I Dystersol annunciano la release date giapponese di "The Fifth Age of Man".

Siamo lieti di annunciare che l'album "The Fifth Age of Man" dei Dystersol verrà distribuito in Giappone a partire dal 30 Maggio 2018 via  Wormholedeath Japan / Disk Union Distribution.

Per l'occasione la band austriaca ha realizzato il lyric video del brano "Olimpia". "The Fifth Age of Man" uscirà nel resto del mondo il 04 Maggio 2018 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music.

Italian Melodic Hardcore combo Fankaz are proud to announce their Japanese Tour 2018.

Band Statement:

Hey guys finally we are ready to give you this great news! We are really proud to announce that we will meet our Japanese friends on May! Thank to RNR TOURS - Japan Tour Booking Team we will tour in Japan with 5 shows to promote our new album "SEITIES" (2017, Wormholedeath) . For us it's one of the best things that happened in our life. This is a dream come true since we started our band in 2003. We grew up together and thanks to this band after 15 years of life, 3 albums and a lot of gigs we finally reach the goal of a Japan Tour in 2018. 

We are so happy that we can't wait to meet all our Japanese Friends finally in person. 

Below the live dates:

Screams Of Lies feat. DAMN CITY (Official Video):

I Dunkelnacht annunciano il tour Europeo "Non Canimus Surdis" 2018!

I francesi Dunkelnacht (extreme metal) sono entusiasti di annunciare il loro tour europeo "Non Canimus Surdis" 2018 .

La prima tappa del tour sarà al Club Flex di Arad (RO) il 25 Aprile.

Di seguito il flyer con le date:

10 years ago, we issued the following press release

"Thanks to the precious support from Aural Music Group, Wormholedeath is born and takes form from a project that I and the bands involved have been working on for about 2 years. Aural music has given us great experience in the field of music distribution and label management, through its large distribution and marketing network."

With the following statement, we also reveal the name of the first great band signed.


Onsetcold - "Onsetcold" whd 001

(Wormholedeath / Aural Music / Spv) is scheduled for March 7, 2008.

After 10 years Wormholedeath has grown bigger and stronger. 

With new offices in Japan, Norway, Usa and 200 releases the label can finally celebrate the 10th anniversary by announcing Onsetcold's comeback. 

March the 7th 2018, Onsetcold "Gloomy Sunday"

(click on the image to stream the track)

Carlo Bellotti stated - "I am beyond excited and proud to see my label in great health which has grown bigger after 10 years of hard work. The new deals we have signed with The Orchard and Warner Chappell Music have given us the opportunity to grow and expand our horizons, both from an artistic point of view and the sheer scale of the network and amount of releases. Aural Music Group has provided us with a stable, reliable and solid support throughout the years always representing the landmark of our origins: a shared love of music and all it entails. I would like to thank everybody that helped me to make this dream come true. Emiliano Lanzoni, Natascia Pribac, Masahiko Kishimoto, Giulia Gori, Sara Lunardelli, A. Corey, everybody at Warner Chappell Holland BV, Onsetcold, all the bands that we are working with, all the journalists and media that have supported us throughout the years and last but not least the label partners in Italy and all around the world. Furthemore, Onsetcold's comeback is one of the biggest surprises for 2018. This album will make you all feel like crap and throw you down into the deepest spiral or depression and insanity. Many bands claim they did or are able to do it...Bullshit, never felt like this before... Probably "only theatre of pain" touched me that deep. Before you feel like shit for real, you need to listen to this. Hardcore discontinuity, pure suicidal depression melted into epic classical music, opera and the most apocalyptic electronic patterns. Absolute devastation with not even one single scream or cheap "heavy" bullshit. Get ready for the spew, Onsetcold are back, to celebrate WORMHOLDEATH's 10th anniversary."

