9 GENNAIO 2018



Starting from a presentation, say who are Areodyne. Can you tell your story?


We are four guys that started out as friends. We’ve all known eachother for some years, and share the same interests, so we decided to start a band.


Could you give a small overview of all works you created?


We released an EP in 2016 with 3 songs. And now we’ve released our 10 track debut album.


Who of you composes the tracks and who writes the texts?


It often starts with Daniel (me) or Johan having a certain melody or a riff. We then meet up to develop the idea and to record a demo. We then present it to the other guys and start rehearsing it if it’s good enough. Most of the times the lyrics come afterwards or during, and it’s me who write most of the lyrics.


How do you approach the current music scene? Where would you place?


We of course try to get as many gigs as possible to promote our band. Even though with the competition and what not, we try the best we can. Other than that, it’s the word of mouth of course. To try and get as many friends as possible to do us the big favour of promoting our music!


What can you say about the choosing of the name Aerodyne?


We would love to have a crazy story about the band name, that would cool wouldn’t it? As a matter of fact we just picked random available names to put on a list. Then I discovered “Aerodynamic” and suggested it, but we came to the conclusion that “Aerodyne” sounded better.


What do you think about the kind of music you play? Do you have any idols that inspired you?


We consider our music to be a bit NWOBHM-influenced. Or at least that’s a close goal for our tunes. We enjoy the early brittish bands like Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Iron Maiden and early Def Leppard. Metallica and Abba play their parts aswell, along with Edguy and Led Zeppelin. We get inspired by alot of bands!


What programs do you have for the band future?


Right now we plan to promote this album as much as possible by playing live, of course. But we’re already writing alot of new material. Time will tell!


Talk about the new album “Breaking Free”.


Breaking Free is a straight forward, self-produced rock n’ roll album with no mercy. It has attitude, it’s raw and loud, with lots of solos, twin guitars, beaming vocals and choirs. We believe that any fan of the rock and metal genre could enjoy it!


What do you think that distinguishes your work from the products of others?


It’s kind of hard to answer. These days, there are billions of songs out there, so it’s difficult to do something original. Perhaps it’s the fact that with Breaking Free, we did what we all wanted with no compromises. If we wanted to be rich and famous, we should probably choose something else to do, but we enjoy our music and maybe that’s what people hear when they play our songs.


What do you prefer between classic and modern style in music?


Classic music will always beat everything else, and I believe many agree with that statement. But that doesn’t mean there are no good modern music. There are tons of good new bands out there. 


Are there any particular emotions or feelings that you would like to convey with your tracks?


Our main goal is to make people feel atleast anything. I’d rather have every single person on this planet hate this record, rather than noone even noticing it. And the people that pay attention, we want to make them feel alive. We want to get them pumped, frantic, happy, horny – everything!