with this awesome cover.


Do you sing in english or in any other language? Why this choice?


Yes, all the lyrics are in English. Although it is not my native language, all the songs I liked to hear when I was growing up were in English. Plus I believe it is a great language for writing poetry!


Where do you create your music?


We don't have a specific location to write songs. Wherever inspiration finds us, I guess.


Can you tell something about your live experience? Did you perform somewhere so far? How is your approach with the public?


We have played many concerts all this years, but most of them were in Athens. Our approach is to always give 100% to the show, no matter the circumstances.


Can you please give us any information about your releases?


Our first album, “The witch’s pact”, became reality in 2006. It was self-released on a limited number of copies. In 2008 we finished our second album entitled “Hybris” and it was released worldwide in November 2009. In 2012 our third album “The devil got his soul” was complete. In September 2013 we released a single called “Gamma ray burst” and on May 23rd 2017, we released “The Character of Physical Law”. 


If you have previous publications, what are the characteristics that differentiate them from each other?


I think all our albums are pretty diverse. We never play the same thing over and over. The first album was more atmospheric than the rest. "Hybris" had more thrash elements, while "The devil got his soul" more heavy ones. "The character of physical law" is the most diverse so far.


In Italy there are many metal bands. Give your opinion on music scene today in our country.


Most of the Italian metal bands I have heard are playing this way too melodic power metal, which is not my thing at all.  Mortuary Drape is my favorite Italian band. They kick ass!


What's the reason you decided to play a specific instrument?


I really don't remember the reason I chose to sing and play the guitar, over the drums for example. I guess, for most of us, you immediately know what your instrument is going to be, as soon as you hear it.


If you should choose to be part of a famous band, for each of you, what would it be?


No one! I love many famous bands, but that's it! I like being me and I would not care to be someone else.


You can end the interview as you like...


I hope you Italian metalheads enjoy our latest album and hopefully will see you guys in a show!