13 APRILE 2019 


Line Up:

Mathias Bissig (Bass)

Thomas Stalder (Drum)

Dan Näpflin (Lead Guitar)

Andreas Egli (Vocal + Rythm Guitar)


End of Silence is a metal band that came from Switzerland, they bring a lot of modern metal riffs mixed with great guitar solos and a great voice. A band inspired in the new mainstream bands like Lamb of God for example. The album begins great with LOST AND FREE, but in my opinion, I should have recorded the song connected with SAIL TO THE SUNSET. They work perfectly as one, they gave us feelings like Mystery.

ANCHOR is the next song, I like the progressive metal arrangements. This song is powerful. A good dose of modern Heavy metal. 

WE ARE THE FALLEN, WE ARE THE WARRIORS is my favourite track of the album. I got a word FLAWLESS!!! I like how the song evolves from a passive intro into a powerful context. The guitar solo is marvelous.  The band mix melody and rhythm. 

 ONE OF THOSE DAYS is adrenaline mixed with progressive moments. Sometimes I remember the old GOJIRA on this song, but it has its own personality.  MASK OF DOOM is a little interlude which connect us to UNSPOKEN TRUTH. Okay, I want to say that it was very hard to choose a favourite song on the album, it was so close to win my first place. This song has some arrangements of shoegaze which sounds delicious with the voice of Andreas Egli. I love how Andreas play with growls and clean voices. 

EDGE OF THE ROAD is less aggressive than the other songs, but it has a good dose of metal. A MILLION MILES AWAY goes in the way of hardcore punk, I like the rhythm changes.  F@#k OFF! My third favourite song, it’s another great MASTERPIECE. Again, I love how they have done a great wall of sound in all aspects. 

BLINDED HEARTS is “the ballad” of the album, it’s a very emotional song. I’ve heard a lot of feeling on it like in no other song on the album.

CROSS THE LINE is not my favourite song, don’t get me wrong but I think that it doesn’t feel like part of this album. It sounds good, but I think that the song lost energy.  SAVE THE WORLD is the last song, it has a lot of Punk influences, it sounds very good anyway to finish the album. 

Before finishing my review, I’m gonna make a plus in something. The production sounds very well, it sounds powerful, I like the balance between all the instruments. In summary, it’s a good album of modern metal. I want to hear more material from this band. So, let’s enjoy this wonderful album. 


Alex Montenegro