28 DICEMBRE 2017



How and when have you felt to love metal music?


Since i was child, i was a prodigy child for art and music. I loved Metal Music at the tender age of 3 years. I lived in the '80s, the golden age of metal. But my favorite metal genre was and it is the Doom Metal with most sub styles.


The artwork of an album is very important, perhaps the first approach for a future fan. What do you want to infuse with the yours?


In my 20 years of career, I have always been very important to the artworks of my Albums of my Bands SORTILEGIUM, GATES OF EDEN, LEPER DIVINE and DIONISYAN. As for DIONISYAN's first EP "Land of Dreams", the first album "The Mystery of Faith" and the second new album released a month ago, "Delirium of Madness", I wanted to give a strong and impactful identification with Spirituality coupled with philosophy.


Do you have a particular project as a goal? What’s your ultimate one? How do you see yourself from here in a few years?


My second DIONISYAN Opera Magna “ Delirium and Madness – Concerto Grosso Opera °2 in G Minor, in which I reinvented and renewed the polyrhythmic counterpuntic polyphony of baroque music in metal style. It's my 6th career album and it's my absolute masterpiece, where I've surpassed myself, in every detail, compared to the first album of DIONISYAN "The Mystery of Faith" which is already very complete and intricate.


What should convince the audience to listen to your own material in such a vast music competition?


Certainly it is a pioneering album of a new genre; the atmospheric baroque doom metal.

Absolute melody, harmonies from the first to the last note of the opera, lyrical and modern female singing alternating, baroque music with progressive metal in an original and innovative blend.


Do you live with your music? If not so, what’s your own business?


I am a professional artist, I live for art  and, in the case of music, as well. I am a music teacher and artistic director at cultural associations where I organize artistic performances.


What kinds of effects do you use when you play? Are them the same you use to register?


When i perform especially electric guitar, I usually use the same effects that I used and recorded for the latest DIONISYAN’album. I use the reverb effects, delay and chorus ...


In which kind of what do you expect to find proposing yourself in Italy?


Certainly with the originality it is always paid back to who already copies what others do to go safe but offer nothing interesting.


What do you think of the Italian record system? How do you pose yourself in it?


I think there is a good system that is constantly evolving.


If you were to assign a mood to your job to be able to describe it, what would it be and why?


I am academic teacher of music, composer, arranger, orchestrator, poet, multi instrumentalist, musical producer and sound technician.


Which bands have inspired you to put on a group? In which kind of sounds you were involved when you’ve  decided to have your band?


Initially Pink Floyd and then the first metal bands such as  Europe  and then to Candlemass, who made me understand what the kind of metal I would have loved and played with one of my bands DIONISYAN.


Do you have similar or different music background?


I am a 360° music expert and I haven’t mind close about other music style other than metal. 


What do you think of the bands that fit political thoughts in their lyrics? Do you think that political idea but also the religious one can influence the natural evolution of a band that looks out into the underground world and then into the mainstream?


I would say that it is a very subjective, individual and personal discourse that can be deepened. Nowadays, dealing social, political, philosophical and religious themes in the metal lyrics albums does not imply anything shocking or unlikely. Everyone lets themselves go in writing what he feels about himself in his own soul to be transmitted through his lyrics to his fans.


Do you think there is an "Italian metal scene"? What do you think about that?


In Italy there is a beautiful metal scene. There are and there have been metal bands I liked in various metal styles, some of them unfortunately have been underestimated and deserve to be considered and known more


How much important is the production? Do you think it’s a factor to consider as the music is considered itself, since it’s increasingly rare to find bands with clear ideas?


For me musical production is extremely important. is the brand of total professionalism, it is the business card that a real musician should have when he presents his band in the world. Production like sound must be extremely  clear and powerful, giving greater importance to other bands that still have to grow artistically and musically, still trying to find their way and style to identify themselves in the mass.


How do you promote your music on the web? Do you have ideas to suggest to other bands?


I usually promote my music through social networks such as facebook, instagram and you tube. You can get more real-world views and contacts that you follow and have the chance to have direct contact with fans from around the world


Who do you like to go on tour with?


There are metal bands that I would love to be able to tour with them, but most of the bands have been loose and others have changed the style of metal. I still think with My Dying Bride and Candlemass ...


In your opinion, how much the music is changed in the Internet age?

Don’t you think that we have lost the listener's approach to the music itself?


Sadly through the internet, we mostly live music artists, we have been selling down due to piracy and nobody cares for our copyrights and for all sacrifices made to make albums. People downloading music from internet without paying the band, damages them and they do not even understand it.


To conclude the interview:


Thanks to all that have read, thank you first of all to the webzine for the space they gave me to let me know and my Dionysians. Buy Delirium and Madness and discover a magical world of music, dreams and spirituality between the ancient and the modern world.