3 MARZO 2019




Hi Evilon welcome on Insane Voices Labirynth’s pages. First of all, would you present yourself to our readers?


Hello! and thank you for contacting us!

My name is Jonny, guitarist and one of the songwriters of EviloN!


That's the meaning that you give to the word “Evilon”?


Well, EviloN is a mixture of two word actually, "avalon" and "evil". first we thought that "Avalon" would be a great name, 

it sounds good and the story about the mystical island is cool too, but unfortunately that name was already taken by a christian band.

So we though, well.. we like the name but we play "evil" music so basiclly: Avalon+Evil=EviloN.


You have record your first EP called “Shores of Evilon” in 2016 and now (in 2018) you have a new album called “Leviathan”. Can you explain us that are the differences between this two records?


The biggest difference is that after we recorded "shores of evilon" we kinda found ourselfes, we started making more and more songs that sounded like us.

The songs from the EP is ofcourse still a big part of the sound we have today, you can say that they are the foundation of our sound.

But we have definitely evolved more and more, fooling around with more melodies and stuff like that.


Can you explain how a Evilon song takes form?


Most of the times me and Kenneth makes the songs, sometimes togheter and sometimes by ourselfes. Nowadays it's more common that we make the songs togheter,

we have figured out that the best songs usually comes from cooperation.

When we are done with guitars, bass, drums, violins and all that we start with the lyrics, sometimes we write the lyrics, sometimes Joel writes them, and sometimes the lyrics is a combination from the three of us.

After all that, we start to rehearse the song, Anders are trying out different drum styles and Björn different bass styles, and they usually have better ideas for drums and bass than we have, everyone gets to add their personality to the song, so in the end we finish the song toghether!


Where you take ispiration for the texts in your songs?


literally from everywhere, some songs is about the feelings we had in that moment we wrote the lyrics, some is historical, and sometimes we even take inspiration from the bible.


You have signed a worldwide distribution contact with Wormholedeath Records. Can you say to us what they say to you when they hear your music for the first time?


If i remember correctly, the first thing they said was that they loved Joels growling! 

They also liked our style and that we stood out from the "mainstream metal", and that is kinda one of our goals, we don't want to sound like everybody else, when you hear one of our songs we want you to hear that it's us!


What are your influences?


We have many influences and we take inspiration from EVERYTHING, but to name some of them: Opeth, Wintersun, Arch enemy, Amon Amarth, but also classical music and folk music!


Can you describe us the underground Metal scene in Sweden?


To be honest, our experience of the swedish metal scene is not that great! To this day we havent played a single gig in Sweden. luckily we live near Norway, it feels like the metal scene is bigger there! or, we just had bad luck so far!


Describe your music using three words...


Heavy, melodic, epic.


Who is The King of a Thousand Suns?


Haha good question! usually i don't like to tell people that "this song is about that, and that one is about that", i think it's better that the listener creates their own perception! We are all the king of a thousand suns!


Thanks for your time, now you have space to tell everything you want to our readers.


First of all i would like to thank everybody for all the support, thank you for buying our CD and for comming to our shows, without you we would be nothing!

Don't forget to follow us on facebook and spotify, you have not heard the last from us, great thing is comming so be patient!