01 APRILE 2018


1. Puppets 06:37

2. Never Look Back 05:04

3. Straight Ahead 04:19

4. Before I Die 05:48

5. Modern Slave 05:21

6. Another Me 05:11

7. Hope and the Truth 05:23

8. X/S 08:16


The debut album of the Hungarian groove metal band Kazah (what is this name, Bro?) demonstrates to us most of all a powerful sound and a sludge, with a tight riff. The first thing you can note is a very tight guitar sound. Clearly felt the influence of Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura and even possibly Meshuggah. Here you can see the elements of thrash and groove metal, hardcore and also few of sludge and stoner.

The first song is called Puppets gradually introduces the listener to the rhythm that goes to the end. Honestly, I had an association with Sepultura, whatever that meant. This song is notable for the middle with semi-overdriven guitars and a calm pace.

The second song shows a typical groove with elements of hardcore. Slightly pleased with the calm with the solo bass and the "Azerbaijani" solo towards the end of the composition.

Straight ahead-third song demonstrated a very vigorous beginning, which will fit for a quality slam on any metal debauchery. Unfortunately the middle of the song is not so incendiary and basically it's all the same mid-tempo groove-hardcore.

The beginning of the fourth song (befor i die) makes a reference even to death metal. Verse is extremely torn and syncopated. In addition, in the middle of this song there is some semblance of a mid-tempo hardcore breakdown.

Modern slave-fifth song begins with a bass solo, which unfortunately could have been longer.

In addition, in this song there are sometimes fast slam places, one of which also contains an intense solo. The most important thing is to jump at a concert!

The sixth song (Another me) is the most unremarkable composition in my opinion. It would be good for a live performance, but no more

Hope and the truth-the next song shows in the middle the most lyrical place in the entire album.

The last song salutes the group of black Sabbat and besides it shows a cool pentatonic solos (returned to the years of blues and rock'n'roll). Groove and energy smoothly turns into a tight end.

Outcome: The pluses of this album and the team in particular include a very high quality sound, recording and performance.

To the minuses I would refer some secondary nature of the material. I would like to wish the guys more fresh ideas.


Albert Kotov