Shaq / Onsetcold stated - "The year is long and time is short, but still we are here 10 years later. With being the first band that Wormholedeath signed, we are very humbled to represent the record label all these years later on the 10th anniversary of Wormholedeath. The idea behind the song is to show empathy for how and why a human could destroy their own reality in order to conform to a society’s expectations or ideals. And for one to feel lonely despite the billions of other humans on the same planet. For someone to take their own life must take a lot of thought and hopefully this song could give anyone breathing space to make sense of their own reality; to perhaps understand that they are not alone. If we can find the beat within our hearts, to look out for each other and change our course of self-destruction, then maybe death is not the answer but only the question. The 2nd album out for release in 2018 brings the latest single “Gloomy Sunday”, which is greatly influenced by the “Hungarian Suicide Song”, Funeral March by Chopin. Onsetcold has always been influenced by philosophy, existentialism, metaphysics and the human condition. The band name Onsetcold means the beginning of the end, heterotrophic theory that all beginnings start with an end. I do not feel the same as in 2003 when I created this band, so in turn I have not written in the same style. I find it really hard to give it a genre but all I can say is, I am quite surprised as much as I hope you will be when it is released. The forthcoming album will take the same unorthodox approach as the single and hopefully give Onsetcold a different perspective. Be sure it will sound extreme but content with its openness to embrace many genres (including but not limited to the Metal family tree). With many misunderstandings and ideological changes since inception in 2003, Onsetcold thanks former band member’s and looks forward to entropy in this next phase."


You can download the sampler by clicking on the image below or by following this link:                                                  http://www.wormholedeath.com/home/index.php/downloads

Oggi esce il nuovo video dei Demised!

Gli spagnoli Demised (Gothic Rock Metal) sono orgogliosi di presentare il nuovo video per il brano "The Mournful Flight", estratto dall'album "A Warm Place To Stay" (Wormholedeath 2017).

Il video é stato diretto ed editato da Juan A. Ros. presso il Razzmatazz (Barcelona) e il Garaje Beat Club (Murcia) during october 2017.

"The Mournful Flight":

Oggi escono i nuovi video

dei While My City Burns e dei Desolate Pathway!

Wormholedeath é orgogliosa di presentare il nuovo video ufficiale per il brano "New Beginnings" dei While My City Burns e il lyric video per "Enchanted Voices" dei Desolate Pathway.

"New Beginnings" dei While My City Burns é tratto dall'album "Prone to Self Destruction" in uscita il 30 marzo 2018 via Wormholedeath; "Enchanted Voices" dei Desolate Pathway é un estratto dall'album "Of Gods and Heroes" (2017,Wormholedeah).

About While My City Burns music:

"They mix their influences into a sweet kick-ass metal blend with tasty riffs, crushing breakdowns and choruses that get stuck in your head".


About Desolate Pathway's music:

"Desolate Pathway is a UK based Epic Traditional Doom band who's lyrics tell fantasy and myth based stories of quests, death, doom and destruction, within heavy riff based doom with NWOBHM influences."


I Blood Moon Hysteria annunciano la data di uscita dell'EP "My Sacrifice"

I norvegesi Blood Moon Hysteria sono orgogliosi di annunciare che il loro nuovo EP "My Sacrifice" uscirà il 13 Aprile 2018 via Wormholedeath. Dopo due anni dall'uscita dell'EP "Crimson Sky" i Blood Moon Hysteria tornano per riproporci il loro inconfodibile sound.





1 - My Sacrifice

2 - Deception

3 - Towards The Abyss

4 - Deception Part 2






"Deception Part 2" Audio Stream Video

I finlandesi LAMORI pubblicano il video ufficiale per

"Until Death (Do Us Part)"


I finlandesi LAMORI sono orgogliosi di presentare il video ufficiale per "Until Death (Do Us Part)", brano tratto dall'album "To Die Once Again" (2016, Wormholedeath).

