14 FEBBRAIO 2019




After receiving wide acclaim for his previous three releases, Australian musician Dion Bayman returns with his highly anticipated brand new studio album “Better Days”, the first album that Dion has not self-released, having agreed to a deal with Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group.


Hi Dion, glad to have you hear as guest. 

First of all, compliments for your album “Better Days”, I really like it. The forth album of your career, we can finally say that a label has noticed you and your talent. In this turn of your career, what has changed and what did not during these years?


Hello Valeria, thanks for the interview and I’m glad you like the album. In my case the most obvious thing I’ve noticed in being signed with my label (Art Of Melody Music) is I can take a step back on the promotional side of things. With my previous releases I was responsible for everything from cover art design, promotion, organising reviews, filling orders, social media etc. So being signed with my label takes a bit of the pressure off in that regard. They have a lot more contacts than I do and everyone at Burning Minds Music Group has done an amazing job so far. 


The definition 'pop rock' for your style is perhaps too small, your music ranges a lot, you feel a lot of influences. How do you feel like labeled this way?


I’ve had many musical influences growing up and still do so today. Pop/Rock is such a large genre so I guess I fit in there somewhere. I think I tend to drift between modern pop/rock and 80s/90s anthemic rock. Modern melodic pop/rock is probably a decent description.


I find that "Better Days" is an album that sends a positive message to each of us. What inspired you I find that "Better Days" is an album that sends a positive message to each of us. What mainly inspired you in songwriting?


I just generally prefer to write music that can hopefully lift people up rather than bring them down. Of course I also write songs that may not seem as uplifting, but with so much negativity in the world I think it’s important to write music that can hopefully inspire and give hope. 


In some of your songs, it is spontaneous compared to the modern sound of Bon Jovi, to make the idea of style. Is it a nice thing for you or does it bother you?


I was a Bon Jovi fan in my younger days so it’s only natural that I have been influenced by them over the years. However I think their influence is no more evident than other artists I admire such as Richard Marx, Keith Urban, Bryan Adams, Def Leppard, Matchbox 20, the more melodic side of Nickelback and many, many others.


“Better Days” is a very interesting album and actually there is not a particular song that stands out among the others. Personally, I really like "Rise And Fall" and “Pieces”, a good song to sing with you during a live. Do you have a song that you are personally connected to?


Almost every song on this record is written about my own experiences. I have to agree that “Rise and Fall” is a song I feel very connected to as well as “The Best Times Of My Life” as it’s obviously a personal song that I feel very close to.


You’ve handle everything by yourself, songwriting, playing all instruments, mixing and production. 


That’s correct. I’ve been producing music for over 30 years. I’m always learning and wanting to improve in all aspects of songwriting and production. 


How difficult is it to follow the whole path of every single piece? How long can, roughly, apply for the composition of a song?


Every song is different. Sometimes I can write a song in an hour and other times it will take me a month or more. Of course the final product can differ greatly to what I originally wrote down on that first piece of paper. Recording, arranging, mixing and mastering the song can take quite some time as arrangements can change, instruments can be added, lyrics can be changed. It’s an ongoing process. It can take quite a long time as I like to get everything absolutely to my satisfaction. 


You’ll play in Italy on 30th March, will there be more dates in Italy or will be the only chance to see you play live for this year?


March 30 in Italy is the only date I’m playing so far. Playing live has taken a back seat over the last few years as I’ve concentrated more on songwriting and producing my music. I’m looking at maybe putting my band back together later on in the year but nothing is set in stone at this time.


If you could be the critic of yourself, what would you say about your last album?


I would call it an honest, uplifting melodic pop/rock record that you can sing along with after the first listen.


Thanks for your time answering to these questions. To you the way to end the interview, is there anything you would like to add?


Thank you very much for the interview Valeria. I’m glad you like the album! I hope to see plenty of my Italian/European friends in Italy on March 30.