22 MARZO 2019



Hi F.U.A. welcome on Insane Voices Labirynth’s pages. Can you present yourself to our readers? What's the meaning of F.U.A.?


Hello Insane Voices Labirynth!
I am Mitchell Verschoor guitarist for F.U.A. a Dutch crazy punk band with a lot of energy! F.U.A. actually means whatever you want it to mean! F*ck U All (hehe) We mean this in a way that we want our listeners to stand up for who they are and enjoy life. We don’t care what people think about us we just enjoy making music


Could you explain us the creation of your first work “Socially Transmitted Disease”?


The creation took up a lot of time. We worked on the album for more than three years! It is our first professionally recorded album. Some songs on it are actually written five years prior. It all started when we got in touch with Corvi Wahoomi from Real Sound Studio and Carlo Belloti from WormholeDeath Records. We recorded it in Italy and shot the cover in our own rehearsal space.


What are your influences?


We are influenced by all kinds of metal/punk and grunge music. Our drummer Sander is a big fan of Norse Black Metal, while our guitar player likes Grunge and 90’s punk. There is a big age difference between us all, almost ten years! Our singer Daphne loves all kinds of punk she is the living embodiment of punk.


Your singer Daphne has a great and intensive voice. Can you say us her influences in the style of her voice?


Well she really has her own style in singing. But if you’d ask her she would write you a list of a 100 punk bands. But she mostly is all about being herself. We don’t try to mimic others, frankly cause they can do it better. And we can be ourselves the best!


In the title “Socially Transmitted Disease” i've read a critic to this society. What do you want to say with your music?


The title of the album is a stand against the computer addiction we all have. The smartphone is an amazing device but we have become so digital the quality of life is taking a toll on us all. We won’t tell you what to do but we felt like we should at least say something about it!


How did you start playing your music?


Well we just started playing one day and from one thing came another. We noticed it felt good to make noise! And when it started sounding good it was amazing! Slowly but surely we started writing an album and here we are now!


Describe the Punk World panorama today from your point of view.


We think Punk music is a little bit dead, there are a lot of good rock and metal bands. But modern punk is way harder to find. It seems like the genre is afraid to stand up again. Double so in this oversensitive society we are currently in. We feel like we need to stand up and bring this shit back!


How can you describe Netherlands Punk-Rock's underground?


In the Netherlands punk is really underground. There are no famous punk bands or punk songs on the radio. There were a few in the 90’s and 80’s but it’s less and less. But what we do notice is that the underground punk is alive and well! And whenever people hear our music they feel a little bit nostalgic and actually enjoy it.


What do you mean when you say “Make Punk Great Again”?


We say Make Punk become the way of life! It’s obviously a reference to Mr. Trump. But also we want to Punk music to be more popular. Yes, ofcourse it has its roots underground but there is so much garbage on the popular playlists right now it’s disgusting!


Describe your music using three words


Fast Paced Fun


Thanks for your time, now you have space to tell everything you want to our readers.


Thanks to you as well! Cheers!