Video credits:

Shot by: Carolina Juselius

Edited by: Mikael Westerlund

Produced by: LAMORI

Thanks to: City of Mariehamn & Erik Raitanen







"Until Death (Do Us Part)" Official Video

I belgi Basement Critters Firmano con Wormholedeath!

Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare che i belgi thrash metallers Basement Critters hanno firmato con Wormholedeath un contratto di distribuzione per il loro EP "Hurt Me With The Truth", uscito via Wormholedeath / The Orchard.

La band sta lavorando con Carlo Bellotti e Jonathan Mazzeo  sui brani del prossimo album.

"Hurt Me With The Truth"

1.Brain Bleach


3.Nature Strikes Back


Buy links:





I While My City Burns annunciano la data di uscita di

"Prone To Self Destruction"

Gli islandesi While My City Burns (Metalcore/Post-Hardcore dall' Islanda) sono orgogliosi di annunciare che il debut album "Prone To Self Destruction" uscirà il 30 Marzo 2018 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music Group ed in Giappone il 30 Maggio 2018 via Wormholedeath Japan / Disk Union Distribution.



1 Intro   

2 New Beginnings 

3 Alligator Char 

4 Monument   

5 Dear Dad   

6 Stranger Things 

7 You Know Who You Are 

8 Heartbreaker  

9 Wolves Are Among Us 

10 Vivens Mortua  

11 Where Do We Go From Here 

12 Best of Me (Bonus T.)  

                                                                                     13 Out of My Mind                                                                                           (Bonus T.)

Gli austriaci Dystersol firmano con Wormholedeath!

Gli austriaci Dystersol hanno firmato con Wormholedeath un contratto di licenza per il loro debut album “The Fifth Age of Man”.

The Fifth Age of Man” uscirà il 04 Maggio 2018 via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group / Disk Union Distribution.






01 Fifth Age of Man 

02 Life amongst the Ruins

03 Down to Nothing 

04 End of the Fall

05 Winterking 

06 Tragedy of the gifted Ones 

07 Night of the Hunter 

08 Children of the Wasteland

09 Beyond Blood

10 Olimpia 

11 Comforting the Soulless 

12 PsychoPath 

13 Danse Macabre 

14 End Game

"Down to Nothing" Official Lyric video

Gli Irdorath pubblicano un nuovo lyric video : "Blessings From Above"!

Gli austriaci Irdorath sono orgogliosi di presentare il lyric video per il brano "Blessings From Above", tratto dall'album "Denial Of Creation" (2017, Wormholedeath).

Video editing: Thomas Leitner




Blessings From Above (Official Lyric Video)

Sercati firma un contratto di endorsement con Mercuriall Audio Software

Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare che Steve Fabry dei Sercati ha firmato un contratto di endorsement con il noto marchio Mercuriall Audio Software, creatore di Studio Tool Plugin.

Trovate Steve nella loro pagina artisti:


Visitate il sito di Mercuriall qui:


Follow Sercati



Gli Astray Valley pubblicano oggi il nuovo singolo "Northlights"!

Gli spagnoli Astray Valley sono orgogliosi di presentare il singolo e video ufficiale per il brano "Northlights" secondo singolo estratto dal debut album in uscita via Wormholedeath.



"Northlights" Single buy links:




Amazon US

Amazon UK


I francesi Altered Shade annunciano il nuovo cantante!


I francesi Altered Shade sono orgogliosi di presentare il nuovo cantante Dräk Wyvern (ex Apokalyptic Sky) e con rammarico salutano Edwin (ex vocalist) che ha dovuto lasciare la band a causa di motivi personali.

Gli Altered Shade nascono nel sudovest della Francia nel 2009. Il genere da loro proposto è il death e il thrash vecchia scuola con venature dark, black e power. Dopo due demo, nel 2016 viene pubblicato il loro primo album "The Path of Souls" via Wormholedeath /The Orchard / Aural Music Group / Wormholedeath Japan.

