10 GENNAIO 2019

DEATHURA is a GROOVE-THRASH METAL Band from Bruxelles- Belgium created by Jeff (Guitars) and Jack (Bass) in 2011.

Deathtura recorded their debut album in Parma at RealSound Studio. "Division" had been released in October.

Ok, it’s time for the first song PURGATORY OF OUR FUTURE opens the album with a power riff with merge the best of heavy thrash and groove metal. 

HELP ME CONFIDE is the next song which is my favorite from the album, Heavy Metal direct to your face,Bastian Flames’ voice is outstanding, and the use of growlshelps to make a strong wall and get a powerful dynamic.

ESCAPE THE TIME is a killing song, sometimes it reminds me a mix between Disturbed with Pantera. The guitar solo reminds me tunes from Megadeth or Metallica. Well done!!!Jerem Van Aerschotand Jeff are one of the best guitar duos that I’ve heard in my life. 

FURY makes a great honor to its tittle. it shows a lot of power inspired in Slayer, a good mix between pure Heavy metal and the aggressive part of Thrash metal, the bass guitar sounds powerful.

BROKEN MAN’S ROAD, it’s not a bad song but in my opinion the song needs a little bit more of adrenaline, it’s a good song anyway. 

KILLING YOUR THREATS is a nice song which contains beautiful passages, I feel a lot of passion in this song, even I can hear a little tribute to Metallica. 

NOT A FOOL, CONFESS FOR THEM and SICK OF BEING YOU are three powerful song which get a lot of groove metal, but I want to say that Nico Mike Dept is the man who makes the magic on these tracks. 

IN SIGHT is another great track, I can feel some progressive metal touches, sometimes it reminds me to STRAPPING YOUNG LAD THE KID is the final track, what can I say? PERFECT!!! It’s the perfect song to finish and album, I love the way how they have been mixed the acoustic sound with heavier riffs, perhaps I can listen a little bit of dark country, I dunno, but it’s very nice. 

In short, DIVISION is a magical album, which refresh the genre,  you can enjoy it a lot if you like the old groove metal school merged with a powerful production. 

Line up:

Vocals: Bastian Flames 

Lead Guitar: Jerem Van Aerschot

Guitar: Jeff

Bass/Backing Vocals: Jack

Drums: Nico Mike D.


Alex Montenegro