18 GENNAIO 2019




Welcome to IVL ! Who are you and how is the band born?


Hello IVL! Thank you, we are Lipz from Sweden and we’ve been rocking since 2011 when Alex and Koffe started the band together with their best buddy Conny. We all grew up together in a town call Södertälje, we listened to the same music, had the same roll models and knew all from the start we where meant to do something great together. We released our first single ”Ghost Town” back in 2012, in 2015 we released our Ep called ”Psycho” and last year (2018) we finally released our debut Full-lenght album ”Scaryman”. Right after releasing the album we announced Chris Young as our new bassist.


You are a hard rock band with a special presence and strong impact, do you think you have to have a different image to hit the audience?


We think image is really important. The bigger bands always payed attention to this but it seems like many bands nowadays forget about it or just don’t bother. We take it as a job, you know... On many jobs you need to wear specific clothes, or at least you can’t wear any kind of clothes, and people in the audience can feel it. You have to be able to say who’s on the stage and who’s on the audience if you know what I mean.


What would you say to people who say that a band with an image like yours just thinks about appearing to be putting the music in the background?


The music has the to be good, unquestionably. If the music sucks, than it doesn’t matter how you look, you’re still gonna suck. We don’t think one thing is important and the other isn’t. We believe that both things are important and it’s just lame when either the music sucks or the image is the same people have when they’re just chilling with friends, family or so.


Which artists have the most influence on your sound?


We all have different influences, but bands like Alice Cooper, Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Poison are certainly influences.


You come from previous musical experiences, what time has your career scored in a positive and negative way?


When we started we had a clear idea for our music and image but shortly after we decided to experiment and we got away from the main idea. That was a negative score. The positive score was when we released our album “Scaryman” because we got back to the right path again with the original concept and idea which is actually we always wanted.


Are there any future plans you want to talk to?


We just wanna play as much as possible and finish tracks that will be on our second album.


Are there any funny anecdotes related to the tours that you like to tell us?


There are quite a few funny anecdotes. The most recent one is when we played in Cremona (Italy) last July and we got there in the middle of the night and we were starving. So we decided to go for a walk to try to find if there was any food place opened. After walking for an hour an a half (it was 30oC), we saw a light in the end of the street and we were so thankfull we had finally found a snack machine. When we got there we realized it was not a snack machine. There were dildos, sex toys and condoms inside! We had to go to sleep starving. On the next day we found out there was indeed a snack machine like 50m from our hotel but to the other direction!


What do you expect from the future?


We expect we will be preform for really big audiences and on the main festivals all over the globe so we can show all our energy and passion for what we do.


Thanks so much and see you!


Thanks to you! Our pleasure. For booking contact: booking@lipzband.com