23 FEBBRAIO 2018

Can you explain how did the band name born and what does it mean?


Well actually the band name came about in kind of an interesting way. We originally started this as a project to record our instrumental songs that we had written over the years. At first we really struggled to pick the right name that was just us! As it turned out one of the songs we had written a few years back was called One Minute Shy. It was just one of those names you put to a song when you don’t quite have a title you know! Haha it was one minute shorter than most of the other songs we were writing at the time, and when we were talking about band names that one came up and it just had the right ring to it! And that’s how One Minute Shy was born.


Who are the band members and where are they from? If you are a one man band, can you please explain this choice?


Leo Flint-Vocals from Cambridge, Ontario Canada

Craig Laffin-Lead Guitar/Bass Guitar from Guelph, Ontario Canada

Dwayne Benoit-Rhythm Guitar from Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada

Scott Laffin-Drums from Guelph, Ontario Canada


Tell us please something about your last job.


Currently we are all working regular jobs and pursuing music every free moment we get. Scott and Leo work in local Factory’s, Craig is a personal fitness trainer and Dwayne works in sales.


Do you have previous experiences before you formed the band?


We’ve all played in various bands over the last 25 years. Dwayne Scott and Craig have been playing together from the beginning of what would become One Minute Shy since their teen years. When we first started we all had different roles in the band before we found what we were comfortable with HaHa! Scott played Rhythm guitar, Dwayne played bass and Craig did vocals and lead guitar. Leo also has a ton of experience before hooking up with the other guys from One Minute Shy. He’s played in a lot of bands over the years and sang his songs to many people! The last band he was in was a band called Wreckless Abandon before he took an 8 year hiatus from music and singing, until he met up with Craig one fateful day and he’s been with One Minute Shy ever since.


What are your musical influences?


We’ve all been influenced by many different bands over the years. Overall our main influences include Metallica, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Testament and basically anything that has high in-your-face energy and makes you just want to bang your head!


Regarding the songwriting, tell us please something about the texts.Who take care about the lyrics?


Leo Flint writes the lyrics for the songs. Sometimes Scott and Craig help out with a few lines or ideas and we collaborate quite well together. Leo is a big believer in writing lyrics about things that he knows and life experiences, and topics that people can connect with and interpret for themselves and relate them to their own experiences. 


How is born the artwork? Who created it and what is it about?


All of the artwork was done by Craig Laffin. He designed everything on the album, from the logo to the layout. We decided to go with a self titled album and wanted to keep a nice simple and clean look to it. We decided that the logo by itself on the front cover did just that, and still looked interesting at the same time. We really liked how the combination of blue and black made a nice contrast on the cover. On the inside we decided to keep with the same theme and put in some good action shots of the guys and some photos of Leo’s original lyric sheets and just kept it simple.


Do you sing in english or in any other language? Why this choice?


We do all of our songs in English, it’s what we are most comfortable with. 


Where do you create your music?


We write and record and produce all of our music in our home recording studio here in Guelph.


Can you tell something about your live experience? Did you perform somewhere so far? How is your approach with the public?


In our early years we had a fair amount of experiences playing in different venues and playing a few battle of the bands. Since we formed One Minute Shy though, we haven’t brought the music to the people yet. We’ve been really focusing on writing and recording our album over the last year and a half. Now that it’s out, we’ve switched gears and have gone into full rehearsal mode! We are super excited to get out there and crush it on the road as soon as possible!


Can you please give us any information about your releases?


We just released our full length self titled debut album One Minute Shy on January 30th of 2018. It’s comprised of 8 songs and 3 remastered bonus tracks from our previous EP Steal the Pain, which was released September 2016. 


If you have previous publications, what are the characteristics that differentiate them from each other?


Our first EP Steal the Pain, was written very quickly. We had just met Leo Flint a few months before and immediately started recording a few songs with him. We wanted to get it out there and see what people thought and we had a pretty good reaction to it. A month after that we decided to record a full length album and we really took our time with it. We found a really good guitar sound and really concentrated on making a better mix and overall sound. The end result was fantastic. We ended up remastering the EP songs and included them as a bonus on the album. They still sound great and fit in well with the other songs, but it has a different overall guitar sound.


In Italy there are many metal bands. Give your opinion on music scene today in our country.


A lot of what we’ve heard over here in Canada so far is really cool! There is a lot of heavy music coming from Italy!! We like a lot of the power metal that we’ve been hearing so far, bands like Arthemis, Rhapsody of Fire and Death SS are just killer! Of course there is Lacuna Coil, they are awesome as well! We saw them live in Hamilton Ontario in 2012 on the Gigantour.


What's the reason you decided to play a specific instrument?


Scott originally started playing Rhythm guitar but always got frustrated with the instrument. He eventually switched over to drums and it was way more natural for him to bang around the kit! Craig has always gravitated to guitar from a very young age and has spent many years honing his craft. Dwayne originally started out playing the bass but switched to the guitar in recent years, he felt he could express his musical vision more creatively on guitar than he was able to on bass. Leo was a born vocalist! He knows how to play guitar as well but his passion is vocals!


If you should choose to be part of a famous band, for each of you, what would it be?


This is a tough question, we would all choose One Minute Shy haha! But seriously, if we had to choose, Scott and Craig would definitely be part of Metallica, and Dwayne and Leo would be in Iron Maiden.


You can end the interview as you like...


Thanks for the interview! Hope you guys really enjoy our debut album and we hope to get out to Italy someday and rock some shows with all of you!