Gli Ithilien annunciano il tour in Giappone e

presentano il nuovo video!

I belgi Ithilien sono orgogliosi di presentare il nuovo video per il brano "Edelweiss", tratto dall'album "Shaping the Soul" uscito nel 2017 via Wormholedeath / Aural / The Orchard / Disk Union:

Directed by Bram Mervillie / Produced by Sixshooter

Make-up by Cindy Ghijsel

Special thanks to Eddy Gryson and the organisation of Staf Versluys

Gli Ithilien sono inoltre lieti di annunciare che in Aprile saranno in tour in Giappone. Per maggiori informazioni seguite la band sui loro links ufficiali:

Website: www.ithilien.be

Facebook: facebook.com/Ithilien.Music 

Twitter: twitter.com/ithilienmetal 

Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare che i russi death metallers Infiltration hanno firmato con Wormholedeath un contratto di distribuzione per il loro EP "Nuclear Strike Warning", che uscirà il 23 Febbraio 2018 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard. L'EP sarà in pre order a partire dal 9 Febbraio 2018.



"Nuclear Strike Warning" EP

1 - Crisis 

2 - Nucleat Strike Warning 

3 - The Art of War

4 - P.O.W.

5 - Razor Wire 

"The Art of War" Lyric video

No Limited Spiral – Nuovo Lyric Video “The Witch Of Dusk

I giapponesi No Limited Spiral hanno pubblicato il lyric video per il brano “The Witch of Dusk”, tratto dall'album ‘Into the Marinesnow’ distribuito da Wormholedeath e Wormholedeath Japan.

The Witch of Dusk



Gli Elegy of Madness sono entusiasti di presentare il lyric video per il brano "Lunacy", tratto dall'album "New Era" (2017 Wormholedeath). La band ha dichiarato che questo terzo video è un omaggio per i loro fans di tutto il mondo. 

Gli EOM sono inoltre orgogliosi di annunciare il "New Era European Tour 2018"; alcune date sono già state confermate, altre verranno annunciate presto!

Gli inglesi Apparition presentano il lyric video "Break The Chains"! 

Gli inglesi Apparition hanno realizzato il lyric video del brano "Break The Chains". "Break The Chains" é tratto dall'album "The Awakening" che uscirà il 2 Febbraio 2018 in tutto il mondo e il 28 Marzo 2018 in Giappone via Wormholedeath / Aural / Disk Union Distribution.

"Break The Chains" Official Lyric Video

"The Awakening" Pre-Order links: 

iTunes:  https://tinyurl.com/y8dodpqq

Amazon UK: https://tinyurl.com/y78fqbjh

Amazon US: https://tinyurl.com/y9p2olnv

Recording artist and published author, Ashley Worhol, has created a visual world for her audience to join her on quite an experience. Her most recent book, "Perception", invites you to view life through her eyes. She takes you on a journey through colorful imagery and stories that one might see on a movie screen. "Testify" is an excerpt from her book, "Perception". This poem is very personal as she reveals her deepest flaws and shows how she changed her life through faith. She has always known her purpose in life and is truly living that path.


Personal Statement:

There comes a point in life where you can either live through fear or live through love. I do not fear being honest with who I truly am. This video is my testimony, my truth. This poem is very personal because I reveal my deepest flaws. This poem shows how I changed my life through changing my mindset, which is sometimes the hardest battle in life. When someone is willing to be so open and vulnerable with the world, that person will stop at nothing to follow their dreams. That person is me..

"Testify" is an excerpt from Ashley's book "Perception". 

You may view parts of the book here:


Gli inglesi Desolate Pathway (epic/doom metal) sono orgogliosi di annunciare la ripubblicazione dell'album "Valley of the King" via Wormholedeath / The Orchard.

"Valley of the King" sarà disponibile a partire dal 26 Gennaio 2018 in tutti gli store digitali.



