10 FEBBRAIO 2019

Dusk presents an album which turns around dark ambient merged with many styles of rock music. 

"The huckers meal" is a great song for opening an album, even I feel a gothic touch there. I love dark tunes and melodic hooks, they will catch you my friends.

"The same old glory" took another musical influences I heard a touch of trip hop and jazz, but they are well merge with dark rock. 

"What you leave back" bets for an experimental sound, the song reminds me a dark country blues, even the voice sounds like singers from New Orleans. All the album is amazing, but it’s my favorite song. 

"The founding father" change again the formula, and it began with a funk style which evolves to alternative rock.

"Collapse" has a lot of trip hop music sometimes it reminds me Portished but with a personal touch.

"Samsära" and "Euphelia" are  the most experimental songs with exotic scales which evolves to alternative rock.

"Wakes" is a beautiful song with symphonic elements, it could be called “the ballad” of this amazing album.

Shadows which has a duration of 07:23 is the last piece of the album, a great journey for many styles of progressive rock to finish a great album. 

In short, if you love dark ambient mixed with experimental rock, you must listen this album.


Line up:

Eug Iommi - voice, voicescapes, programming, cymbals and piano on Wakes. 

Claudio Marcozzi - guitars, backing voice, programming, synths, soundscapes and voice on Saṃsāra. 

Davide Tossici - moog, keyboards, piano, synths and bass on Euphelia.

Dominguez Marcos - drums, percussions and electronic pads. 

String quartet on What You Leave Back and Wakes: 

Lara Perticari - violin / Giulio Tassotti - viola / Valentina Verzola - cello. Lorenzo Calvanelli - bass 


Alex Montenegro