19 NOVEMBRE 2018




Andrea Böll (vocals)


Welcome to IVL, I start interview asking you how Infinitas are born?


The band was founded in 2009 by Piri Betschart and Selv Martone. At that time it was still a musical duo project, but it lacked basic instruments. So bass, violin and female vocals were searched and found. First appearances followed and some line-up changes. Andrea has been with us since 2013, Martin and Irina since the beginning of this year.


You have very different musical influences such as Iron Maiden and Kreator, which are just two musical genres very far apart... How can you mix these sounds?


I believe the secret behind all this is the melodic diversity that is always omnipresent in guitar, violin and vocals. Through the violin, our music gets a certain and let's be honest - which music style can't be mixed with folk music? We are a colourful salad of metal, which is made incredibly exciting, varied and enjoyable by the appropriate dressing. This also describes very well how twisty, diverse and extensive metal music is.


Your music has the central theme of the medieval world and fantastic, thinking for absurd how would be your melody in that period?


For us the songs and melodies are timeless. Maybe they would have fitted well already in the Middle Ages. Lyrically, one might have described everything more elegantly and exchanged certain contents due to taboos at that time. Purely from the melody point of view, our songs are audible and fitting in every period of time.


"CIVITAS INTERITUS" last year album, can you tell me something about it?


CIVITAS INTERITUS is our first album and is based on a complex concept. We tell the story about the medieval lunar city of Lunatris, which had secured its prosperity for a long time through wars and other vulgarities. But that night, which we represent on the album, the whole city is haunted and destroyed by demons. Only one person survived, but he escaped by ship across the sea.

The Bookled consists of a city map, on which the still completely preserved city was shown. Each Bookled page is dedicated to a demon, a song and a district. This part of the city is destroyed by the demon.

Our songs all have demon names. The lyrics are about these ambivalent beings, but in a figurative sense they are about things that we humans relive in our lives or are relived in past stories. Thus it is possible not only to draw synapses to the fantasy world, but also to one's own life.

Those who wonder what happens to the protagonist after the escape and where the sea takes him will get their money's worth with the new album, which will be released in 2019. So they say, wait and see and drink beer!


"Skylla" is the single taken from the disc named before, what this song is about?


The song "Skylla" is about a 7-headed sea monster, which according to Greek legends is responsible for the death of non-returning sailors. It pulls them deep on the open sea and lets them drown and die. In the album the sea monster destroys the harbour and guards the way into the open sea. The protagonist somehow managed to outsmart this demon and still managed to escape. With the single we wanted to bring the background of Skylla to the fore, because it seemed to us to be very exciting in the mythologies. Also in several movies "Skylla" is depicted symbolically in the form of 7-armed octopuses - for example "Pirates of the Caribbean".

In our lyrics Skylla stands for strong depression, longing and deep sadness. It is about the processing of death, which is not always very easy. Sometimes it is even so heavy that one can completely get into it and can no longer free oneself from the grief and the depression that follows. You feel as if you are being pulled further and further into the depths by a monster without being able to defend yourself. This message is also tried to convey in the video clip. So there is a bitterly serious topic behind it, which unfortunately belongs to life and is addressed.


Why did you decide to extrapolate a single after a year from the release of the album?


On the one hand there were the exciting mythological backgrounds, but on the other hand it was also very decisive from the fans. The two songs "Skylla" and "Samael" are the absolute favourites on the concept album. In addition, many people wanted an acoustic CD from us, but we didn't have one yet. So we decided to release Skylla as a single of the same name with two acoustic ones.

At the same time the single became our most intense single yet. We set ourselves the goal to enter the Swiss charts with the single, which we did promptly. For 2 weeks we stayed with "Skylla" at places 19 and 64.


What is the leitmotif between the EP of 2015 "Self-Destruction " and the album "Civitas interitus" of 2017?


Self-Destruction we recorded completely in our own studio and mixed it ourselves. The mastering and the cover were the only things we had done by someone else. Also on the EP all songs have demon names. The main theme of "Self-Destruction" is, as the name suggests, self-destruction. This in the sense of negative thoughts, negative worldviews, negative attitudes towards life as well as socially immoral attitudes. All of this leads to the fact that one no longer perceives oneself correctly, no longer cares about oneself and increasingly resets oneself. At some point the drive and the energy to deal with oneself and to become friends with oneself as well as to look at oneself as a unique being is missing. One sinks totally into the dark walls built by oneself and society, which grow bigger and bigger until they crush us. So this is also about destruction. The question is merely what conclusions we draw from this. Do we wake up and look for our own, individual ME or do we let ourselves be steered further by others? We have it in our hands, what results from it. The EP is, so to speak, the precursor of the album, in which destruction takes on maximum forms. The story around the protagonist starts with the album and will continue with the next album.

Contrary to the EP we only recorded bass, guitar and drums in our own rehearsal room and everything else was recorded in the Little Creek Studio at V.O. Powder (Poltergeist, Gurd, Destruction) was recorded. The album was also mixed and mastered by him. If you know both products, you know the difference in listening pleasure.


Surely there will be a musical context to which you are particularly connected and where you would like to exhibit... What is your dream?


We want to give people a break from everyday life. Despite the topicality of the topics we address, we want to give people positive energy on their way. The fantastic world and the demons should generate a demarcation. Everything happens in another world, in which everything is possible. Our audience should lean back, let themselves go for once and enjoy the shows and our creative music. Our greatest dream is for people to go back to everyday life with a happy smile and inner contentment. The more people we can give, the more beautiful it will be for us.

If you, dear reader, have become curious, then visit our website: www.infinitasband.ch.


Thanks so much and see you!


Thanks also to you and the readers who read our interview to the end!!!