1. The Valley of the King

2. Desolate Pathway

3. Forest of Mirrors

4. Last of my Kind

5. Season of the Witch

6. King of Vultures

7. Shadow of the Tormentor

8. Upon the Throne of Lights

For Immediate Release:

Debut single from Sara Vanderheyden out now via Epictronic / The Orchard.

Written and produced by Ville Oravala at Titans Lab Recording Studio.

Additional production: Riccardo Daga.

Buy on itunes:


Sara Vanderheyden is a belgian singer active with various projects.

During 2017 she signed a contract with Epictronic for the production of her debut solo album. Subsequently finnish songwriter and producer Ville Oravala decided to join the project and support Sara with his unique songwriting and production skills. During the last months of the year Sara recorded some songs at Titans Lab Studio in Italy with the help of Ville Oravala and Riccardo Daga.

This single is the result of this first cooperation.

I Sanguine Glacialis firmano con Wormholedeath!

Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare che i Sanguine Glacialis (experimental death metal da Montrèal) hanno firmato con Wormholedeath un contratto di distribuzione per l'album "Hadopelagic" (prodotto da Chris Donaldson dei Cryptopsy). L'album uscirà il 6 Aprile 2018! Nel frattempo i Sanguine Glacialis ci danno un assaggio dell'album in uscita pubblicando il video ufficiale per la track "Monsters". Il sound dei Sanguine Glacialis offre un range e mix di generi che vanno dal technical death metal al nu metal passando per il rock, jazz, pop, rap e la world music... Il tutto rende la loro musica originale e unica nel suo genere.

We are very proud to present you Ashley Worhol's astonishing book "Perception". The book offers very well thought out images and poetry that has layers of depth within them. What if you could view the world from someone else's eyes... wouldn't you be curious?

"Would their perspective create questions within your own personal thoughts? Would their world then become your world? I invite you to enter my mind as I bring you on a journey within my thoughts. "Perception" is an interactive hybrid poetry and photography book. The stories within Perception are based on my perspective of this mysterious place we call our world. Our world is changing-and with change, I continue to seek answers of the unknown-the physical things one cannot see. The idea behind "Perception" is that you, the reader, may enter my world. Although a painted picture is already present, while reading the words, I invite you to visualize these poems through your own eyes. It is now your turn to share with me your perception of my world." 

Ashley Worhol

This is how the book is laid out. One side is the poem and the other side is the photo that tells the story.

Photographer: Craig Bryon

HMA: Yvonne Hunt

Editor: Sandy DaBolt

Graphics: Scott Deyett

"Perception" can be purchased here:


I finlandesi LAMORI persentato il video ufficiale di "To Die Once Again"!
I LAMORI sono orgogliosi di annunciare che esce oggi su VEVO e Youtube il video ufficiale di "To Die Once Again", brano tratto dall'album che porta lo stesso titolo, uscito questa primavera via Wormholedeath.

Pagina Facebook
To Die Once Again è acquistabile nei digital stores:


To Die Once Again Official Music Video

Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare "Deception" dei Worstenemy via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group. Per l'occasione la band ha pubblicato l'audio stream del brano "Blood And Dust".


Blood And Dust (Feat. Christian Donaldson)

I norvegesi Meltdown annunciano il loro nuovo singolo “Diamonds (Rihanna Metal Cover)”, disponibile in tutti gli store digitali. Il singolo segue l’uscita dell’album “Answer“(2017 Wormholedeath) e rappresenta per i Meltdown la fotografia di un momento di passaggio tra il disco di debutto e le nuove composizioni a cui la band sta lavorando.


Diamonds (Rihanna Metal Cover) Audio Stream

Gli inglesi Apparition sono lieti di svelare la data di uscita del nuovo album "The Awakening".


"The Awakening" uscirà via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music Group il 02 Febbraio 2018. L'album sarà disponibile in pre-order a partire dal 19 Gennaio 2018.