16 APRILE 2019

Interview, Deathtura, Insane Voices Labirynth


Hi Deathtura welcome on Insane Voices Labirynth’s pages. First of all, would you present your- self to our readers?


Hi! We’re a metal band. We come from Belgium. We present our first album “Division” out by WormHoleDeath Records in October 2018.


What’s the meaning of “Deathtura” for you?


“Deathtura” is a very simple idea.
“Tura”, in a past culture, represented the value that can be found in a behaviour or action.
Global human behaviour is in distress.... Hence the fact of placing the “Death” in the front. It represents the death of this humanity.
What can you say about the record’s experience of your last LP called “ Division” out in 2018?
The recording and production of this Album was a very enriching experience. We already had all our demos when we arrived on the spot and we chose together the songs we wanted to integrate into the album.
The entire production team listened and made according to our needs and personalities and kicked our asses where it was needed...
No moment seemed wrong to us. We would do it again without hesitation.


Can you explain how a Deathtura’s song takes form?


A piece of Deathtura, comes to life quite easily in itself. An idea comes out of nowhere and then we work on it together until we make a demo. The guitar is inspiring but the accent can be felt in many other ways. The drums, the beat does its job but the imagination and a good light on the ideas always gives something if you put your finger on it. All forms of inspiration are good. The instruments only transcribe what we want to convey as emotion.


What are your influences?


Ahah! Our influences are very diverse. It goes from Devil Driver to Heavy, prog, Rock and even rap. We like the good classics and also the most modern outings. We simply listen to music of any kind, as long as it is good.


Where you take ispiration for the texts in your songs?


Um, in “Division”, we cover a lot of topics but the greatest interest of this album is to focus on the human “double personality”. We all have this voice in our heads that sometimes tells us things, sometimes thinks things, instinct etc.... We can say that this album revolves around that by addressing rather varied themes, life situations, states of mind...


In the song “Killing your Threats”, for example, your singer use clean vocals.
Describe us his influences in order to create his personal singing’s style.

Hi! I’m Bastian!
Honestly, since I was a kid, I’ve been listening to a lot of things and I can very well fall in love with a pop song or an extreme metal song. It’s always the emotions that come out that I remember. Which led me to sing all my life even though my singing smelled like ass ahahah!!!!! The ones who have influenced me most are Corey Taylor and Jared Gomes ( M.U.C.D). Their ability to cover so many vocal palettes encour- aged me to try to do so. I have always lived thinking that I wanted to sing but above all, I wanted to be able to shape my voice with ease. All this led me to explore my voice and gradually ensure that my lyrics were posed as I felt them.


What can you say about the Underground Metal scene in Belgium?


The scene in Belgium is very stuck. It is quite difficult to stand out from the crowd. We have a small country but with a lot of small groups. Some people give themselves the means to do something, but in general, groups lack motivation because of this situation.
Describe your music using three words Energy, Emotion, Power.


Thanks for your time, now you have space to tell everything you want to our readers.


First, thank you very much for your interest about our music and experience with WormHoleDeath ! And also many thanks to the audience! We are receiving lots of feedbacks from all around the world, it’s completely insane !!! We are working on a new album, working in some new ideas and are more motivated than ever to live this experience thoroughly ! We hope you’ll like this interview and hope you’ll hang our album and the upcoming nexts ...