Who has the idea to found a musical project? What can you say about the name "Astray Valley"? 


Astray Valley was born without its original name as an idea and personal ambition. Joan and I (Clau) started the band. We had a lot of ideas in common, so we decided to start a project that eventually became Astray Valley.

We wanted a different project, with personality, that could represent the people who feel identified with what we say or do. The name came as an idea of inviting people to a place where they could travel, get lost and feel free, so we started working in our concept from there. This place, the Valley, can change along with people and be there when they need it, so they can run away from reality for some time.


When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?


We created the band in late 2014, but started playing shows in 2015. The thing that made us work together was the ambition of starting something new and shaping it into what we had in mind. It’s always easy to work if we have that emotion and ambition that made us start one day, and it’s still a big force that makes us overcome everything!


What do you usually talk about in the lyrics of your tracks? Who’s the mind that writes lyrics and who writes compositions?


We usually talk about our perspective of reality. We write stories to accompany people with our words, but letting them draw their own conclusions. We want them to share our idea, to travel along us and taking them into this mystical place that we describe.

Joan, our guitarist, is the one who writes the music. I (Clau) come up with the concepts for the lyrics and we both work together to shape them until they express what we want. We all work together in the end to create what we want Astray Valley to be.


How Does music affect you and the world around you? 


Music has a huge power around us, it can change your day or even your feelings. We thing it’s something really big, and it’s unfortunate that not everyone can see it like this!

Also, working into a musical project has changed us, as musicians and as people. It made us learn a lot of things, some of them great and some of them bad, but things we had to learn in the end.


Are There others musicals genres that you love?


Of course! I think we can’t limit ourselves to one genre, because all music has something that you can learn from. We love every kind of music that makes us grow and exapand our limits!


Are there any musicians that you love or inspire you? Why?


There are a lot of them. We admire the ability to defend who you are and what you believe in, and there is a lot of pleople who has shown this to us. There have been a lot of huge artists that showed the world something risky, but original, and that is something that we can learn from, and in the end should influence people to believe in their own projects and what they are.


What do Astray Valley’s fans have to expect in the future?


We have something really big prepared for them. Our new album will make a big difference of what Astray Valley is, and we will not have limits. There is a lot of diversity in our new music, and we want to keep expanding our concept and bring it to everywhere we can, as a gift to everyone who wants to share our world and story!


What can you say about your last work “Singularity”? What are the difference between this work and other songs?


Singularity is the inflection point of the story and album. This gives the song a special meaning and impact on the album. It has a strong and hard meaning, that will mark a before and after. Singularity represents the chaos that we all have in our head when we lose ourselves, but it also wants to help you getting our of there. The lyrics of the song represent a duality between the two worlds that this situation creates. We all have to grow up and choose our way of life, leaving some important things behind. In the end, everyone can take the song and make it of their own, giving it a different meaning and taking different conclusions.


What do you think bout the Spanish music scene? 


The music scene in Spain is strange. There is a lot of bands but a few of them are really different or try to take risks into something new and original. People are used to listen to the same music, so it’s hard to have an impact with something too different. At the same time, different genres of metal tend to sepparate from each other, instead of creating a big alliance and community. We need more respect and tolerance in general, and bands need to be more united towards making an impact on the music industry.


Do you think your musical genre will be appreciated?


It depends on the people you are and the places you decide to play. Modern Metal is a complicated genre to play in Spain, but there is a great community growing, and that is something we really appreciate. However, we expect to play in other countries or places where we can find people that will also appreciate and share our message. We hope people would ignore genres and simply listen to our music for what it is: our message and concept, and the things we want to express.


What do you think makes your musical products more original than works of others competing bands?


I think what makes you different is just being yourself. If you express what you have inside, influenced by your own story, it is probably going to be something different. But it is also something risky, because you will expect people to judge it. We have worked into our concept and we want to open our gates to all the people who feel identified with our message. We also want to deliver the best that we have, so we expect people to appreciate the technical aspects and work put into our new songs. It’s also hard to find a conceptual modern metal band with a female screamer and vocalist, we would like to put our work out and let other girls be brave enough to try, like other vocalists showed me when I started.


If something important has been omitted you can talk about it. 


It’s been a huge pleasure, we are happy to answer these really interesting questions and appreciate the interest in our project.

Music is a way to give to other people who you are, everywhere you show your content. So we have to be aware that music is more than it seems to be, and tells more than it seems to tell. We are happy to be part of this community that is willing to walk by our side, and we invite everyone who feels the same way to join us in our trip.

Thank you very much!