15 FEBBRAIO 2018

Answer by Con Koutsouliotas of Shadow Realm.


Can you explain how did the band name born and what does it mean?


Matt our Guitarist chose the name – He liked the word Shadows, then he added Realm because it is more dark and mysterious. Matt is also a bit of a dark and Mysterious character too.


Who are the band members and where are they from? If you are a one man band, can you please explain this choice?


We are based in Adelaide which is in the state of South Australia.

Torsha Khan – Vocals

Constantinos (Con) Koutsouliotas - Drums

Matt Gillick – Guitar

Tim Robinson – Keyboards

Pahl Hodgson – Bass Guitar


Tell us please something about your last job.


We all have day jobs ranging from Teachers, Airport Staff, to Scientist to Builder/Developer and Record Store Salesman.


Do you have previous experiences before you formed the band?


Torsha was in Stentorian in Bangladesh and Black Priest. Matt was in Outrage, Darklord and Oath of Damnation. Pahl and Con are also in Oath of Damnation. Pahl was in Darklord too – he also runs and is Beyond Mortal Dreams. Tim was in a band called Art In Exile. Con has been in too many bands to name but has a large Jazz and Fusion background too.


What are your musical influences?


Torsha Khan – Halford, Dio, Iron Maiden, Tony Martin, Chris Cornell etc...

Constantinos (Con) Koutsouliotas – Chick Corea, Morbid Angel, Dio, Art Farmer, Elvin Jones, Nile, Slayer, Tower of Power.

Matt Gillick – Frank Gambale, Vinnie Moore, Deicide, Al Di Meola, Forbidden.

Tim Robinson – Nevermore and all good bands.

Pahl Hodgson – Death Metal and Classic Metal.


Regarding the songwriting, tell us please something about the texts.Who take care about the lyrics?


The Lyrics are either Written By Torsha, Matt or we get permission from poets to use their works.


How is born the artwork? Who created it and what is it about?


We have used Luciferium Wargraphics and Thrash Wolf for Tees. Pahl also does Graphics.


Do you sing in english or in any other language? Why this choice?


We sing in English – we are based in an English Speaking Country, We have thought about using some Bangladeshi. Only Torsha understands, but the rest of us still like the tone and sound of the words.


Where do you create your music?


We create in the rehearsal Room – Matt and Con do 95% there, we also spontaneously jam and create songs on the spot as a band. We can sense what the other guys want.


Can you tell something about your live experience? Did you perform somewhere so far? How is your approach with the public?


We have performed many shows since 2015, We have done large and small shows and festival type shows. We have also supported international bands like Anvil. We will also be supporting Overkill and Ross the Boss of Manowar Fame this year. We get a good response from the audience. We feel happy and blessed with the responses so far.


Can you please give us any information about your releases?


Our Latest Release is an album called War of the Archons. Released Nov 2017. It is our first full length album. Please get from this URL - http://www.shadowrealm.com.au/music/

We also have our 1st EP/Demo availiable from here:                                      https://shadowrealm1.bandcamp.com/releases.


If you have previous publications, what are the characteristics that differentiate them from each other?


Our EP had less production and was a lot rawer sounding. The 1st one recorded multitrack by just playing and recording, using some punch ins. I (Con) still really like it though.

The latest album we concentrated a lot more on quality sounds and to make it a good  CD that would sound good on any stereo system. 

The songs on the Album are similar in that we combine Classic Metal, Thrash, Prog Metal and some even say a tinge of Power Metal. We basically wanted to make an album that would not bore us when we listen to it. We wanted to have complex elements but not too stupidly complex that the musicality would be lost. Musicality is more important than anything to us. To us music is still an art and not a sport.


In Italy there are many metal bands. Give your opinion on music scene today in our country.


I (Con) think Italian bands are very good. In Australia there are many metal bands in all styles. I think the underground metal scene is healthy here. Australia has many quality musicians and we are very proud of them.


What's the reason you decided to play a specific instrument?


Torsha Khan – Vocals – One word – RONNIE JAMES DIO.

Constantinos (Con) Koutsouliotas – Drums – Inpired by drummers like Bill Ward, Mitch Mitchell, Matt Skitz, Elvin Jones, and Dave Wekl. I love the chaos in complex drumming and the feeling of a great groove! Plus I originally wanted to be a guitarist but no one could do the drums I liked haha.

Matt Gillick – Guitar – Because Gods play lead guitar!!! Because of the power and awesomeness!

Tim Robinson – Keyboards – Because Tim is an aristocratic classical freak deep down.

Pahl Hodgson – Bass Guitar – because he couldn’t play guitar (Joke).  Seriously now - Pahl loves music and is a good guitarist and vocalist in his own right. He loves metal music and bass is another way to express this.


If you should choose to be part of a famous band, for each of you, what would it be?


Torsha Khan – Vocals – IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST.

Constantinos (Con) Koutsouliotas – Drums – I like too many……. but would love to play Stadiums with 60,000 people 5 nights a week haha.

Matt Gillick – Guitar - Deicide.

Tim Robinson – Keyboards - Nevermore.

Pahl Hodgson – Bass Guitar – Black Sabbath.


You can end the interview as you like...


We would like to say HELLO ITALY!! We would love to visit your magnificent land one day! It is a long way from Australia but hopefully it can happen. Please support the band and buy our music and songs from our website http://www.shadowrealm.com.au/

Or pledge to our Patreon page – every dollar helps.