26 FEBBRAIO 2018

Who are the band members and where are they from? If you are a one man band, can you please explain this choice?


Initially, the band planned to have 5 members: 2 guitar players, one bas guitarist, a drummer and of course a vocalist. But then, when Saintorment could not find anyone who could fill the position behind the microphone, Romans took on that role himself. 

Yet after a while it became obvious that of all the members only Romans was the only one interested in doing something for the band, the others seemed to be there just for fun. This of course could never work out, so the band has been reduced to Romans and Desolation. 


Tell us please something about your last job.


This was the second studio-recorded album of the band. Romans began to work on the songs shortly after the first album “Well of Sins” was released. The very first track that got its 1-minute-short demo was what later wasentitled “Mood Pyrexia”. Just some weeks later, Desolation decided to participate in the process of putting the songs together. Soon after that, “Strong Enough” started to take shape… 

This is how the process of composing the songs on the album started. It was not so smooth as many would think. There was a lot of trial and error and various obstacles to overcome and work around, new experiments with the sound, which led to a huge gain of experience. 


What are your musical influences?


Well, Saintorment was born as a tribute of love towards the classic thrash and heavy metal bands, so the biggest influences come from the early works of such bands as Pantera, Metallica, Exodus… But if you ask every member separately then the answers will vary of course. 


Regarding the songwriting, tell us please something about the texts.Who take care about the lyrics?


This is usually a brainstorm, because one should decide upon the topic of the song, taking the “mood” of the sound into consideration and then start putting together the lyrics that would make some sense. Lyrics are usually discussed and composed by Romans and Desolation together.


How is born the artwork? Who created it and what is it about?


After the “Defective Mind” song was composed, and it has been decided that it will serve as the main track on the album, we started to think about the concept of the cover art. We really wanted to put some conceptual meaning into it. If we remember correctly, the idea of a man being tied to the band-logo appeared on its own. Romans had the basic vision of it, then it gained some details as it was discussed between Desolation and Romans, and then, after visiting an abandoned plant with many graffiti of Max Necromax, it has been decided that he will be the one who will make the ideas come true. Of course, there were many things that were discussed in the process of drawing the sketches, but the main idea remained: it is a man who is tied by half-torn ropes to the band logo, and he is tearing himself apart. This represents that many struggles come from within and people themselves are the main obstacle that separates them from freedom, success or happiness… and it is quite easy to break free from those chains, yet many remain in the position of being tied up, smiling with that smile, thinking that it is impossible. Your defective mind is your main enemy.


Do you sing in english or in any other language? Why this choice?


Yep we sing in the English language, but there is also a song on the album in Latvian (the bonus track). It should be self-explanatory why we choose to sing in English, but this song in Latvian was a fun experiment and a tribute to a very old pagan tradition of our homeland, so it felt natural and right to perform it in the Latvian language.  


Where do you create your music?


All the music is composed and then recorded in a small studio/rep-zone rented by Romans in an industrial zone in our hometown. It is like a little flat, just with musical equipment. Funnily enough, there is a big ass metal-processing factory right behind our small studio. Can’t get a place that has more metal in it for your metal albums!


Can you please give us any information about your releases?


There are not that many releases so far, so it is a very simple task to keep track of it.

There was the first album – “Well of Sins”, self-released on December 20th, 2015. Then, there was a cover-song on Frank Sinatra’s “Let it snow”. And right after that there is our second album, “Defective Mind”, released on December 30th, 2017. 

You can find the albums on our bandcamp page, or, alternatively, you can contact us on Facebook.


If you have previous publications, what are the characteristics that differentiate them from each other?


“Well of Sins” has been our entry-album, it was a bit rawer comparing to the second. The second album though is more aggressive, has more groove elements in it and, as we tend to think of it, better thought out and put together. A couple of our friends commented on it, saying that the second album is a certain and solid step up in every direction. We certainly want to keep the same tendency on our third album!


In Italy there are many metal bands. Give your opinion on music scene today in our country.


Italy has some killer-bands, like Fleshgod Apocalypse, Lacuna Coil, Graveworm, Forgotten Tomb… Music is something that is in every Italian’s veins and it shows. I think overall the music scene in Italy is far more advanced and alive than it is in Latvia, unfortunately. There is not that many metal-bands in our small country, let alone the ones that are recognized world-wide… maybe SkyForger?!


If you should choose to be part of a famous band, for each of you, what would it be?


Desolation: This is a very complicated question, because I have so many famous bands on my list. On the one hand, I would have loved to be a part of the 90-ies nu-metal movement, such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot (only their early stuff). On the other hand, I would have also loved to be a part in some more “underground” bands, like Woods of Desolation, Alrakis, Lifelover, Midnight Odyssey…


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