Fabio Sansalone:

How and when did you discover your love for music?


when I was born, I heard the voice of Satan and he told me to do Blakk fvkking satanikk metal messiah every day. honestly in 18 years my taste finished paermanently: bands - Death, Autopsy, Obituary, Pestilence, Atheist, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Vital Remains, Bolt Thrower, Nile, Immolation, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Judas Iscariot, Burzum, Satyricon, Immortal, Candlemass, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Slayer, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, e.t.c. Standard set. I love many genres, even jazz and blues. Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Dead Can Dance, Dargaard... But lovely style always - old school death metal. Check out my last.fm.



The artwork of an album is something very important you know, it can be the very first impression for a new fan. What do you want to convey/communicate with yours?


Monster on the mysterious matter background, imprinted on the cover (made by Mosa Eye), can be very useful in showing overall psychedelic atmosphere of a mysterious and unsolved space - the result of the symbiosis of two minds. No text, the music tells of deep matters as space, death, philosophy. Mainly used in the tracks of a fictional text or chants of a psycho in a madhouse. the rest - instrumentals. vocal in this case only one of instruments.



Which is the instrument from which the creative process comes out first? What is the first instrument you play when you’re writing a song? And who does usually writes the songs?


My first love - guitar, but i'm bad guitarist, my music on guitar sounds like radioactive shit. so my main instrument - drums, and various effects, ambient sounds, garage band guitars e.t.c. i am only one in band, sometimes session musician help me.


Sandro Accardi:

Do you live thanks to your music? If it’s not so, what’s your job?


No, this music can't give money. my main work - label Satanath Records, various sales of cds e.t.c. yes, i released my album on my own label. not because nobody don't need it, just i want to do all perfect, without mistakes. even big labels doing mistakes... i need perfect deal for my music!



What kind of sound effects do You use when you play your Music? Are They The same you use when you're recording in studio?


Drum programming in studio, sometimes live, also various sounds, effects, in various programms, sometimes live guitar. it's total chaos, antimusic, but someone listen it, weird...


Mystisk Død: 

What's the story behind your name and, if you have it, your artwork?


Project from Russia, formed in 2012 in St.Petersburg by Aleksey Korolyov. The music can be described as a black doom ambient.


Polverone Liz: 

1) Can you introduce some influences from rock band that you like in the music that you sing?


Music can be described as a black doom ambient. Genres of project is different and varies from many styles, so as I have broad musical tastes. hard to say, first I wanted to make tracks structures, like Immolation, epic endings, with a mixture of along Satyricon songs with Xasthur, Darkspace or Striborg atmosphere.


2)Do you believe in god? Do you approve the christian message or do you try to separate it from you writing satanic lyrics in anti-christian way?


I'm an atheist, with elements of anti-religious humor. people invented god. I only make fun of their prejudices. don't need waste time on this boring scum


Curse Vag: 

If you have to bound a feeling to your album for describe it, wich may be it?


New release is a collaboration between two musicians - me and Cryostasium (USA). Tracks were recorded together, for example, Cryostasium sent me track, and then I imposed drums or other instruments, then to him, then it is something, and so on. there were many versions of songs, probably 3-4 version of each song. it was hard to choose. psychedelic sound tracks, the idea was that this album - music box of a ghost-monster on the cover, which plies the vastness of space. they are awful. so that when an untrained person listens to it, it can get crazy. Music is psychedelic black / doom metal / dark ambient. most similar to the early Cryostasium works, actually. may be, at super-fast Xasthur. Rather, it is a mix of all styles. I think we have a unique style, unlike the others. Although all the musicians think so, of course.


Roberto Bertero: 

When you decided to build a band which bands motivates you to do it?


Just i have some time in life to do it, now i think i never have time for new album of Abigorum, but maybe later. i don't think that my music are great, just for myself.


Nicole Clark: 

Do you have different or similar musical backgrounds?


The group formed after the ambient project Satanath because a new style in which I wanted to try myself, did not fit into the frames of ambient. Genres of project is different and varies from many styles, so as I have broad musical tastes.


Michele Puma: 

What do you thing of bands those introduces political thinking in theirs lyrics? Do you think that politic idea (but religious too) may influence the nature of a band that discover the underground work and then the mainstream?


I hate politics, but know all about it. our russian government are crime and bastards. they should die in hell. but I'm not going to dedicate this dregs in my songs, they do not deserve.



And now to close the interview…


Thanks you guys it was cool, i like your fantastic questions! Regards.



ORDER AND STREAM THE ALBUM:                                                           https://satanath.bandcamp.com/album/sat160-abigorum-cryostasium-unholy-ghost-liturgy-collaboration-2016