11 NOVEMBRE 2018




Welcome to IVL. “Dystersol”, austrians, What can you tell us more about you?


Ciao! Our band was formed back in 2013 in Aflenz, a small village in Austria, and over the years we developed our unique style which is best described as modern metal. Originally, we started with Lue (Vocals, Synths), Matthias (Bass/Backing Voc.), Lukas (Guitar) and Gegi (Drums) and about half a year later, Gerhard (Guitar) joined the band. We released our first homegrown album “Welcome the Dark Sun” in 2014. When we were working on a couple of new songs in late 2015, Wormhole Death offered us a record deal and we signed with the label. We went to Real Sound Studio in Italy in summer 2017 for the recordings and our first professionally-made album “The Fifth Age of Man” was released in spring 2018. Our drummer and good friend Gegi decided to leave the band after recording the album, and our new drummer Maze took his place. At the moment, we are working on new material and play some live shows.


There are many influences that characterize your band, how would you define yourself?


We don’t care about sub-genre boundaries a lot because many aspects overlap strongly these days. Our music has many different influences and can best be described as Modern Metal. We combine uncompromising screaming and growling vocals with riff-based guitars and mighty orchestra sounds. The songs on “The Fifth Age of Man” are rather straight forward and heavy, have catchy choruses and are definitely exciting for everyone who loves to bang their head to modern metal music. When you take a look at some of the reviews, everyone assigns us to a different sub-genre and some people even complain about the missing folk parts. This is quite funny, because we never declared “The Fifth Age of Man” as a folk album. So, just give it a shot and form your own opinion, however, just don’t expect a folk album.


Your musical experience led you to produce the first work "The Fifth Age of Man", This album is influenced by your experience or more by your personal musical tastes?


We’d say it’s a mixture between both. On the one hand, every one of us had big influence on the song writing and brought in different ideas from his personal musical background (there’s definitely a bit of Slayerness recognisable in Dance Macabre, for example). On the other hand, we tried to make one coherent album and after the first tracks were finished, we had a clear idea how the whole record should sound like and what material would fit into this concept. This vision really helped us to define the direction each of the following song should go and made the song writing much more efficient.


"The Fifth Age of Man" came out in this 2018, as this album was Born.

Your album has enjoyed a good success with the review published on our portal, What do you think?


We love it! There’s nothing better than seeing people enjoy your music. We put a lot of effort, time and passion into this project and it’s great to see that doing what we love makes others happy, as well. We are glad that there are people out there who are interested in listening to small bands far away from the mainstream. That’s not to be taken for granted in times when a seemingly endless amount of music is available 24/7. It’s a big honour when someone takes the time to write a serious and constructive album critique. It shows that this person really engaged with the music and the feelings it evokes. Your review, in particular, was very rich in detail, probably the most detailed one, yet, and we really appreciate this effort!


The record was recorded in italy, how was it working in our country?


It was a unique and great experience to make the record far away from our daily lives. This gave us the chance to focus on the recording process and work without the usual distractions. The region around Parma is stunning and we used the beautiful weather to do a bit of sports in the evenings, or just enjoyed a couple of beers in the sun. The recording process itself was 100% professional. Wao and Cizzo from RealsoundStudio really know what they’re doing, and it was a pleasure to work with them, as they were very friendly and provided great input. The collaboration with our label Wormholedeath helped us to bring our album to the next level. Carlo helped us a lot with his incredible connections, especially with everything surrounding the music, such as logos, distribution and artworks, for example.


Would you like to play in italy?


Yeah, for sure! Italy is awesome, and we’d love to come back again. So everyone who is reading this: feel free to contact us any time ;). 


Having worked in Italy and maybe listening to the metal scene nostrana, what idea have you made on the Italian metal?


It seems to us that the heavy music scene in Italy is quite thriving and very diversified. Besides many famous bands like Aneurysm, Disarmonia Mundi and Fleshgod Apocalypse, for instance, there is a huge amount of amazing smaller metal bands from almost every sub-genre. Of course, Labels like Wormhole Death play a big role when it comes to up-and-coming bands. We listened to many of the WHD bands (which are not all Italian, of course), especially before and while recording our own album,and we were surprised by the broad range of heavy bands. It also seemsthat magazines, blogs and fanzines are received very well here. It’s passionate work like this, which keeps the scene alive.


Have you had many concerts between Austria and Germany, how was the Audience's response?


Yes, we’ve played shows in Austria, Germany and Slovenia, so far. You know, every show is different. Sometimes, you play in a really crowded location where everyone goes totally crazy, and sometimes it’s more like an official rehearsal and you only play for a couple of guys. Of course, this depends on many different factors, but usually, the audience’s response is very positive.People often get in touch with us after the show and tell us that they enjoyed the concert, which is always motivates us. Playing at the famous Kaltenbach Open Air festival and the amazing Volk Metal Jacket concert series were definitely some of the highlights of our career. 


Are there any tour anecdotes You'd like to share with us?


We played a show in Munich some time ago and had a great time drinking wheat beer and partying with the host and some friends after the show. The next day, we had to pick up the car at the concert location, which was on the other side of town. As we didn’t feel too good, we decided to walk through the city to get the car, and apart from our drummer, every one of us felt better, soon.Unfortunately, we underestimated the distance a bit and got lost in a park. Our drummer felt worse every minute, but at least he didn’t throw up in the park next to all the families with kids. When he was not far from dying, we finally found the car, and everything seemed to turn out fine. Unfortunately, driving in Munich is rather horrible, as the streets are congested as hell. As soon as we hit the busy main road, our drummer vomited in a bag several times and we had to lough so hard that we didn’t even recognise that the plastic bag was leaking. This is why you should always check the bag you’re vomiting in twice.


Thanks so much and see you.