9 MAGGIO 2019

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Hi “One Step Beyond” welcome on Insane Voices Labyrinth’s pages. First of all, would you present yourself to our readers?

Hello and thanks for speaking with us! One Step Beyond is a band that appreciates and plays extreme metal first and foremost, but also incorporates other styles of music in a way that flows and sounds like it naturally progressed that way. The dynamic style of the music is complemented by a range of extreme vocals paired with lyrical  intelligence and diversity.

What can you tell us about your last work “In the Shadow of the Beast”?

In the Shadow of the Beast is a first for us in the sense that it is a theme album, and that theme is to create stories based around the games of our childhood and teenage years. Games from the 8-bit era were somewhat limited, so were often accompanied by elaborate stories to flesh out the game a little. In the Shadow of the Beast has taken those stories to the next extreme by creating songs that present those stories in an intense musical format.

Where you take inspiration for the texts in your songs?

Prior to In the Shadow of the Beast for which the lyrical content was somewhat pre-determined, our lyrics are influenced by things that have had an effect on us - things such as a powerful or influential movie or book, a traumatic life incident or experience or even a very positive life experience, recreational substances, politics, relationships, business, nature, psychology, things that we love or piss us off, you name it!
Can you explain how a “One Step Beyond” song takes form?

Often a couple of musical styles are melded into a base track, then other musical and vocal elements are introduced – elements that may be quite different in the style to the base track, but are incorporated in such a way that it still feels like the song was always supposed to sound like that. Matt writes the songs with a lyrical theme and styling as well, and gives the lead vocal parts to me along with demo tracks, and we develop and perfect it from there.  

What are your influences?

Songwriting influences for us are many. Mad Matt, composer of the music we play, has a record collection that is impressive in itself, but becomes even more so when you realize it not only has metal, but also hip hop, jazz, industrial, reggae, dubstep, stoner rock, ska, punk, all sorts of styles.

Have you done any covers live?

Yes, we have covered Deadheads by Massappeal, and Dancing Fool by The Butthole Surfers. Deadheads also appears on our 1999 Demo, and Dancing Fool features on Out With The Old, our free E.P downloadable from our Bandcamp page. We also covered a song by a band we were friends with who had retired, the song Rabies by the band Oxygen.

In your songs you use growl and scream voices. What are your singer's influences?

As a vocalist my influences are extreme metal vocalists with genuine power and aggression who can express their true ferocity in a live performance. Studio recorded music is one thing, but I really do assess a vocalist by their live performance. I had been trained in clean singing at school, but that wasn’t the style I wanted to pursue so I started training myself to growl in Death Metal style, and I also took influence from the Black Metal bands I liked; I aimed to combine the deepest growls and highest screams I could manage with smooth transitioning between the two, and to harness maximum power and aggression in both styles. With OSB, Matt has also written some parts requiring a roaring style and a shouting style, so I have also trained in these styles to expand our repertoire of sounds.

Can you describe us the Underground Metal scene in Australia?

When we first started out over 20 years ago there were quite a few bands on the Australian scene and a decent interstate bill could attract quite an audience. There was a great scene for  a lot of years with an impressive roster of talented heavy bands Lately in Adelaide the number of bands has dwindled and unfortunately as the local scene has slowed, so has the frequency of touring bands from interstate and overseas.

How many gigs have you done until today?

Both Matt and myself are involved with several bands and have done many gigs; but with One Step Beyond we have probably done less than 100 gigs over 20 years, mainly because we have been doing only studio work for several years during that time.
Often throughout the lifetime of the band, we unfortunately have not had a full lineup to be able to perform live.
Describe your music using three words

Extreme experimental eclectic

Thanks for your time, now you have space to tell everything you want to our readers. Go!

We want to thank everyone who has at least given our music a serious listen, we understand there are probably elements to it you aren’t used to hearing on extreme metal albums, but hopefully  that is what draws you in and makes you listen to them over and over. Thanks again and we hope you enjoy our art!

Check us out at https://onestepbeyond1.bandcamp.com/